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  1. Dagger

    Dagger's Staff Application

    I was not even staff on the server. Also, I did abuse my tag and I am sorry, But I was keep being moved out of channels. I feel bad for what I did and said back then. There is nothing I can do or say to forget that. But it has been a while since that happened and If you got on the server you...
  2. Dagger

    Dagger's Staff Application

    That was over a year ago and it was resolved. I am sorry for that day. I was having personal issues at the time. I joined back to the server in February and have had no problems. Also If I become a staff member I will put my time into it and do my best to better myself as a person. Also to...
  3. Dagger

    Dagger's Staff Application

    Steam Name(please add RS, to your steam name): [RS] Dagger Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:104930449 In-Game Position/Rank/Name (Most played character): HoJ JPXO Ultra Bruteus Dama, SoS RNGSGL Ultra Khuva Fe'tt, SoS Keeper Vadium Vorum, Naval LC SENGc PO3 Dagger, and 82nd Agent Carbon. Are you a...
  4. Dagger

    Chaos's Staff app

    +1, has a good application, is very dedicated to the community, Also understands the rules well. I think he is a good fit for staff.
  5. Dagger

    Dagger's 1 Month Redemption

    Steam64 ID: 76561198170126627 How long have you been staff? 1 Month (Please link application): https://revivalservers.com/index.php?threads/daggers-junior-developer-application.25076/ What server are you redeeming it for: Halo What package are you redeeming: 1 Month: 100 Credits, Also My...
  6. Dagger

    Dagger's Two week notice

    I am just letting you know I am putting in my 2 weeks notice right now. I just don't have time right now and I want to force on the Development team. I also just want to enjoy this great server and community!
  7. Dagger

    Dagger's Junior Developer Application [Mr. Scooby referred me]

    Name: Dagger SteamID: STEAM_0:1:104930449 Age: 18 Timezone: CST When did you join Revival?: 1 day age What experience, if any, do you have relating to GLua? (N/A if beginner.): N/A Are you prepared to put the time and effort into learning?: Yes I am. I can put a lot of time into...