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Mar 20, 2000 (Age: 21)
United States of America
UPS Warehouse Worker


Current Halo JOBS

ONI Agent Vivek

Former Jobs

Staff Jobs
Ex-SCP manager
Ex-TS head of staff
Ex-Forums staff

Halo Jobs
Ex-ONI Assistant Director Jair
Ex- A328 CWO4 Storm
Ex- Operative 001/002
Ex- STG PO3 Daymond

SCP Jobs
Ex- O5
Ex- E6 Gysgt Redacted
Ex- A1 2Lt Redacted
Ex- Nu7 SGT Redacted
Ex- E11 MSGT Redacted
Ex -Head Agent 1876 x2
Ex- Gensec 1Lt Telos
Ex- TRT FS SGM Redacted



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