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    Doesn't ring a bell
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    I really do not know where you get that conclusion. I just wanted to do a silly movie thing and give people the chance to at least get SOME internet time, wanted us to have fun. Isn't Whiplash like, the bad guy from Iron Man 2? I wanna say Danny Trejo played him?
  3. Harashi


    I said a movie. My OWN movie. I said we could include advertising, but that was me being kind. I like you all and I like this server, but this is supposed to be like a movie, not a documentary. A fun thing for the Halo RP Community to come together and do instead of boring events over and over...
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    but I hate SCP as an RP. Love the standalone single player game, but just rp of it eeks me....
  5. Harashi

    Cert trainings

    We need more marine people actually doing cert training like sharpshooter and LMG, maybe even EOD or HAZ or ENG or CQB. I haven't seen people do cert training since the snow map
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    I have not seen the quote The Office unquote.I was thinking action movie with such shit quality it's basically a comedy
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    Oki so like, I want makes movie. We cans make it a revival promotional video over 60 minutes longs. Shits like " *turns to the camera* IF YOU WANT SUCH FUNS AS THESE, COME PLAY ON REVIVALS!" " <- that kinds stuffs. It would have the drama, the tensions, no sex tho, in fact we can probs have...
  8. Harashi

    Am i really the last Gen 1 for Halo RP?

    No? I'm still here
  9. Harashi

    Pac Restriction

    The AI belong in the person's head.Should only be able to be projected from like the fancy AI table display things. like them elites with the edgy dual wielding blades and holograms and thruster packs and such? I'm trying my ass off to get into Rhino, but nobody does Whiskey tryouts XD
  10. Harashi

    Pac Restriction

    I am prepared, are you?
  11. Harashi

    Pac Restriction

    I agree 100% It's so immersion breaking to see them go overboard, I get robot arms and such, but jeez. I like keeping my pac realistic and practical for combat.
  12. Harashi

    Pac Restriction

    +1 I'd say no effects or flashing lights or fancy shamncy ai light thingies. camos and small additions like backpacks, holstered guns, and such would be ok. Keep it realistic to the model, don't change it completely. Like Rhino people have a great example. Rhino camo, holstered guns, and a diff...
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    Dear peoples that ever facking bother to read this, We's still using the Halo: Reach era armors while in the era of Halo 3/4. I get that they look cools and are shiny, but is immersion breaking, We got a fancy shamcy dev team, right? Have someone rip the marine models from Halo 4, if that's too...
  14. Harashi

    Halo Representative Vote!!!

    Well @Sin, I tried.
  15. Harashi

    Halo RP Promotions

    Thank you! <3 Do we still have "promo days", like, if we HAD NCOs would they happen, or were they just scrapped entirely?