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    SPR12314 Formal Resignation

    yo i know i dont come around lot but sorry i kinda dumped the job on ya spr. I knew you could do it but I didnt think what else ya had going on. Dm on discord nerd.
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    Thanks ^-^ Im some how more adult

    Thanks ^-^ Im some how more adult
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    Rank Page

    So! We actually typically have one in the recruit room however all perma props got wiped sadly. I'll speak with some people about getting it put back up!
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    First Experience

    I'm glad you had fun! I think I saw you on and about. Usually we will have some more events going on and our map changes for them. Hope to see ya around!
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    Fix Naval Operations spawn.

    I'll fix this when I am on. Should be fixed
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    A welcoming hello!

    Hia! Welcome to Revival! I'm Luna- ^-^
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    Potato's Hello

    Hello! Welcome to revival. I'm Luna! ^-^
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    The Official Return of The Reaper

    Tired. Became a actual functioning member of society.
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    i want to become admin to help

    Follow the Application Format. This will be locked.
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    We are all dead though

    We are all dead though