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Recent content by Meridian

  1. Meridian

    Indomatrix/Echo's Staff Appeal

    +1 Guys was a great staff member, I am sure SWRP would appreciate the help.
  2. Meridian

    Ban Appeal

    I assume this has been resolved, aka Accepted
  3. Meridian

    Central's Staff Application

    +1 Mature player, is experienced.
  4. Meridian

    Ban Appeal

    Denied Ban has reached its time limit, no decision was reached.
  5. Meridian


    Denied. Reapply in Two Weeks. - GM Preston
  6. Meridian

    Dieaz/John Game Maker Application

    Accepted. Contact a SGM+ for Training - GM Preston
  7. Meridian

    Senso's staff application

    Denied. Reapply in another two weeks. - GM Preston
  8. Meridian

    Muh Staff app

    Accepted. Contact an SA+ for your training. -GM Preston
  9. Meridian

    Burgie's Staff Application

    Accepted. Contact an SA+ for your Training. - GM Preston
  10. Meridian

    Burgie's Staff Application

    +1 Active player, previous staff, would love to have him on the team
  11. Meridian

    Senso's staff application

    0 Not to be rude or anything, but here is why: I have not seen much of you, so I do not have much of an opinion. You seem earnest, so it is leaning towards a +1. Good luck.
  12. Meridian

    Ban Appeal

    +1 A ban that long is much too severe, it seems the player was lightly minging, and the fact one of his friends RDMed has nothing much to do with his personal actions. I realize patience can be lost quickly, but it looks like he really did not do anything that bad. A hard warning and maybe a one...
  13. Meridian

    Robin's Staff Application.

    +1 good person, knows their shit, need more experienced players on the Staff team as always
  14. Meridian

    Todd's Staff Application

    so sad
  15. Meridian

    Permaban... really?

    Mass RDM, FailRP, Minge, etc. Already been banned before I believe.