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  1. TheLittleGreenTurtle

    Bip's 1 Month redemption

    Steam64 ID:STEAM_0:0:16345502 How long have you been staff? (Please link application): https://revivalservers.com/index.php?threads/the-little-green-turtles-bip-staff-application.24454/ What server are you redeeming it for: Halo RP What package are you redeeming: 1 Month 100 Credits Note...
  2. TheLittleGreenTurtle

    The Little Green Turtles / Bip Staff Application

    Steam Name(please add RS, to your steam name): [RS] The Little Green Turtle Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:16345502 In-Game Position/Rank/Name (Most played character): HG General Bip Lupo, Promethean Commander Cag, and Yanme Major Kip. Are you a Donator on HaloRP?: Yes, I have donated for T2. If "yes"...