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  1. ACE_Of_Spades

    Custom Job Donations

    In previous servers that I have played on, we were able to donate for custom jobs. This allows players to truly roleplay as what they want by having the equipment and potential custom model to do so. The prices would variety depending on the equipment, for example: Base Cost: $30 Primary...
  2. Jenkins

    Huragok repair tool addition, and model

    Name: Jenkins, Wanders alone. Job: Huragok Are you in charge of this job/jobs?: Yes Proof of leadership over job/jobs: Donate for it ———————————— Requirements ———————————— Huragok Model models/nxtius/characters/odst/engineer/engineer.mdl Weapon There was one tool that was suppost to be...
  3. Jenkins

    How to donate for a squad.

    I've been contemplating about if I want to donate to make a squad, for maybe the SoS. I was wondering how much it would cost, and were to donate and such. -JeyKee