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Ares' Forum staff application

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Nov 10, 2020
Name: Ares

Do you have TeamSpeak? (Required): Yes

TeamSpeak name (Required): ares but in ares but not ares

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:127359798

Do you have Discord? (Required): Yes

Discord name and numbers (Required): Jamo#1213

Age, only 15+: 19

What forum experience do you have? (Please specify what communities you have worked for and what you had to do): I have no prior experience being a forum mod

Have you ever been banned from the Shout Box or forums, and have you been warned for anything on the forums?: No

Tell us about yourself (1 paragraph minimum): I'm Ares, I primarily play the HaloRP server, I'm a Scottish shitposting dickhead who can and will make shitty memes involving bad situations.

Why do you wish to join the forum staff team? (50 words minimum): particularly wish to basically help for the most part keep the forums kind of clean from any nasty things that may appear, or so they specifically thought. I also for the most part wish to particularly assist new forum members in a subtle way.

What can you bring to the Forum Staff? (80 words minimum): pretty pretty fresh face to the team, Also because I specifically for all intents and purposes have no for all intents and purposes pretty social life or actual care about for all intents and purposes fairly real world shit I'll generally for the most part see the shit and really very deal with the shit, or so they specifically thought, which is fairly significant.

Why should you be picked over other applicants? (80 words minimum): Because I for the most part definitely actually kind of wish to particularly really actually mostly help and actually essentially literally really for the most part take it seriously, which generally really mostly actually is quite significant, or so they actually actually actually thought in a actually really major way, which definitely is quite significant.

Do you staff on any other servers?: No

How active will you be on the forums? (Realistically): 2 hours a day

Do you go to school/college/university? (For activity purposes): College & Work

How active will you be on the community’s TS?: Fairly active

Do you meet all of the requirements?: Yes

Situational questions:

1. You get on the forums to find out two sides arguing and fighting over something that really isn't clear what it may be what do you do? (50 words recommended) Tell them to stop arguing over whatever it is as it is not clear from the context seen what they are arguing over.

2. You are looking through a few threads and find some non-SFW (Safe for Work) words used in a post, what do you do? (Normal Swearing is OK I mean harsh profanity) (50word recommended) Delete the post, Warn the user

3. If you are also staff for a server as a mod and the SM is being verbally abusive to people in the shoutbox using racial slurs and calling them any sort of unpleasant names, what would you do? (50 word recommended) Ban them from the shoutbox and inform affairs team.

4. What would you do if someone (player/staff and/or yourself) is being harassed on the forums? (80 word recommended) Warn/Mute the harassers, Check for extended history of harassment and make a case to determine how long they should be banned for.


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Feb 17, 2018
+1 Very chill person, well made app and always nice to have new forum staff.


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Mar 24, 2018
Due to overwhelming community support this application is ACCEPTED. Contact me when you are ready to be trained.
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