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CLoS’s Mod Application

Jul 6, 2019
Username(Steam): Certain Lack of Sanity
Stead:ID(https://steamidfinder.com/): STEAM_1:0:53828965
Rust Steam Playtime Hours: 83 hours, but I fell asleep with Rust open one day, so call it 76
Position Your Applying For: Moderator
Date of Application: July 5th, 2019


What Makes You Capable To Handle Staff?: I’m a level-headed person. Even in the times where I do get angry, I think rationally and avoid doing anything stupid like abusing my power

Why Should We Pick You Over Others?: As I see it, you currently have no others to choose from. The only staff I’ve actually ever seen on has been Kodak, and I know he is being swamped with stuff every time her gets on. If I’m a moderator, at least I can help with chat

What Could You Offer Us For Being Part Of Staff?: My time and knowing that somebody is paying attention to chat (when I’m not in the middle of something like PvP) to take care of issues

Do You Have Prior Rust Staff Experience?: No, I do not. Sloth (those of you from SCP:RP would know him) bought the game for me last week because it was on sale and he wanted to surprise me. I am, however, quick to learn most things

Why Do You Want To Be A Staff Member?: Help lighten the case load for Kodak, I feel kinda bad for the guy, and because I’ve noticed how bad it can be sometimes when he isn’t online. I’m talking people spamming messages and racial slurs (it mainly happened around the reset when new players showed up to the server)

How Many Days Of The Week Could You Play?: Between 3-7, it depends on how busy I am that week. I’ll still try to be on as much as possible, whether it be for playing and monitoring chat, or just monitoring chat.

How Active Will You Be As A Staff Member?: I’ll be active every time I’m Online and paying attention to chat. This is the only Rust server I play on

How Many Days Have You Been Playing On The Server?: I’ve played on it since June 30th. So either 5-6 days, depending on how you want to count days

Are You Aware Of The Consequences For Abusing As A Staff Member?: I’m not “aware” of them, but I can probably safely assume it would involve demotion and a ban

Are You Aware That At If Your Performance Is Weak, We Can Remove You From Staff?: Yes

Do You Agree To Follow All Staff Rules?: Link them to me and I will.