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Dossier: Fyre 'Vranamai


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Basic Information:

Full Name: Fyre 'Vranamai


Gender: Male

Alignment: Heterosexual

Age: 38

Date of Birth: 09/12/2519

Species: Sangheili

Status: Alive

Character Appearance/Medical:

Fyre 'Vranamai (FBO).jpg

Skin: Black

Eyes: Dark Blue

Height: 8.1 ft, 8.4 ft (with armor)

Weight: 356 lbs.

Medical/Markings (Scars, Tattoo's etc):

General Character Info:

Relationship Status: Single

Occupation/Titles: Hunter (former), Kaidon, Silent Shadow (current First Blade Officer), Shipmaster ("Arduous Determination")

Group/Clan Affiliation: Covenant (2539-2552), Silent Shadows (2542-Present), Swords of Sanghelios (2552-Present), Clan 'Vranamai


Personality: Reserved when in the company of strangers, somewhat talkative to known acquaintances.

General Happiness: 8

Social Level: 3

Optimistic/Pessimistic: Realist

Positive Personality Traits: Ambitious, just

Negative Personality Traits: Regretful

Misc. Quirks:

Likes: Competence, success

Dislikes: Overly talkative people, pointless chatter

Hobbies: Observing others, hunting

Notable Possessions: Black Energy Sword (the hilt is larger than normal and the blade is black), CCS-class Battlecrusier "Arduous Determination".

Ship Details:

Name: Arduous Determination
Class: CCS-class
Model: Battlecruiser

Technical Specifications:

Engine Units: Repulsor Engines
Hull: Nanolaminate, Stealth Ablative Coating
Shielding: Energy Shields
Length: 1,782 m
Width: 862 m
Height: 230.8 m
Armament: Pulse Laser Turrets, Plasma Turrets, Energy Projectors (2)


T-54 GSA (Banshee)
T-57 Troop Carrier (Phantom)
T-31 Exoatmosphere Multi-role Fighter (Seraph)
T-32 Rapid Assault Vehicle (Ghost)
T-26 Assault Gun Carriage (Wraith)


The Arduous Determination has gone through several modifications for use by First Blade Officer Fyre 'Vranamai and the Silent Shadow. The ship has had its hull recolored from red to black and reinforced with nanolaminate material, its original compliment of T-26 GSAs replaced by T-54 GSAs, an advanced stealth system derived from the ORS-class Heavy Cruiser implemented, and Stealth Ablative Coating applied.

Arduous Determination.png

Kill/Assist Count:

x1 URF Frigate destroyed via energy projector
x4 URF Frigates damaged by PDS


Birthplace: Rahnelo


Father: Rtera 'Vranamai

Mother: Seya 'Vranamai

Sister: Voha 'Vranamai


Fyre was born on the Sangheili colony of Rahnelo, in the State of 'Vranamai. Those born on Rahnelo are outliers from most Sangheili in that due to the colony's low population, Sangheili know both their mothers and fathers, and Fyre was no exception. He spent much of his childhood like most Sangheili, being trained to be proficient in combat. From a young age he was talented in the art of killing, taking well to the usage of swords and rifles. Not being content with waiting for military service, Fyre often hunted in the frontiers of Rahnelo, felling many creatures to both put food on the table and further increase his talents. His skill would be noticed by many, and as time passed Covenant military and local leaders would take note.

Upon reaching the age to enlist into military service with the Covenant military, Fyre eagerly joined. Passing through military training with ease, he would serve a short time with the Covenant Army before quickly transferring to the Special Warfare Group, and subsequently the Special Operations Division. It was during his time in the Special Operations Division that he was recruited into the legendary Silent Shadow. At this point Fyre had been continuously honing his combat proficiency since he was a small child, and had become the pinnacle of what a Sangheili warrior would strive to be. He would serve in multiple missions with the Special Operations, a great majority of which ended with exemplary results. After returning from what would be his last mission with the Special Operations Division, he would be approached by the First Blade Officer of a Silent Shadow squad and recruited.

Not much is known about Fyre's time with the Silent Shadow while it operated under the Covenant Special Operations Division. Records indicate that Fyre was present during the Battle of Reach, participating in many precision strikes against UNSC forces. When the Great Schism occurred, Fyre's squad would side with the Separatists, pledging service to the Arbiter. During this time and to present day Fyre has served the Arbiter, rising to the rank of First Blade Officer and taking charge of a Silent Shadow squad.


(under construction, comment with your IC/IG name below if you'd like a space)

Slightly Liked/Slightly Respected/Neutral]
“Good marine, cared about his comrades to attempt to save them from the sword. Luckily enough for them he was successful.”

ONI S3 PO3 Gambit
"A good man, he has proven himself trustworthy and reliable. He is one of the few humans I deign to call a friend, and fellow clan member."

ONI S2 PO2 Pheonix

"Another good ONI. We have worked together on several occasions, I look forward to further cooperation."

ONI S1 CN Mortimer

[Slightly Liked/Slightly Respected/Neutral]
"So far he has proven himself, but much remains to be seen."

UNSCMC BXO Capt Bolero
Slightly Liked/Slightly Respected/Neutral]
"He stands up for his men and cares about them, even willing to stand between them and a sword, literally. I respect one with the courage and devotion to do that, and he has certainly earned it."


(under construction, factions will be added as I think of them or are requested below)

United Nations Space Command
"As a whole, the humans' military is respectable. Some humans can be as capable, mentally and physically, as any Sangheili, some even excelling above.

Liked/Respected/Slightly Trusted]
"More than capable warriors, many of them in addition to that are respectful and helpful. They don't take shit from anyone and live up to their reputation."

Office of Naval Intelligence
[Neutral/Neutral/Slightly Not Trusted]
"ONI have taken action against my people and they are very mysterious, and yet we have worked together well in the past. My mind is conflicted with them, we shall see how things turn out."

Swords of Sanghelios
[Very Liked/Very Respected/Wholly Trusted]
"The formation of the Swords of Sanghelios have restored our people to greatness and liberated us from slavery to the false Prophets and genocide. While there is much work to be done to make up for thousands of years of servitude and oppression, there is also much time and potential to continue improving."

The Covenant
[Hated/No Respect/Completely Distrusted]
"The false Prophets and their lackeys were nothing more than slave drivers and manipulators. They abused our culture for their own self gain and almost drove life to extinction. Nothing can excuse their actions, and nothing can redeem them for their sins."

United Rebel Front
[Disliked/No Respect/Not Trusted]
"Similarly to the Covenant, the URF would see the Sangheili gone, driven out and likely removed from existence. They are xenophobic, and have absolutely no problem utilizing biological weapons to exterminate us or terrorist attacks to weaken us."
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