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First Experience


Feb 16, 2020
[Role: Chimera, Private]
[Name: Guardian, Williams] (Last, First)

The first time playing on the server today, and it wasn't too bad, I got to do some combat situations and got acquainted with some of the other army men. We did have a problem maker called 'billy' who insisted on making everything lower case and sounded like he hadn't hit puberty just yet, and also called the Sargeant sir instead of Sargeant. He evaded arrest later on when he disobeyed Sargeant and ran away, so he's banned now probably.

But other than that? It went great, we went through a few combat scenarios, experiencing both attack and defend, I won one of those. We even had an SoS Sangheili join us later. After that Spartan interviews appeared and we were allowed to disperse, so PVT Huggy helped me explore the base. I may or may not have gotten stuck in the recruit room at some point. But more the merrier I suppose.

Then we had a patrol, the CO of the patrol had to leave so we were to finish it, I got to be radioman. I think I did well with that. We did lose one of the PVTs who was going with us though, PVT Solid Snake who went and shot at a Grunt and got killed. We found that out later though. He disappeared when we went through the river and since we were both privates we didn't really know what to do with that as we were both PVTs. The SoS did talk about it on the Radio and I let them know we were missing a soldier and that he may have bad intentions.

On the return to base we met up with Nikolai, a Sargeant. He checked our story to make sure we actually had a CO with us, then we went to look for PVT Solid Snake. We ran into a SoS patrol and informed them of the hostile lone soldier who had by this point DCed.

After that we returned to base and I DCed.

I also had a run on the House and managed a time of 13.5 or 14.5 seconds. Ignore the other times I ran it cause I did get lost multiple times and it was only when I didn't get lost that I did it.

Later I was complimented on my radio skillz since they only had to say it once before I learned.

All in all I had a great time! I plan to play some more after I get some sleep.


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Jan 12, 2018
Disapointment island
I'm glad you had fun! I think I saw you on and about. Usually we will have some more events going on and our map changes for them. Hope to see ya around!