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Fix the Rules and Rulebook

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Mar 30, 2019
If no one knows what I’m talking about, not only am I surprised, but here’s the link to the rules. There’s rules that should be added such as the following:

-No Powergaming (Abusing the power you have)
-No Staff Abuse
-Survivors cannot make a faction. This doesn’t apply to survivor groups.
-Survivors cannot rob other players. (When I mean rob, I mean they can’t steal money.)
-No propkill

The rules also need to be read through for spelling, grammar, and general mistakes. Some obvious issues KOS rule. There’s a rule about KOS not being allowed with some exceptions, but there’s a rule below that not allowing KOS at all. There’s a rule about War lasting 5 hours and how to win. One of the ways to win is if you hold the enemies base for 6m in the last 30 mins of war or if you hold the base for 20 mins in the 2 hour war. This makes no sense and should be adjusted. A way you can adjust it is by making it like this:

-To win a war, you must be in the enemies base for 20 minutes within 4h 30m of the war. If you fail to do that, you must hold the enemies base for 6m in the last 30m. If neither faction does these two things, it’ll be considered a draw.

More rules could be added, but the ones mentioned are the ones I could come up with.
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