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Galaxy's Application


Baddest B**CH (well not really)
Years of Service
Jan 25, 2017
Name: WhyGalaxyPanda or Haley

Age (Your age is irrelevant): 18

How long have you been with us (Also doesn't affect anything): Since forever ago.. Maybe a year or more off and on.

Most played server and most played on character: Probably MRP when we had it and my Crazy Panda character. Now I just get on TS mostly.

What can you do, and what do you want to do?(Be detailed):
Well I did graphic design all four years in high school, so anything in photoshop and illustrator I can pretty much do. I like to make logos and edit pictures but I can do a little of everything. I'm semi good at doing art (like paintings) on photoshop but I would need more practice to be better. I can send a portfolio if needed but otherwise I think that's pretty self explanatory. Um I'm willing to do anything honestly, but I would probably be a good supervisor since I've done that before and had other high staff ranks in the community. Regardless though I would just like to be a graphic design on the team if I can't be the supervisor.