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Halo Infinite Timeline (Spoilers)


Feb 27, 2017
I believe it would be in the best interest of the server to pursue the Halo Infinite timeline.

Let's look at some pros:
- Relevance: Staying within the bounds of the recent timeline will eliminate a lot of confusion about our place in the timeline and requires not as much custom lore to make up for it.
- Excitement: Staying up to date in Halo lore leaves room to explore new possibilities presented in Halo Infinite.
- The Created/Guardians: Cortana's oppression wouldn't get in the way of any GM's ideas since they are now taking a back seat in the lore. Since it is unclear what happened to The Created/Guardians after Cortana's departure, it leaves room for GMs to come up with new and exciting ways to bring them into their events.
- URF: The URF can have a bigger presence now. UNSC forces being decimated by the Banished allows URF to take advantage of the situation and begin overthrowing systems or possibly aiding the Banished forces.
- The Banished: Our Covenant NPCs may now have a bigger role in events as we can say they are Banished forces taking over the galaxy. Covenant splinter groups can still exist as well.

Now let's see some of the cons:
- Covenant NPCs: Their aesthetic won't fit the standard Banished look.
- Lore: May be a hassle restarting the lore again.
- Work: May require additional scripts and resources to include Banished stuff in the server.

That's everything I can think of at the moment. I'm interesting in what the community may think. Thank you for reading.