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IFat1gue's Junior Development Application (Halo RP)


Jan 23, 2021
Name: IFat1gue

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:233754236

Age: 20

Timezone: MST

When did you join Revival?: 3-4 Years ago

What experience, if any, do you have relating to GLua? (N/A if beginner.): A little mostly with Job creating and adjusting

Are you prepared to put the time and effort into learning?: Of course

Why do you want to join the Revival Servers Development Team? (100 words min.): This server is a great server with a community that is dedicated to RP and Improving the way the server operates with its recommendations. I love learning mostly things that I will enjoy doing. Deving is interesting and is a very useful skill for a career I wish to have it's a tiny piece of it but can and will help a lot with school when I attend it. Helping a server I play almost every day on is something I love doing, helping a community that assisted me with finding an outlet from reality to create my own, and helping with such a task makes me feel accomplished.