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Its been a while...


Just Following Orders Sir!!
May 9, 2018
its been quite a long time since i showed my face here, its hard to forget this Community and server due to its connection to my life for many years, i first started playing here way before my forum account was created in the earliest days of the original Obsidian SWRP i believe my first ever characters name was savage and i remember becoming a shock, i played up until i got my first shoulder pauldron but left pretty quickly after that due to me wanting to succeed in school.

A good space of time passed and i was drawn back towards GMOD RP but this time i wanted to try something new so i clicked on the little tab with 300 players "Halo RP" and i clicked on a random server and loaded in, i spawned into the training room missing textures error signs the whole shit shabang i asked how to fix it and quickly downloaded all the necessary content packs and loaded back in and i was met with the same room but this time all the textures were there and i had someone TP to me cant remember their name but i got quickly trained up and became "Private Embers" i didnt play for too long with this character only reaching the rank of CPL before leaving the server Again due to time issues.

Yet again im drawn back to Gmod but this time i wanted to stay, i loaded into revival servers again with a new character and i knew exactly what i wanted to do, my name was "PVT Chroma" and i was a victor marine, but i didnt want to be a marine i wanted to be a SoS so i asked around and found Halon, he told me in three days that were going to be try-outs held by their newest high commanding officer Mreze Sudamee and the moment they came online i asked about tryouts, Mreze helped me alot taught me climbswep and other things for the SoS side of things, finally tryouts happened and it was time to put those climbswep skills to use and.... i failed, i had the knowledge and shooting down point but my climbswep was shit so i practised and very soon i was able to do the full course with the help of Mreze and Gameboy, so i did it i became "SoS Minor Chroma (The Sombrero Grunt)", i played for days and days working up the ranks teaching new people how to climbswep until i became a kigyar specops, sure it was annoying always asking to be modelled but i didnt mind i did it i reached a new species and had an amazing friend in it with me MUFFINS, i kept working up these ranks until i became a Sangheili and i changed my name to one that would be stuck with me forever CHROMATIC. now would be the time to create a forum account and throw my hat into the ring and attempt to become an Admin, it took a couple of attempts and retries but it did happen and by Christmas that year i was a SoS Low Command and an Admin for Revival Servers.

The new year started with a new map, and i was determined to become an honour guard, by now i brought a couple of friends into the server and they all had joined their seperate regiments so when i wasnt training for HG i was mucking around with them, i did become honor guard and eventually Helios which would be my rank for the whole year that was until the next map change.

i become the next SoS High Councilor and i dont leave this position for a LONG time however i wasnt allowed to fight during events and wanted a second character this is where an amazing friend of mine comes into play, Montana, truly an amazing friend had bought me Freelancer and boy was i happy i became the most Edgy Freelancer you would ever see it could make anyone cringe but that phase wouldnt last long and id go through a HUGE number of Freelancers until id become Indomatrix on my final map.

this whole experience took up my entire high school years and the first of my adult years and i shared so many fond memories and there are so many people id love to mention that i met along the way and i miss playing with but in the end i left due to what i felt was a decline in UM.

Am i back, maybe i really came here to say HI and wanted to just Thanks for those memories