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Laika Dossie {reuploaded}

Destovel Melrose

Rubrum Mortem
Jul 22, 2018
Secret underground bunker
Laika's File classified.
Name: Laika N. Melrose
Age: 26
Race: Caucasian
Country: Scotland
Languages: English, Latin, and {small amounts} Sangheilli.
Biography: Born on earth lived in both the USA and the U.K. Joined UNSCAF young at 18 and got transferred to Sanghelios to help transport ambassadors. While there learnt about the culture. During this time she was once abducted with a ambassador and keep as a POW for two years during this time she was shot in the abdomen, right shoulder, and left knee defending the ambassador.. After being transferred to {REDACTED} She earned several certifications becoming the stations therapist, Reaper, Reaper squad lead.
Mental evaluation: {PASSED} He has been observed as being anxious and sometimes angry. No danger.
Aliases: The Red Reaper, The Golden Eagle, and The Flying Scotsman.
Awards: Prisoner of War Medallion, Non-Commissioned Officer Development Ribbon, Red Legion of Honor, Basic Training Honor Graduate Ribbon, Bronze Star, Outstanding Airman of the Year Ribbon and Purple Heart.