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| Martinez T24 Dossier |


Nov 13, 2018
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>Name and/or nicknames:
Rodrigo "Green" Martinez.



>Spoken Languages:
Spanish, English.

Private First Class.

>Military Background:

-Former Zulu-11 Private.
-Former Whiskey-54 Corpsman, Corporal.
-Tombstone-24 Rifleman, Private First Class.

Hispanic, Caucasian.​

> Background

Rodrigo Martinez was born around [REDACTED], in an UNSC-protected planet. Living inside the poor hispanic colony of “Esperanza”, Rodrigo was recognized for his work as a veterinarian at a young age, being a helper in multiple livestock procedures. However, it could be said that he didn’t do very well due to a lack of experience and, of course, medical and surgical training. The young boy dedicated his life to the wellbeing of the community, until Insurgent Forces took the colony’s command by force, taking care of any UNSC presence in the area. During this period of time, Rodrigo was trained as a teenager by the URF under the threat of damage being done to his family. Because of this, he learned how to handle weapons such as the M6G PDWS, despise not being deployed outside the occupied planet.

As one of the strongholds and main supply lines in the sector, Esperanza was targeted by the UNSC multiple times. Rodrigo had the hope of living a peaceful life again, away from the oppression of the insurgents, but he knew that could never happen if he didn’t do something. During one of the assaults of the UNSC, Martinez betrayed his fellow comrades and made a run for it, being left for dead after trading gunfire with them. He was later found by marines, being interrogated. Being the younger one of three brothers that assisted the UNSC in different branches, Martinez had this information in his favor when he tried to prove his loyalty. After being released from the possibility of being imprisoned, he proposed joining the UNSCMC as a conscript.

As he was well received by the most, despise having been a "part" of the insurgents, his military history was successful, proving himself every time he could and participating in some operations before having a goal in his mind: joining the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers. Being part of a military family, Martinez had brothers that joined the ODSTs, they either went MIA or KIA in the AO, and so, it was inevitable for him to have this destination in mind. He trained, strengthening his mind and body to reach the expectations of this elite force, the love for his family being the fuel and inspiration to the marine. Due to this and other actions, he later was handpicked into ODST Tombstone 2-4. He is currently a Tombstone Rifleman, and is known for his silent and occasionally humorous attitude towards other ODSTs and ONI personnel.


> Personal Journal

“—Is this thing recording? Yes, it is... Well, for whoever finds this, I’ve recently joined the UNSC Marine Corps. It really is something else, if I would say so myself. Just to say I get scolded if my gun isn’t properly clean really is something. Back in Esperanza, things were somewhat... Different. Innies didn’t care if I had the safety of my rifle off. Hell,I assume they wouldn’t have even cared if I shot my brains out, which wouldn’t be that strange after witnessing some of the things they’ve done to the people I knew. Well, but that’s why I’m here. To do something about the things they are throwing to my family, to my mother and father. Lucky me after having multiple rounds in my arms and torso, because now I have the tools and, possibly, the training to deploy down there. After I’m done with this, I’ll make sure I get back with you two. Possibly get some medals on my chest to make you proud, padre. Hang tight. Please do. I’m coming back to our home.”


“—Did I think that I would make friends here, back when I joined the Marines? Probably correct answer: No. These two douches appeared outta’ nowhere, and now I’m either dealing with war on Innies and aliens, or with my two partners in crime: PVT Mosin and PFC Twix. Since I proved myself to be capable of more at Whiskey, I’ve been knowing these two more and more, and of course, I learned to work as an unit with them. Twix is a calm guy. Best of the best at Whiskey, and he kinda reminds me of Gustavo, my big bro back in Esperanza. He’s the kind of guy I would trust even if he was aiming at me point blank with a shotgun. Mosin is somewhat upbringing, his attitude always seems cheerful, not to say he’s a complete joker. One of a kind, I would say. I try to be really calm near them, but I can’t avoid popping a smile when Mosin makes one of his bad puns, and Twix just laughs about them. I still am focused on you, mother, but this isn’t easy. I can’t just... Go ahead and boss other people to go back to Esperanza. It’s impossible, and I would probably get CM’d... I just... Need to give some thought to all of this, that’s the only thing I need right now... For now, Martinez out. I hope I get some time to organize myself.”


“—PVT Martinez, Tombstone 2-4. I’ve recently found some things that have made me give some thought about problems. Twix isn’t here to help anymore. He just disappeared, like Mosin. I'm all alone out here, but there isn't much time for mourning. I still got you in my mind, mother, but there isn't anything I can do right now. There are more people out there. More people that need our help. You can't imagine how many things I have seen, I have fought, just to have reality thrown at my face over and over again. I am something else now. I'm an ODST. I have brothers that fight for me, and I fight for them. It's us against them. And if I slip up, one of my brothers may die. I won't allow that, mother. There isn't much I can do, but I have to protect them. I hope you're alive. I really do, but I have more lives in my hands, not only yours. PVT Martinez, Tombstone 2-4, out.


> Relationships and Opinions.

. . .




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Credits to 2LT Razor for letting me use his initial dossier template.