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Mercury forum staff app again

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Oct 6, 2017
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Name: Mercury

Do you have TeamSpeak? (Required): Yes

TeamSpeak name (Required): Mercury

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:90008565

Do you have Discord? (Required): Yes

Discord name and numbers (Required): Mercury#8816

Age, only 15+: 18

What forum experience do you have? (Please specify what communities you have worked for and what you had to do): I was a Senior Admin on this forum and have helped develop and maintain several others.

Have you ever been banned from the Shout Box or forums, and have you been warned for anything on the forums?: No.

Tell us about yourself (1 paragraph minimum): My name is Mercury, some people remember me, some have yet to meet me. Some basic things about me; I like videogames, I do track, I enjoy hiking, mountain biking, mountain climbing, table tennis, and swimming. I used to be on this server a little while ago and mainly played on SCP after a few months of Halo. I like working with people and meeting new friends. That's about it.

Why do you wish to join the forum staff team? (50 words minimum): I want to join the staff team for multiple reasons. Like mentioned before I was a senior admin before I left and would love to re-re-join the team promising the same enthusiasm and initiative I had before. I frequently browse the forums whenever I am bored or just afk in-game so I will be active. The final and most important reason would probably be that I really just want to get more involved with the community as a whole now that I am back.

What can you bring to the Forum Staff? (80 words minimum): My experience for one, when I was forum staff I feel that I was relatively good at my job and now that I have had some time to fix all of my issues I could be even better. I am very laid back so getting pissed off and having anger cloud my judgement won't be an issue. My personality, I have been told by others that I am pleasant to be around/work with so I am taking their word for it and putting it here. That's all.

Why should you be picked over other applicants? (80 words minimum): I should be picked over others because of a few important qualities that others applying may not have. Experience (I have put this a lot so far but that is because I feel as it is the most important reason in this entire application), My activity, and my relations with the community. I am usually on forums when no staff are on and for this reason, I believe, there will be several times where I will be the only staff on. If something were to happen in that time that required forum staff attention I could handle the situation. Another crucial reason is my former relations with the community, I was liked and could do my job. I did resign, however, I feel like I could rebuild that relationship.

Do you staff on any other servers?: Nope.

How active will you be on the forums? (Realistically): 1 or more hours a day (spread out over time not all at once)

Do you go to school/college/university? (For activity purposes): School.

How active will you be on the community’s TS?: Usually, I am on TS whenever I'm on the halo server so active.

Do you meet all of the requirements?: Yes.

Situational questions:

1. You get on the forums to find out two sides arguing and fighting over something that really isn't clear what it may be what do you do? (50 words recommended) Stop the argument and get both sides of the argument. If someone is clearly in the wrong I will tell them to stop whatever it is they are doing, if it is unclear I will help them resolve the situation. If they both or one of them refuses to stop arguing I will give them a warning and then time them out from shoutbox.

2. You are looking through a few threads and find some non-SFW (Safe for Work) words used in a post, what do you do? (Normal Swearing is OK I mean harsh profanity) (50word recommended) I would ask them to change or remove the word and give them a 12-hour time limit to do so if they don't then I will remove their comment and give them a warning. If it is clearly a troll post and the person is just spamming the NSFW word I will ban them.

3. If you are also staff for a server as a mod and the SM is being verbally abusive to people in the shoutbox using racial slurs and calling them any sort of unpleasant names, what would you do? (50 word recommended) Tell them to stop as it doesn't matter what server they are a manager of, they aren't above the rules. If they refuse to stop I would warn them and if they continue to do so they would get an SB ban. Once the SB ban is over if they continue to do so they will receive a perma SB ban and I would notify my higher-ups what the SM did in the SB.

4. What would you do if someone (player/staff and/or yourself) is being harassed on the forums? (80 word recommended) If I am being harassed I will give the person a warning to stop or try to understand why they are harassing me, if they refuse or don't give any reasons I will give them a temp ban for harassment. If they circumvent the ban to continue harassing me they will receive a permaban. If a player is harassing another player they will receive the same treatment as if they were harassing me however, I would try to figure out why they are harassing another player and try to resolve it that way.

Now I know what your thinking, did you just copy-paste your entire last application? Yes, yes I did, I was told we could just reapply with all the same info, and you can only reword the same stuff so many times.


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Nov 25, 2017
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+1 (Leaning towards neutral) has experience in forum staff due to being a former staff member. The only issue I see is activity (tbh im basing this off of your post activity and the few times I've seen you on sb). Besides that he seems fit
[doublepost=1567294117,1566850689][/doublepost]Your staff app has been accepted, you will be sent an invite once available.
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