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Meridian's Forum Staff Application

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Jun 20, 2017
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Sup Nerds

1. Must be professional, and must not be known for flaming or etc.

2. Must be able to enforce forum rules to the ‘T’
3. Must not be biased towards any player(s)
4. Must not be staff on more than one server or Team Speak (unless given permission by an owner)
5(ish). This isn't really a requirement, but make your app stand out (colorful)
6. Must know how to spell properly. (MAINLY since people misspell what they are applying for)
7. Must have & use TeamSpeak
Name: Meridian

Do you have TeamSpeak? (Required): Yes.

TeamSpeak name (Required): R54 SSGT Arwen/Beta AI Fyre

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:119092977

Do you have Discord? (Required): Yes.

Discord name and numbers (Required): Meridian#1525

Age, only 15+: 17

What forum experience do you have? (Please specify what communities you have worked for and what you had to do): I have been a Forum Manager for a PoliceRP and also I have been a Forum SA on here for many many months. Was Assigned to SCP, then Halo, then I was unassigned for a while. Recently came back to the community, looking to help out again.

Have you ever been banned from the Shout Box or forums, and have you been warned for anything on the forums?: No.

Tell us about yourself (1 paragraph minimum): I am 17 years old and live on the Eastern Coast of the USA, and I have been a member of this community since Revival was founded. I am currently a Junior in High School and am an AP student. I have a good amount of free time, and I am often on my phone, which makes it easy to administrate on the Forums. Due to this ease of access, I am able to quickly respond to situations and applications.

Why do you wish to join the forum staff team? (50 words minimum): I wish to join the Forum staff team as I always enjoy helping out this community, and I am good friends with many of its current members. Of course, as I have stated before, it always irks me to see applications left untouched, or people mindlessly chatter and take of space on discussion posts.

What can you bring to the Forum Staff? (80 words minimum): I can bring quick responses to people breaking the rules and move applications and threads to where they need to be, when they need to be moved. I can also try my best to supervise general discussions to make sure no one is breaking the rules or flaming each other. I can also read through suggestions by people and make sure everyone's ideas are noticed and discussed, no matter how small. All though I do wish for everyone's ideas to be noticed and discussed, I do think that some things shouldn't be discussed on the forums, but instead with a staff member of that server or a developer. I will make sure to notify these people with what they should do instead, and how to differentiate between different situations.

Why should you be picked over other applicants? (80 words minimum): Although I do not believe that anyone is inherently better than anyone else, I do believe that I have the experience and maturity required. I am able to keep my cool and I can make logical decisions when faced with issues. I also am able to be on regularly, and I am able to respond to an individual personally, one on one. I will try my best to respond to people's questions as best as I can, and if I don't know the answer, I will ask someone above me who has the required knowledge. Always good to go along with the Chain of Command.

Do you staff on any other servers?: No.

How active will you be on the forums? (Realistically): Daily on weekdays, not as much on weekends.

Do you go to school/college/university? (For activity purposes): High School

How active will you be on the community’s TS?: Nearly Daily, weekends are exceptions because of work schedule.

Do you meet all of the requirements?: Yes.

Situational questions:

1. You get on the forums to find out two sides arguing and fighting over something that really isn't clear what it may be what do you do? (50 words recommended) I would separate the two individuals and ask the two of them their side of the argument, After I have attained the necessary information, I will talk to them individually again, Telling each of them the other's point of view. Then after they understand, I will ask them to please keep the debate calm and outside of the public discussion.

2. You are looking through a few threads and find some non-SFW (Safe for Work) words used in a post, what do you do? (Normal Swearing is OK I mean harsh profanity) (50word recommended) I would message the user and ask him/her to please refrain from using profane language, and for him/her to not do it again. I would also remove their post, and if it was extreme enough, I would apologize to the target of the harsh language, and warn the user.

3. If you are also staff for a server as a mod and the SM is being verbally abusive to people in the shoutbox using racial slurs and calling them any sort of unpleasant names, what would you do? (50 word recommended) I would report the SM to one of my higher ups, and ask that action be taken, even if I personally know the person. Such things should never be said to players, and everyone should always be polite and cordial. If possible, I would delete the things said in the shout box, and message the SM and tell him/her to please remember their position and not to disregard their responsibilities.

4. What would you do if someone (player/staff and/or yourself) is being harassed on the forums? (80 word recommended) I would try and find the person/persons harassing, whoever it is being harassed, and try to mediate the situation. Depending on the severity of the harassment, the punishment could vary from warning the person to even a community ban, although I wish no one would ever do anything that requires such a thing. I would also find out if the user being harassed also responded with harassment to the user, because that could also be warn-able, because no matter what the other person said, you should always report it to someone before taking action.


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Nov 25, 2017
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Your application has been accepted, please contact one of the forum staff or @Lunarisᚱift for training (just a review) and access to the network discord server!
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