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"MIA" Agent Remington


Old Guard/The Lone Wolf
Halo RP
Game Maker
Nov 17, 2018
United States
Name: Desmond "Remington" Carson
Status: In-Service
Branch: ONI
Sub Branch: Freelancer
Generation: 3
Position: Unassigned
Rank: Agent
Induction: 10th April, 2557
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Race: Human
Birthplace: Harvest, Epsilon Indi System
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Physical Build: Well built
  • None
Service Record & Events of Note:
  • Project Freelancer: Generation 3 (Went MIA Assumed KIA)
  • Project Freelancer: Resurfaced under Generation 6
  • Project Freelancer: MIA After sent on Covert Ops Mission with a Squad of ODSTs
  • Project Freelancer: Retrieved under Generation 7, Mission on all books "Never Happened"

Awards & Reprimands:
  • Purple Heart

Psychological Profile: Agent Remington seems to only trust a certain set of people, these include Director Coyote, Advisor Montana, Conselor Winter, Advanced Agent Seeker , Agent Maverick(Unbeknownst to him KIA), MIA Agent Reynolds, Agent Utah, and Agent California. Most of them seem to have been around during his induction and is the suspected reason he trusts them, but Agent Maverick seems to be the outlier there. After his most recent case of being MIA his mental state has changed, his personality is more closed off and he seems to only respect orders from the people he trusts, but will follow orders from untrusted agents. He still awaits psychological evaluation upon being retrieved. His trust seems to be a developmental issue, which makes him take longer than normal to even start to trust someone. - Evaluation done by SMED WO1 Zoller