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More room on the Ship

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Destovel Melrose

Rubrum Mortem
Jul 22, 2018
Secret underground bunker
The Naval Ship is from the pillar of autumn map or atleast has very very similar layout. On this map there is more rooms such as a med bay recruit room range etc. I feel it would be nice to add the rooms for more RP as well as giving Naval spots to host Naval DB, training, and other tasks we need room for. There is so many other rooms that are on the map that would be so Nice to have on the ship. It feels like station very cramp and now that there has been a merge with aviation {I know old news} it'd be nice to have more room. Plus the open areas, hallways, and storage areas would make breach events more tasking instead of just clearing two rooms. The map also has a quarantine bay and brig which could be used to have some MPs stationed on the ship and medical do experiments. I really think that more rooms added could make the ship feel more alive and actually living instead of empty and all Naval hanging out on base. I feel other Naval could agree with this.

Not open for further replies.