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[OMEGA] Kypros Kyraikou, Ablazed


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Feb 11, 2017

> Kypros Dmytrovych Kyriakou:: Kypros Dmytrovych Kyriakou Selected.

Loading Personnel File.

Unit Identification Information.

Unit Armorification Image:

Full Name: Kypros Dmytrovych Kyriakou


Nickname/Alias: ''Infernoofei''

Meaning: The name of Kypros creates a quick, analytical, and clever mind; you are creative, versatile, original, and independent; Kyriakou you can be firm, positive, and independent in your own ideas and in reaching your own decisions, yet when it comes to taking action or following things through to completion, you often need encouragement.

Rank: Serviceman Three

Pet Name: Alleyway Murderer, or Pyro.


Gender: Male

Gender Role: Masculine

Orientation: Straight

Real Age: 47

Age Appearance: A hint of youth, only to be overshadowed by wrinkles and burns.
Birthday: 2140, March 17th
Deathday: N/A
Birthplace: Dinpro, Ukraine
Astrological Sign: Pisces

Immediate Family:
Oleh Fedirovych Hajduk
Bronislava Kuzmivna Hajduk

Parenting: Strict

Upbringing: He was raised of thoughts of being on his own and closed-minded, not letting things hurt him.

Infancy: His parents when he was first born, always loved him they would do anything to get him the care and education he needed if there was a problem his parents would easily stand up to it. Oleh had trouble getting things bought for him, but he would do it anyway as if this child meant every tiny thing about him.

Childhood: His father left him at an early age to join the Eclipse, he was left with his mother that cared less about him as weeks gone by without Oleh by her side, she grew weaker than Kypros could imagine when finds her, that he couldn't stand to look at, it only damaged himself more, his social life was terrible no child would ever want to be near Kypros even with a ten foot stick.

Adolescence: His mother had gone paraplegic after a tragic event on a flight of stairs, he has to take care of his mother and withdraw from his education that he was barely getting anything from, his way of being educated prevented from all ways not acceptable to college, so he clung on to his mother but as she grew to hate him even more just sitting on the bed so did Kypros as he couldn't stand to look at her mother in her desperate position.

At this time his mother would be deceased after what he had done to her, and he had left to join a mercenary crew by the name of ''Infernoofei'' which he deeply cared about more than he ever did for his family where he met someone he had met in his old school by the name of Lyubomyr Viktorovych Danylyuk an engineer who helped Kypros modify and distribute a gun he had been working on just for Kypros specifically.

Evolution: Kypros had learned from being a child who needed someone to rely on, to someone of relying on himself and being close-minded with a pure silence of anguish and determination to end lives of others that show as weak or incompetent.


Species: Human

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Blood Type: O-

Preferred Hand: Ambidextrous

Facial Type: Square

Eye Color: Amber

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Hairstyle: "The Organized Mess"

Skin/Pain tone: Pantone 91-8 C

Complexion: Fair.

Body Type: Mesomorph.

Build: Muscular Arms and Slightly Long Legs.

Height: 6' 1.

Weight: 192 lbs.

Facial Hair: Thick stubble around the jawline and corner mandibles.

Shoe Size: 13 1/2.

Birthmarks/scars: Large scars that go across his nose and down to the right lining of his lips.

Health: Not so much healthy.

Energy: It takes a lot of activities for him to be brought down with no energy; in another case, he isn't tired so easily.

Memory: He can remember everything from birth to end.

Senses: Hearing damaged; sense to feel is weakened.

Allergies: None.

Handicaps: Slight deafness.

  • Iodine
  • Bacitracin
  • Sulfadiazine
  • Mafenide
  • Silvasorb Silver Antimicrobial
  • Alocane
Phobias: Robophobia (Geths).

Addictions: None.

Mental Disorders: Pyromania.

Grooming: Messy, slightly kept up although.

Posture: Stiff.

Gait: Quick and swiftly.

Coordination: Very quick reflexes in most things, except hearing.

Habits and Mannerisms: Twirls hair, crosses arms a lot.

Scent: A very strong scent of old amora charcoal-like smell.


Inconspicuous, aggrivated.

Attitude: Demanding; militarized.

Stability: Controllable in passive situations; aloof when in combat.

Expressiveness: Hidden.

When Happy: Whistles; happily.

When Depressed: Forces himself to sleep.

When Angry: Punches walls, threatens.

Note: If encountered with a geth, he will take immediate action to put it down.


Current Residence:

Community: Ruthless.

Current Workplace: Omega.

Personal Outtake:

Casual Wardrobe:
Head/Face wear:
Black gasmask with the blue lens and a snapback hat.
Top: Blue sturdy jacket with a white long buttoned up shirt.
Bottom: Black cargo pants with steel toe black boots.


  • Customized and Painted Medium Combat Hardsuit: The Combat Hardsuit of the Medium protection classification is granted to any newly recruited New Eden personnel who have not brought their own equipment. The armor formal name is ‘Guardian Armor’ is manufactured by Elanus Risk Control Services. It is fitted with the traditional Kinetic shield. It contains an internal oxygen supply capable of sustaining the fighter in a No-Oxygen environment, as well as gaseous filters. The Oxygen containers are contained within the helmet and have a life of one hundred twenty minutes total. The helmet is fitted with a full-facial covering. (http://revivalservers.com/index.php...ion-standard-and-sub-standard-equipment.5141/)
  • HS107 'Phoenix' Sniper Rifle: Adept's way of saying: A heavily-modified M-92 Mantis with thermal modifications. Advanced way of saying: (A crafted powerful sniper rifle by a fellow mercenary engineer he once was with semi-auto rifle made from an empty M-92 Mantis and a combination of thermite energy conductors and high-grade heatsinks which the pellets aren't thermite at all they are just transferred by the heat of thermite conductors rolling them in place, and melted rebar materials, the gun's purpose to fire a large amount of thermite-conducting pellets not doing as much damage as a Mantis would, but the flammable substance inside the pellets it would be sure to catch fire with a target, how it works in detail the M-92 Mantis is taken apart piece by piece replacing the chambers with a heavy conductor to charge in the amount of heat a material of active Thermite would without melting the weapon which could happen in the was fired consistently fast, but since it's use of being a sniper there is no reason for it to be fired consistently fast, the conductors roll the heat into the pellet-rods to create a lethal combustible ammunition, and its barrel would have a fillets inside it to keep the rod from bending while it's shot into a distance basically holding down the rod's direction while it is fired from a coil that has a emergency cooling practice on the rod in case of a melting event ever to happen, speaking of it being fired when the trigger it's pressed it isn't an instant shoot out it takes about one second or two seconds for the rod to be spun at a fast speed with the conducting chambers to get the heat transfer in place and the acceleration it's be sent out as, of course, the amount of firepower on the weapon would almost be as if a knockback of a claymore on a human, but due to the fact of that it is equipped with a standardized bipod, of course, the impact of this round wouldn't do as much impact damage more of an after damage effect with the combustible flames meaning it doesn't do as high damage as the regular Mantis would, some more is explained in the backstory.)
Accessories: When without a gas mask, he wears thick-rimmed black glasses.

Funds: Dwindling at exactly two thousand credits left.

Home: The apartment scape is run down and destroyed as if no one was taking care of it at all, that's how he bought it and he never managed to get it all cleaned up as he was too focused on other matters.

Prized Possession: HS107.

Rank: Serviceman Three.

MOS: Sniper.

Wealth Status: Lower class.

Experience: Has done mercenary work before with a different crew.

Organizations/Affiliations: Luna, Omega.

IQ: 86.

Education: Poorly educated.

School: Run down, ruthless kids, intolerant teachers and hard to get around.

Grade: B-, low 80s.

Special Education: No.

Social Stereotype: Loner.

Intelligence: Kinesthetic.

Religion: Ukrainian Orthodox Christian.

Morals: Morally wrong.

Motivation: Violence.

Philosophy: All life must burn if there is nothing to freeze its time.

Political Party: Fascist.


Meeting and Greeting
  • The typical greeting is a warm, firm handshake, maintaining direct eye contact, and repeating your name.
  • When female friends meet, they kiss on the cheek three times, starting with the left and then alternating, while close male friends may pat each other on the back and hug.
Dining Etiquette
  • Table manners are generally casual.
  • The more formal the occasion, the stricter the protocol.
  • When in doubt, watch what others are doing and emulate their behavior.
  • Table manners are Continental, i.e. hold the fork in the left hand and the knife in the right while eating.
  • Do not begin eating until the host invites you to start.
  • Always keep your hands visible when eating. Keep your wrists resting on the edge of the table.
  • The oldest or most honored guest is served first.
  • Try everything. Refusing a dish is considered very rude.
  • You will often be urged to take second helpings.
  • Toasting is part of the culture and generally occurs whenever three or more people share a meal.
  • Ukrainians are suspicious of people who do not drink. Having said that, it is better to offer a medical condition as an excuse rather than starting to drink and failing to keep pace with your Ukrainian counterparts.
  • A common toast is "za vashe zdorovya", which means "to your health".
  • The host gives the first toast, usually to the guest of honor, who may return the toast later in the meal.
  • Most toasts are given with vodka. You need not finish the glass, but you must take a sip.
  • Do not clink your glass with others during a toast if you are not drinking an alcoholic beverage.
  • Glasses are filled no more than two-thirds full.
  • Never refill your own glass.
  • Do not pour wine backhanded.
  • An open bottle must be finished.
  • Empty bottles are not left on the table. They are immediately removed.


Ukrainians live in a country where everyday life is often unpredictable and unstable and they have learned to adapt to constantly changing rules and laws. The influences of the Russian Orthodox Church plus a long history of turbulent economic times, unstable governments, and adverse climatic conditions produce a rather fatalistic approach towards life.


Ukrainians are extremely generous and hospitable. All social occasions include food. Visitors are always offered something to eat as well as a beverage. It is considered the height of rudeness to eat in front of another person and not offer them something.

Fire, just..fire.

Traditions: Drinking at the bar.

Languages: Ukrainian and English.

Accent: Ukrainian,

Voice: Deep, and raspy.

Speech Impediments: Sharp croaking at sometimes.

Signature Quote:"This story is split between ashes, and the lies that been engulfed in many's eyes..."

On-Ship Records:

[Sparks, witness tragedy.]

The Ukrainian was born 2140, March 17th, Dinpro, Ukraine, his parents were in a very hard economic struggle attempting to get the right education for their new child who had bright amber eyes and a smile of a fallen angel, it's no wonder the two would risk everything for their child, doing many jobs for him, and his mother Bronislava Kuzmivna Hajduk having to do criminal activity as well for money, corruption was the Ukrainian's thoughts of his parents, corruption with dignity. He couldn't think much of it at the time, but later on, he could describe it as pathetic, wasteful and a disgrace, although they were doing it all for him, enough is never enough. His father Oleh Fedirovych Hajduk then became notice of the Eclipse of a new member as it's revealed Oleh had mercenary experience and had a lingering contract with them waiting to be recovered by Eclipse which he had hidden from his spouse, he had promised to take Kypros Kyriakou away from his mother once he had the money gained from his work at Eclipse, he would soon be sent to Omega for his initiative markings of being a Eclipse. Years past, no word from Oleh as Bronislava grew more and more upset about the fact she was abandoned with a child she grew more to dislike which caused her to become a heavy alcoholic and drug user, always yelling at her child, screaming words that Kypros didn't know if she had meant at all did they have a meaning? Maybe they did she just couldn't look at Kypros with a straight face it always bothered her his face, his personality, it only reminded her of Oleh, she'd sometimes call Kypros by his father's name. As a child of ten years old he would already be experiencing early depression upon him, this enduring pain that burns him from the inside out would grow more and more, he'd be mistreated at his low financial school that looked as ruined down as his heart which was one step away from just not beating, already having thoughts of death itself.

[Ignite, starts of a flame.]

"So please, I know you" Kypros would think the thought of Bronislava, this isn't her and it needs to stop. At the age of seventeen, his mother Bronislava had a severe seizure going down a flight of stairs breaking both of her legs and she would be quickly saved by first responders, she would then be lying back in her old bed with facial paralysis and paraplegic of her legs. Kypros would always have to bring food and water up to her, he never wanted to do it her face would stay in this angered face and give him the sense of it was all his fault, the only thing he could live on from this was father Oleh, who hadn't been there for eight years now. Bronislava would stare at the wall as flies would occasionally crawl around her face, she couldn't feel them, the critters would just wall all around her face and it disgusted Kypros, he could try swatting them away but then again, it's her and her face that scares him the most. At the age of nineteen Kypros would be met by a mercenary group by the name of "Infernoofei" who were doing contracts for many people, at the time Kypros's education wasn't bringing him anywhere in life his job as a volunteer firefighter could barely withstand financial aid of him and his mother. Kypros would send his application and soon be accepted, but it would take a month to verify and his mother Bronislava if she had found out about what Kypros got into she wouldn't allow such a thing and on the last day where "Infernoofei" were ready to pick him up. He brought the last tray of food and water he would ever bring along with a kitchen blade, Kypros went by her side and for the first time in a long time she turned her head as it made a few cracking sounds and she barely moved her mouth coming out as a gasp, but would then attempt to speak in normal words as she then said "Why are you leaving me?" and Kypros wouldn't answer until she had finished her food, he'd reply with a simple "I believe you could love me, but you're lost on a road to misery.". Bronislava would then finish her words, darting her emerald eyes to the knife he had on the tray and looked back at him then nodding as she would close her eyes and turn her head to the wall, then say "B-Before you k-kill me, give me the r-rose you have been watering i-it's all I have left of your father other than you." Kypros would leave the room to take the crumbling blackish rose as the peddles would fall each step he took back to his mother, and her mother would put the dying rose to her heart, holding it with two hands and closed eyes as if she was already at peace, Kypros would then lift the knife in the air, holding it against her temple then stating in one final breath of her mother's "I love you." he would drive the knife in to her head as blood spurted out on his hands, her head would droop to the side dead. Kypros would then make his way out of the estate, looking up to his fellow contractors as they would be in shock and the only thing he would say is "Burn the house down." as he went on the ship and looked back to only see his fellow contractor listen to the order and the house would be burning down.

[Old people, and our glory days.]

His training would be nothing he couldn't handle, Kypros would learn how to control flames, set objects on fire, use cylinder tanks, move cylinder tanks, combat exercises, how to fire a weapon, but never did he ever learn how to extinguish a pain as the crew's motto "Once set on a target, it stays set." which he would obey by. Kypros would meet a fellow Ukrainian he had knew from his school, or at least seen before in school during those times Kypros wasn't very talkative and didn't want to do anything with people. Only now, times are different and this person was willing to be his support, his name would be Lyubomyr Viktorovych Danylyuk a fellow engineer on the ship who had been training him and favoring him due to seeing him at school they both didn't know really anyone on the ship except for their higher-ups. Kypros would show his pyromania growing inside him, as he would be more focus on pyrogenic training and burning things at one ignition at a time. To him flames only grew more and more, the bigger they are the better, but for his combat training he was never good in close quarters or even shotguns, but his accuracy in shooting from long range and mid range would be pointed out by Lyubomyr and his desire to ignite fires. Lyubomyr took an M-92 Mantis and thermite-conducting power sources that would re-frame the pellets purpose in to being a flammable rod, and put together pieces of organized scrap metal to reduce the recoil of the weapon he was building, he code-named the project HS107 'Phoenix', after finishing he handed it to Kypros to test it, this weapon could've blown up and killed Kypros on the spot but he took a kneel putting the stock against his shoulder, darted his eyes on the scope to the target, and pulled the trigger as the pellet-rod would impact the target with a large eruption of flames, quickly disintegrating into flames, as Kypros would be enlightened by the HS107. The is creating a friendship that would last as if it was going to last forever but unfortunately, this won't be true as the events of Eden Prime would soon unfold.

[Eclipse, fight for eternity.]

On a ground operation of a planet Asteria upon it's arid sulfurous deserts, where Geths were heard to be lingering the soil attempting to find their way to a human and Asari colony "Infernoofei" took landing to attempt to intercept them but it would soon be a weird diversion as Eclipse member came about with the same initiative to intercept Geths and one of their members would fire a magazine in to an "Infernnofei" which would spark an outburst of a battle. Kypros would be on a hill from afar, taking recon from afar as he sprung shots back at the Eclipse members, their armors taking no resistance to the flammable rods as the screams of each Eclipse member wound echo across, shrieking to the flames erupting in their armor tearing through flesh and all, as Kypros would chuckle behind the scope. "Infernoofei" would soon have to leave the planet after the successful killing of the squad of Eclipse members. Taking off the contract they had, saying there was nothing there such a hint of a lie, that would go to an on-going ship battle once they seek for one of its operatives ships to do an onboard attack. Which they one end up doing, killing lots of the member inside even taking some of the detainees they had for escort money, it would be a very long tiring battle as Kypros would walk the halls of the ship only to find Oleh injured sitting against the wall, Oleh would look up to Kypros and only recognize him by his voice as Kypros would tell to get down, Oleh would do as he plead and tell him "I'm sorry for lea-" he didn't get the chance to finish his apology as Kypros had no mercy for his father, sticking the barrel against his fathers head and blowing the man's head to pieces, then walking out as if it was nothing personal. "Infernoofei" would set a bomb in the ship's core room as they went back on their ship and FTL'd away from the explosion of the operative ship.

[Prime time, disintegration.]

After long months of operations that are irrelevant to how Kypros grew, we skip to the time that changed who he was forever both physically and mentally even as terrible psychotic he was already, he'd be in enough pain as of now, crawling through embers of memories of killing both of his parents. The year 2183, will be the last year of innocence for Kypros as every "Infernoofei" operator was sent on duty to help the Alliance and "Althone" to fight against the Geth swarms surrounding the colony. Kypros would be within a squad of people attempting to get people to an evacuation point before they were killed. Kypros would be watching soldiers die left and right, Geths marching their way closer and closer to their evacuation point. His squad was ordered to get under an almost destroyed building with one large trench able to hide from Geths, it would be one long silence before a robotic entity's leg would be seen from the cracks and more would show up as the Geth troopers sticked the barrels of their flamers in to the seams of the building and started burning all of his members they would all fall upon Kypros as they burned through everything, corrupting all of Kypros's armor and destroying the whole frame of skin he had as it charred into severe major third degree burns, in front of him would be Lyubomyr as his burning self on top of Kypros would be screaming into Kypros's ears with flames erupting out of his sockets melting himself on top of Kypros who can only be in pain and agony, he was attempting to break out of the stockpile of burning corpses he was on, which would work as the Geths seemingly thinking the men inside died, Kypros would crawl himself out of the building luckily enough his tanks were armored enough to sustain the heat and pressure, as Alliance soldiers would drag him to the evacuation point with his tanks and weapon, he would give one final look to the building before it collapsed on the corpses inside it, at this time Kypros would fall into a coma, back at Omega he would rest in a hospital.

[Reawakening, ashes to ashes.]

Kypros would wake during the last battle of the Reaper War has ended the year 2187, he would be doing physical exercises to get back to his feet and extreme skin care for his destroyed skin, it would take a week for him to be able to leave the hospital. Kypros would hide under thick clothing and a mask, taking his HS107 which only reminded him of his deep friend that had died on top of him, and the tanks he had to refill which reminded him of the flames of Eden Prime. Kypros was at the worse of poverty and ill health, he wouldn't want to give up on what he started though, for the money and his care he would look for mercenary crews that could possibly hire him he would come across many and almost get sent to a crew called the "Reninth" but he would eventually find a crew under the Luna of "New Eden" which he took interest in mostly for its pay and it's resoundingly hard work it tries to thrive for. Kypros would be assured that this would take him further into what he has been trying to accomplish and that is to extinguish the flames of what he had started, and his morals to end the Geth kind that has been left behind for the pillars to keep them safe that won't be long until Kypros gets to these Geths that have threatened all races, he would wait for the response of a drop-off ship until then.
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Feb 11, 2017
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