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Caleb Floyd

Admin | TS Staff | SEALs CO | Donator
Jun 22, 2017
Name: Caleb Floyd, or Overlord (TS Name: SEAL Overlord) (In-game: SEAL Team 2 Colonel Overlord

Age: 16

How long have to been with us: Since January of 2017

Most played sever and most played character: VietnamRP & Navy SEALs

What can you do, and what do you want to do?: Out of all the jobs, I can be anyone of them because I've been into almost all of these fields either taught or self-taught (I take classes in high school on this, as well as taking classes at a college and did this in middle school), I have been editing videos for more than eight years and I even have a YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/GummyMusher) there I've edited, voice acted, and made soundtracks Etc. to me everything is very easy, if I were to pick a job I would pick the one I am best at, unlikely that is three jobs, video protagonist, video editor and soundtrack. I think I would focus on video protagonist the most out of all of them because I've been doing that for eight years.
Not open for further replies.