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Prime's Staff Report

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Years of Service
Jan 17, 2017
Both users involved have received punishment. Now let me explain to you what really happened.

Prime and Conway have been having issues for a bit now. Who started what I cannot say. Now, I do not like to talk about things like this publicly and spread the drama but because people love to speak of things they know nothing about to start some sort of problem I will give you what really happened.

The arguments and bouts of anger continued for a while. Then their feud began Jan the developer chat. This of course brought my attention to how childish and unprofessional their conflict had become. I warned them that if their behavior continues they will both be demoted. I told them if you don’t want to work together fine. I want the both of you completely away from each other. That one more issue I hear about they will both be demoted.

Well low and behold Prime did’t listen to me and decided to speak on conways staff application. Not too much after Conway sent him this. This is after a long line of insults they have thrown to each other, this is sadly not something new.

They both would come to me to speak on the other. Talking of how the other is unprofessional and completely incapable and unqualified to be developing.

I found this behavior from the both of them disgusting and it does not represent the ideals nor the maturity that is our staff team.

Their are three sides to each story. Your side, opponents side and the truth.
Not open for further replies.