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Shinobi's Mod Application

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Ex-MetroRP HGM|Killed and Raided Ziptx in Rust|
TeamSpeak Administrator
Apr 6, 2018
Pensacola, Florida
Username(Steam): [RS] Shinobi_Shisui
Steam:ID(https://steamidfinder.com/): STEAM_0:1:94083810
Rust Steam Playtime Hours: 172 and counting
Position Your Applying For: Mod
Date of Application: 6/24/2019


What Makes You Capable To Handle Staff?: I know how to keep level headed, and deal with a sit appropriately.

Why Should We Pick You Over Others?: I have over a year in this community, and I've been in multiple high positions in staffing and in-game.

What Could You Offer Us For Being Part Of Staff?: Basically I can be a filler for anyone, I am very flexible when it comes to a job.

Do You Have Prior Rust Staff Experience?: No, first time, but I'm a quick learner.

Why Do You Want To Be A Staff Member?: Just because G Mod kinda gets bland after staffing a lot, but with Rust so many things can happen as a rust member. I also want to make a Rust experience with no Hackers and Griefers.

How Many Days Of The Week Could You Play?: Almost every day, but I do have work and am on call some days.

How Active Will You Be As A Staff Member?: Quite a bit, but seeing how a Mod will only do little things, like watch chat and other small stuff. It's more of watching from the side lines. But with time, I'll usually be on 2-4 hours.

How Many Days Have You Been Playing On The Server?: Since it came out.

Are You Aware Of The Consequences For Abusing As A Staff Member?: Yee

Are You Aware That At If Your Performance Is Weak, We Can Remove You From Staff?: Yes Sir.

Do You Agree To Follow All Staff Rules?: Yeppo

PS: I would like to do a Interview as well if you don't mind.
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Kodak VAC

Rust Developer
Jan 28, 2017
:revival:I like it , ill interview you if your on ETA: 4 hrs :revival:
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