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SPR12314 Formal Resignation


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Nov 25, 2017
Out of this world!
Hey you maybe wondering where have I've been, well it turns out that life is a bit tougher then I imagine specially with covid going around. I've gotten so busy and so stressed out that I've forgetting things and going straight to sleep or games to cool off (its so focking hard to not turn to cigs/vapes). WIth that I turn in my resignation as a forum manager. Sorry that I couldn't do much as a manager, but hopefully I can do more outside the computer. If ya feel like hitting me up I'm always on revival discord and my phone will annoy me if ya dm me.
It kinda has been spiked up for me ever since one of my cousins fell deathly ill and is in a hospice nursing facility. Because of this she has read up her will which has brought up a ton of issues with family members. Sadly one of them has filed suit to it in which I am being brought in as a witness to counter claim some of the shit that went down. So yea thats fun. Especially when you got both sides breathing down my neck about littlest of details.
Another thing, ever since covid hit full blast, the business my dad works at has ramped up 200%. In which it will be high risk high reward situation depending on how they go forward (100 million dollar contract is kinda hard not to turn down. Also even without the high ass contract they had been running out daily). Since I've been helping him more and more he has decided have his boss offer me a full time job that would double my salary. It would also mean longer hours since it will be full time. The only issue is atm is that I have no vehicle. So I need to save up for that shit so I can be there more.
Also, wear fucking gloves when ya working around medal objects. I'm still paying for the bill half a year later cause i didn't have 2k+fees to pay it off.
If i got more @s I will put it here, but this is all i got atm.
@Kai I see ya lurking in the shadows mate, halo from the looks of it is still a blast. Even though I haven't played in a while. Maybe you should join them again someday
@Lunarisᚱift Sorry that I couldn't hold up the title as long as you had. I can walk the walk but i just can't talk the talk. Something else that I wanted to mention is when you offered me the position. I was still in a depression at that time because it was so fucking hard to find a job cause school barely covered the basics of a interview. Plus if ya didn't start early you would be stuck, which is where i found myself. When SCP got deleted entirely I was about to quit. You just kinda beat me to the punch. But it didn't feel right for me to throw my problems towards you. So I kinda held em in and accepted it. Im doing a lot better now though thanks to a bit of therapy. Don't give me any sympathy though, I kinda got myself their in the first place and needed to pull myself out.
@Forum Staff I am so sorry as a manager. I sucked ass at meetings specially when I was supposed to be leading it. I never upheld the meeting schedule consistently as I should have. I tried to be as transparent with the information that i was getting and attempting to delicate task as best as I can. The next time I join up with yall (which maybe a long time), hopefully I can be much better with this leadership role.
@GhazghkullThraka/@Cadet Yo, the year when doc was around was the best. Somethings I can never forget. It was also a hard choice between yall two even though it looked like I was favoring ghaz. Yall had separate strength and issues that took a bit to decide. But my final choice is for Ghaz to step up and lead on.
@William Thank you for the best 2 years of my life. I thank you tremendously for the experiences that you gave when you released halo, metro, and specially scp. I just need a long bit to pick up the pieces that life is breaking atm. Revival forever mate.
@Doc I now see what you went through. Must of been tough balancing both life and revival for half a year mate. kik is still the og in my mind, at least before the updates that forced us out.
@skiplx Your still a dumbass. Hopefully you learned your lessons about holding power with grace and dishing it out lightly.
@Sawyer heard what's happening in london, hopefully you will survive the next lockdown. And try to stay away from booze, you know what happen last time.
@Barbedpilot your still a dweeb and ya know it.
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Jan 12, 2018
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yo i know i dont come around lot but sorry i kinda dumped the job on ya spr. I knew you could do it but I didnt think what else ya had going on. Dm on discord nerd.


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Feb 11, 2017
I'm really sorry for being a month late, SPR, you and I probably have been the most problematic paring in forums staff. We literally never agreed on anything, yet outside of arguments, you were one of the good ones. A great friend to rely on, you were professional, very awkward but funny. You were the glue to the forums staff after many of us left. I don't know how you managed to survive after the 3/4 of SCP's lifetime but you did. That takes a hell of a lot of sanity to live, and yet, you did. I hope you have a successful life, a great family, and all of the best luck to you. To answer your question, no. I'm not joining Halo RP. Garry's Mod is currently uninstalled, even then. I won't join for my sanity.