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Staff App Nameless

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Jul 7, 2019
Username(Steam): Nameless
Stead:ID(https://steamidfinder.com/): https:/steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198013887905
Rust Steam Playtime Hours: 516 hours
Position Your Applying For: Ingame moderator
Date of Application: 7/6/2019

What Makes You Capable To Handle Staff?:
I have been moderator or admin on alot of different servers in a multitude of games including Rust, CSGO, and FiveM. I have dealt with just about anything under the sun, Hackers, Racism, and best of all griefers.
Why Should We Pick You Over Others?:
I have a lot of hours invested into the server and on Rust in general. I am looking to make this my home server and attempt to grow the player base.
What Could You Offer Us For Being Part Of Staff?:
I have connections in the Tango Worldwide community and have access to alot of people to come and join. Playtime is very widely available for me and I am able to come on and handle situations and see them from a non-biased stance.
Do You Have Prior Rust Staff Experience?:
I do.
Why Do You Want To Be A Staff Member?:
I feel as though I can help the server not only with rule breaks and helping out newer players, but to also grow as a community.
How Many Days Of The Week Could You Play?:
How Active Will You Be As A Staff Member?:
How Many Days Have You Been Playing On The Server?:
2 weeks.
Are You Aware Of The Consequences For Abusing As A Staff Member?:
Yes I am aware.
Are You Aware That At If Your Performance Is Weak, We Can Remove You From Staff?:
I am aware.
Do You Agree To Follow All Staff Rules?:

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