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That Fenaavi Gal


*The Only Annoyance*
Dec 15, 2017
> Fenaavi' Decanus :: Fenaavi' Decanus Selected.

Loading Personnel File.

Unit Identification Information.

Unit Identification Image:

Fenaavi Left, Stacy Right


Full Name: Fenaavi' Orian Decanus

Pronunciation: Fen-aa-vi' Orion Decan-Us

Nickname/Alias: Fen, Fenaavi', Fen-Fen, Decanus

Meaning: Lovable

Origin: Named after one of the Celebrities at the time.

Title: None Atm.

Pet Name:
  • Significant Other: Sexy
  • Friend: Fen
  • Best Friend: Fen-Fen
ID Number:
  • Prisoner #1532
  • Turian Trooper #6334
  • Cadet #(55-3333)
  • New Eden Number (27-5555)
Gender: Female

Gender Role: Feminine

Orientation: Bi-Sexual

Real Age: 19

Age Appearance: Around age 17

Birthday: 3/11/2168

Birthplace: Palaven

Astrological Sign: Pisces

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Immediate Family:
  • Father: Absallus Decanus

  • Mother: Hastana Decanus
Parenting: Highly Strict. Military Esque

Upbringing: Rebelliousness, No respect for Authority.

Evolution: Was once meek and afraid of conversation. Now has been totally replaced with Outgoing Quality

Species: Turian

Ethnicity: Easterner, Around where Asia would be on earth.

Blood Type: AB+

Preferred Hand: Ambidextrous

Facial Type: Angular and Sharpened to a point

Eye Color: Slit Orange

Skin Tone: Lighter Tone of Grey

Body Type: Ectomorph

Height: 7'1

Weight: 204 LBS

Cup Size: (If she had tits: Around a B)

Distinguishing Features: A Short Crest, which just juts out behind her head

Health: Enough to get by

Memory: Extremely well, can recall foods she ate months ago

Senses: Genetically Engineered to be near perfect

Handicaps: Loss of Left arm at the Elbow, Right arm Missing, Left Eye Gone

Medication: Anti-Rejection Pills, For Cybernetics

  • Philophobia: Fear of being loved, or giving love
  • Acrophobia: Fear of Heights
  • Arachnophobia: Fear of Spiders
Addictions: Blast Off Cereal: Quote; "I CANT SHAKE THE GOOD STUFF AAAAAAH"

Mental Disorders: None

Style: Not too shabby, well Kept

Grooming: Well Kept, Clean

Posture: Smidgeon of Suggestibility

Gait: Slight Swagger, (Care Free)

Coordination: Well, Enough to get the job done. Reflexes are above average

Habits and Mannerisms: Nail Biting

  • Good Days: Slight Metallic, heavily laden with Perfume to smell like a rose
  • Bad Days: REEKS OF METAL

Mood: Bored: Maybe a tad of Happy-Go-Lucky Sprinkled in there

When Happy: Whistles, Shows teeth, Mandibles out, slight wobbliness to posture

When Depressed: Listens to Rain Sounds, followed by usually crying in her pillow, followed by hugging her Stuffed Varren, then off to sleep

When Angry: Screams, Scratches, Breaks Stuff, Starts Punching whatever is closest

Current Residence: New Eden Vessel, Prometheus


Lovers: Absolutely No-one

Marital Status: Single, (AVAILABLE)

Sex Life: Guess.

  • Physical Contact (And lots of it)
  • Coo-ing
  • Whispering
  • The occasional Groping

Turn Offs:
  • Gripping of the Fringe
  • Tugging on the Crest
  • Screwing with Piercings
  • Whipping

Position: Dom mostly, Sub sometimes

Plays: Bondage/Roleplay

Virginity: Still a Virgin

Occupation: New Eden Mercenary

Rank: SR3

MOS: (Rifle-Woman)

Income: 15K Bi-Weekly

Wealth Status: Lower Class

Organizations/Affiliations: None

IQ: 214

Desires: Money. Expensive Stuff.

  • Muscle Weave
  • Biotics
  • Database Augmentation
  • IQ Enhancement
  • Remote Biotic Nullifier
  • Plastoid Body Armor
  • Prototype Energy Weaponry
Secrets: Is- Fuck off find out IC bitch

Languages: Turian

Accent: Something Akin to an Austrian/Slavic Accent

Voice: Higher Pitches, Bird-Like

Greetings and Farewells: Hi there!; Toodles!

State of Mind: "I'm doing pretty okay"

Compliment: "Heyyyy there hottie~"

Insult: "Kill yourself you goddamned-Ugly-Ass-Dumb-Fuck-Fucking-Varren-Shit!"

Expletive: NO!

|Die Already|Stay Away|Just stop|Disliked|Slightly Disliked|Neutral|Slightly Liked|Aqquaintence|Liked|Liked Alot|Respected|Pity|Affectionate towards|Loved|GIVE ASS|

Great Uncle Decanus: Well, the guys been frozen for A Hundred Something years. He does visit occasionally... bringing in stuff hes found in his adventures. Nows he's a Grand Admiral in the Hierarchy and made me one of his Frumentarii.. A Spy. Great.

#Update: My big bad Uncle. I swear he’s going balls to the wall with Eli, and I thinky he’s got a soft spot for family. He’s cool, and for Christmas he’s buying me muscle weave! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Isabella ‘Izzy’ Ri’ Campbell: Well, let’s just say she touched something blue, bioluminescent, and in a intimate area of mine

Deius Epidiscus: Dumped me after a day! IM SO AWESOME!

Shela're Vas Icarus: I like her alot. She seems to be very good friends with Eli, and Izzy. And! She really cool out of combat, and funny! But, she does have a little problem with Dabbing. WHICH IM TOTALLY OKAY WITH!
#Update: She funny, well. When she isnt getting too in the zone. Aside from that. Shes a pretty cool Quarian with I think a Daughter named "Rae-Bae". Eh. Shrug.

[GENE THERAPY] Caelea: Another good friend of mine.. Abit reluctant to cause mayhem. Buut.. I can be very persuasive.
# She agreed to Genetherapy. HUR HUR

Elizabeth Cross: Well, hot damn. She is basically my Wingwoman. Which is awesome. And is dating Audiles... How does that work in bed?
#Update: Awwww. My bestie is getting married. Awwwww. That’s cute. Stay you fam!

[VANISHED] Tidus Zrosis: I thought this Drell was such a bastard when I first met him. Didnt take kindly to my pranks at first. Well, he did change his tune right quick when I saved his damn gobbend.
#Update: Poor bastard, tried to kill himself twice. Both times Audi got him to stop. Man.. poor guy. I hope he's alright... I hope he isnt crazy.

Phil: Well, I do remember that Scott and I got him a date. And possible Game of Bury the Salami. Oh well.. Oddly enough vanished without a trace.
#Update: He’s barely awake. Not much else to say.

[VANISHED] Anatasia Baronovskaya: Wow. Just Soviet Russia.
#Update: Girl vanished. Dont know where, dont know when. Dont care.

Neveris Wolfgang: HAHAHAHAHA. I love it when you call me a cunt. Shows how much I can get under your skin. KISSES.

Svein: The guys Finnish.. or Dutch. Eh, one of those. Friends with a Certain Uncle of mine.

Romm Heesal': Wow. This guy was seduced by a damn Female-Turian-Clone who worked for The Grand Admiral... and did leave a few stains in store for Simmer. Haha. HAHA.. Wonderful. Just to get the Puss. AHA!
#Update: He's alright I guess. Even though I keep seeing him less and less aboard the ship.

Zolan'Zoldan: Stupid-Fucking-Fishbowl Dumped me for a Citidel Escort. WORST. MISTAKE. EVER.
#Update: I heard that swine finally left! HAH eat it you fishbowl bastard!

The Captain: He constantly rubs in Eli's face that her life is in his hands. What a fucking dick!
#Update: He’s banging the shit outta Luma. And made up with Uncle Audi! Cool!



The only surviving member of the Decanus family, aside from Audiles. Fen was born on Palaven 19 Years before 2187 being apart of an experimental genetic engineering experimental group, Fen was genetically altered to reach the size and stature of the 100+-Year-old heavy troopers like her Great Great Uncle Audi, but alas, changed at the last second- she was the size of a heavy trooper by the time she was in Basic Training, and sporting a keener sense of reality and reflexes. Still only a couple of years before Audiles's Unfreezing from Stasis. Fen grew in one of the richest parts of Palaven which was always known would force her to become utterly spoiled with material gains alas, Fen was supplied the best of the best in regards to Education, Training, and Social Statuses. Always a Conservative family which did breed some stubborn individuals; Unlike them, Fen was known to be highly vocal about her options; and ideas which were odd, since from an early age her parents have constantly drilled into her the Conservatism which ran in the Decanus family.. which was... highly unusual.

Her appearance.. was.. highly unsettling to say the least. Blood Red Eyes which only screamed 'more', the standard gaze of pure hatred which was forever emblazoned on her face and also, highly unusual, a very short Crest which ended before it could jut out over the back of her neck. These traits absolutely did not help her case in Basic Training. As she was often mocked for her stern expression and oddly masculine features. Alas, she did end up toughing up by the time she reached Fifteen years old, managing to just-JUST barely put those days behind her as she dropped out of Basic Training to look to the stars. To herself, simply to make herself feel less insecure about her features, always wore a hood to disguise the Crest beneath. Eventually, she caught the job of Janitor in one of the passenger liners which traveled the stars. A very simply un-eventful job for her skill set, she did only take the job to be off the streets since well, living in a Luxury Liner is much much better than sleeping on the street corner begging for money. Moving on from here, she only earned the bare minimum to keep herself alive. Just two meals a day, usually consisting of some Soup and Dextro-Coffee for breakfast and Dinner. Alas, this made her very very weak and thin individual. After Three Years of this daily fight for survival and the occasional favor, she finally earned herself enough money to buy herself a relatively ancient, badly outdated and ugly Freighter which was once used for the Transportation of Slaves in an age long since past. Nowcast adrift among the stars, Did Fen finally find out what peace was, gazing among the billions of stars that all called out to her, just waiting to be found. During her festivities for adventure and fortune, Did Fen turn to part-time smuggling of Drugs and Eezo canisters across hither and thither throughout the Galaxy... Until she was finally found by the Crew of the Lexington... And from there, her Story begins.
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Feb 11, 2017
I'm adding Fen to Deius's soon, add Deius here <3