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TheManWhoKnew - Moderator Application

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Jul 8, 2019
Username(Steam): TheManWhoKnew
Stead:ID(https://steamidfinder.com/): STEAM_1:1:108794977
Rust Steam Playtime Hours: 863 Hours
Position Your Applying For: Moderator
Date of Application: 07/07/19


What Makes You Capable To Handle Staff?: Some things that make me capable to handle staff is that I have also been staff on other rust servers and have been staff on various Arma 3 life servers which isn't the same game but shows I am able to handle staff. Some things that make me good are the ability to have patience with people even when they are annoying, or being jerks. I am able to work with other people and work with them throughout their problems.

Why Should We Pick You Over Others?: You should pick me over others because with the amount of experience I have as staff on rust, and other games it shows that I am able to be dedicated to a server and want to help to improve it.

What Could You Offer Us For Being Part Of Staff?: Some things I can offer to the staff team is the fact that I am on a lot since it is my summer break, with me being so openly available I will be able to be on the server for most of the day making sure that nothing happens. I can also be called on whenever I need to and I will drop mostly anything to come on and help if needed.

Do You Have Prior Rust Staff Experience?: I have been a server admin on a rust server before.

Why Do You Want To Be A Staff Member?: I want to become staff on this server because I have always wanted to be staff on a rust server since I was on one last time. When me and my friends joined this server this Thursday I found a server that I would actually be willingly dedicated to and since I feel that I will always want to be playing on the server especially if I were to become staff on here.

How Many Days Of The Week Could You Play?: 5-7 days each week

How Active Will You Be As A Staff Member?: I will probably dedicate 3-5 hours per day

How Many Days Have You Been Playing On The Server?: It has been 4 days so far more to come!

Are You Aware Of The Consequences For Abusing As A Staff Member?: Yes

Are You Aware That At If Your Performance Is Weak, We Can Remove You From Staff?: Yes

Do You Agree To Follow All Staff Rules?: Yes
Not open for further replies.