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Tips and Basics On Making Threads


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Feb 11, 2017
Why hello there it's your favorite lad Kai!

I want you to relieve yourself of any stress if you're making a thread or post, most likely an application and I know you want to make it as great as you can. I know that pain, I've made great character applications and staff applications so I'm here to help you on how to do things around here, it's preferred you check forums everyday especially all staff but even as a user you need to see future updates and changes.

  • Creating a thread:
  1. Get to the Forums page, and out of the home.
  2. Let us start by creating a Community Introduction, click on Community Introductions.
  3. Click on "Post New Thread"
  4. Make a title, it could be anything as long as it's related.
  5. Then write an intro, such as "Hi, I'm [Your Name] and I play on [Server Name]!" then expand on that about yourself.
  6. The Formats and tools:
  7. B = Bold
  8. I = Italics
  9. U = Underline
  10. = Color
  11. = Text Size
  12. = Font
  13. = Link and Unlink
  14. = Alignment
  15. = Bullet list and Number list
  16. = Outdent and Indent
  17. = Emoticons
  18. = Image
  19. = Video
  20. = Insert.. ->
  21. = Drafts ->
  22. = Undo and Redo
  23. = Clear Formating
  24. = BB Code Editing
  25. Tips:
  26. Always use formatting tools to make your thread attractive.
  27. Use Google Plugins such as if you have issues with Grammar.
  28. Read over your thread before submitting!
  29. Now start making your thread!
  30. If you're done, remember to read it over.
  31. After finishing and you read it over click "Create Thread.".
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Jan 26, 2017
You didn't make a video like I did XD