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Winters Community Ban Appeal

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Oct 24, 2017
Name: Winter

Teamspeak Name: Winter / Sos Minor Critztok

TS Unique ID: BcwkAE3apZXLKpc2dA9Ywx1b0XY=

Forum Name: Winter

Forum Profile Link: https://revivalservers.com/index.php?members/winter.2220/

Steam ID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198404082859/

Reason for Community Ban: Abuse of Staff Privilege's

Why do you believe you were community banned? Abuse of Staff Privilege's

In 500-750 word essay, explain why you believe that you should be unbanned and how you are going to improve yourself in the future of this community if your appeal is to be accepted?

The reason I believe I should be unbanned is due to some factors, the factors being that one this ban happened in 2019 almost 3 years ago now, now this may not seem like a long time to some, but to others it feels like an eternity. Now I'm not saying I'm not sorry for my actions, however a full community ban for something such as staff abuse is a little excessive in my mind, the worst one should get for such a incident would more that likely a Blacklist from Staff and HiCom on all servers which in all honesty I am fine with even if I was to be Unbanned, I have no interest in Rejoining the Staff team, nor becoming High Command in any Revival Server as the reason I wish to join back in is to play with old friends and maybe make new ones.

I have matured over the years since the ban and understand that what I did and how I handled it was Childish and immature, and only ask for a second chance to be apart of the Revival Community once again, and enjoy the fun moments I used to have with comrades and brothers in arms. I will however not object to the denial of this appeal if that is what the greater community decides. I thank you for this chance and hope you all the better.

Do you understand that if you advertise this appeal, lie on this appeal, or repeat the same actions that originally got you community banned, you will remain community banned and be banned from appealing your ban in the future, yes or no? (Responding no will lead to your appeal being denied)

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Sep 16, 2019
Fair warning though, ANY transgression against the server, its rules, players, or staff, will result in a comm ban without chance for appeal.
You have been warned.
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