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Sashell GM application.

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Mar 16, 2021
team ID:STEAM_0:0:182681118

What are the current names you have in game?:

- UNSCA PS SUP SENGc MSG Sashell (main)
- UNSCMP O040 SrConst Sashell (secondary)
- SoS Minor Vashlap (did SoS tryout, havent really used the character though)

How long have you been a part of the server?:
about 2 months

Do you have any bans/warnings?: none
-What were these bans for?: N/A

What is your age? [Minimum 15]:18

Do you have a microphone? [Required]:Yes

Do you have TeamSpeak? [Required]:Yes
-What is your name in TeamSpeak?: "Sashell"-for identification purposes

Do you have Discord? [Required]:Yes
-What is your discord ID?:Nametagg0 #5811

Are you currently staff on a different server? Are you willing to leave that staff position for the one you are applying for?:

I am not

Experience with staffing [ULX, other servers, etc.]:

How active are you on the server?:
daily but less active on sundays.

When are you usually available? [Days of Week/Time/Time zone]:
mon-sat, between 12pm-6pm and 8pm-12am new york time (currently)

What do you believe to be your best qualities that can contribute to being a Gamemaker?:
communication, activity, managing multiple moving elements strategically

What do you plan to do as a Gamemaker?: [50+ Words]
help create an active atmosphere, one of the chief complaints about the server is that there isnt a whole lot to do, and besides commanders doing trainings for their units there arnt too terribly many ways to fix this per say besides becoming a GM and hosting an event or two every so often, would like to mix up which units are teamed into interesting combinations aswell, like a scenario where SoS and Army are on the same task, or Marines and ONI or pairings of that nature, where people who dont normally work together do.

What 10 Commands do you know about that are in SAM and what exactly do they do?:
!bring [name] teleports a player to you
!bring *: mass brings everyone to you
!goto [name] teleports you to another player
!cloak- turns you invisible (opacity 0%)
!uncloak- turns you visible (opacity 100%)
!give - adds an item to a player's inventory.
!slay- kills specified player
!scale [player name] [size[- sets the scale of specified player
!slap [player name] [#] -deals a specified amount of damage to a player
!hp [playername] [#] sets the hp of a player to the specified number (or 100 if unspecified)

What is In character and what is Out of character?:
IC: in game events or discussions had by players between their charactors rather than as another palyer
OOC: real life events or discussions that are had by players as players rather than the roles they are

Do you believe you are able to work with a myriad of different people, some of which may have different opinions than yours?:
Yes, i train a lot of people for the server daily so I already do that.

What do you believe the job of a Gamemaker entails?:
Create a narrative thats compelling enough that people want to hear about it, let loose enough that people can jump in the middle of it and still have the general idea of whats happening and put that into action in a way that multiple factions with multiple objectives can all have fun with their part in it.

Give us a full event idea that you have. [3+ Paragraphs]:

----phase 1
starts planetside with a crashed pelican of civillians being discovered.
--> if players check the civillian bodies for any survivors they will receive word that their homeworld was overthrown by a URF coup, then a briefing will occur where this message is relayed to all players.
-->if players search the crashed pelican they can discover a terminal with a flight path,naval or ONI will get the opportunity to investigate this further revealing they originate from a planet that has been overthrown by the URF
-->if neither of the above happens, briefing describing the URF coup on another planet along with why this planet is significant (can be decided by the person doing the breifing, best if its a high output farmworld, but scenario can be altered to fit multiple storylines)

------------------------------transition to the cityscape map after typical load into ascention.
GM team hosting event will then set up the following (recommend 3 people operating)

An event character that can be captured at the town hall structure in a makeshift command area.
a side objective of civvies being executed in the football stadium
a small easily defeated welcoming party at the docks (armed with 9mm pistols to ensure they dont shoot own any pelicans.)
rebel positions between the beach and town hall.

this will give a decent amount of activity on the map that allows players to split across 3 main locations, with smaller ones for stray players to encounter
Vehicles: denied, rebels have blocked most streets
Jump packs: granted
air support: granted but advised to stick near the edges as rebels are armed enough to gun them down as they approach the center.
supply drops will be given to the beach as pelicans cant reach further in.

Marines/Naval/ONI/spartan: Push into the cityand take the riot leader hostage if at all possible.

Army/MP/SOS: keep the beach secured; rebels will send in waves to try to overtake the beaches the players landed on, it is their task to prevent this

ODST: scout the area for the side objectives (phrased to them as "finding if any civillians are left) and to radio in when found: when found join below

HOJ/FL/MOS/MERCS/LCrs: keep an eye on radios for any civillians, they will be tasked with rescuing them, push in with group 1 otherwise

once players have landed gms move to phase 3:
-------- phase 3:

in the corner opposite the stadium and the beach one GM will set up a pelican two APCs and rebels and to radio in as a "Civillian pelican" a distress signal (this part can be cut if there are fewer than two)
meanwhile another gm waits for army and SOS to be left on their own before spawning in waves of rebels intent on recapturing the beach.(this can be a multitasking challange if there is only one gm)
the final GM will manage rebel activity between the stadium and town center.

any civillians rescued or rebels captured will need to be taken back to the landing beach
beach is somehow lost: no respawns those who remain on the ground must take it back or find another extraction point for themselves
------------------------------------------- results
hostage is taken and most civvies are saved: fully good ending.
hostage is taken but many civillians are lost: command expresses disappointment in the human price, but the mission is deemed a success
hostage is taken but no civvies are saved: command expresses deep regret ressurection is thanked for getting the vip but scorned at the lack of effort to save the civillians: neutral ending

hostage is killed
but most civies are saved: ressurection is scolded for loosing the vip but reassured that the focus on civilians was good.we can rebuild
hostage is killed but few-no civvies are saved: bad ending "a complete disaster of an operation"

Did any current Gamemaker refer you to apply?: No

I Josh Hitner Agree and understand that I am not staff, and it is not my job to do staff duties, unless there is 0 staff on I will not use my commands unless needed. I also agree that I will not noclip/abuse my powers.

I, Josh Hitner, acknowledge that this application is to be filled out with complete honesty. Being accepted will hold me at a higher standard in behavior and demeanor. Not doing my job or abusing will result in a warning or a demotion.

I, Josh Hitner, Swear to uphold the server rules, and enforce them. I will make sure to stay within the limits and rights given to me by my assigned rank within GM's, as well as keep a calm head and clear judgement when dealing with staff and or players, in order to ensure fairness to all who join the server.

And that if I Josh Hitner am found in violation of the rules I swore to uphold, and of this contract that I can and will be removed from GM's and or staff and forever barred from Re-Applying, along with any other Consequences that are deemed Necessary.
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Mar 12, 2021
+1 can personnally vouch for guy, watched him rise up to Chimera XO


Feb 16, 2021
+1 Man does well. Seen him do Chimera a lotta good, so it's interesting to see what he brings to the Table.
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