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  1. Daymond

    SCP RP

    Never again
  2. Daymond

    Team Speak Rules

    TeamSpeak 3 Rules Networking Director: None TeamSpeak Manager: Daymond If you have any suggestions please contact Daymond on TeamSpeak Last Modification: 05/21/21 by Daymond General Rules No Racism - (Anything close to a racial or demeaning slur) 1-week ban No...
  3. Daymond

    staff app

    -1 Hes below the Required age limit
  4. Daymond

    Macklin's Staff App

    +1 been active has hell would make a good addition to the Staff team
  5. Daymond

    Chaos's Staff app

    +1 Knows his stuff
  6. Daymond

    Carnifex Staff Application

    +1 Known Member of the community good Application
  7. Daymond

    just to die again

    just to die again
  8. Daymond

    HELLO??? Are you good up there or is your money running out?

    well Tier 5 is set to that Amount because it is not released an its not meant to be Bought
  9. Daymond

    Ares' Forum staff application

    +1 Chill person but like do you even go here?
  10. Daymond

    Boreas (Motus)'s Revival Care Redemption Application

    The only issue i could see coming from this is that Normal staff had a Deadline to meet for all Outstanding Packages that were not claimed but if the Graphics team never got word then idk
  11. Daymond

    Lexs Ban appeal

    You said it once within the Pelican before the Event started an both myself an Venus told you not to say it following that you said some smirk remark like are you black??
  12. Daymond

    ah yes thank you for your yearly apperance you may return to the shadows now

    ah yes thank you for your yearly apperance you may return to the shadows now
  13. Daymond

    Bandy's two week notice

    Denied jkjk Good luck with Silent Sha-
  14. Daymond

    Daymond's Revival Care Redemption

    Steam64 ID: STEAM_0:0:196533277 How long have you been staff? (Please link application): https://revivalservers.com/index.php?threads/daymonds-halo-staff-application.24890/ What server are you redeeming it for: Halo? What package are you redeeming: 1 Month 2 Month an 3 Months