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Team Speak Rules

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May 11, 2018
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TeamSpeak 3 Rules
Networking Director: None
TeamSpeak Manager: Daymond
If you have any suggestions please contact Daymond on TeamSpeak
Last Modification: 05/21/21 by Daymond

General Rules

  • No Racism - (Anything close to a racial or demeaning slur) 1-week ban

  • No offensive names - Kick from server

  • Respect staff and players(Disrespecting, blackmailing, and extortion will be punished) - up to a week ban

  • Do not spam chat - up to a 1-hour ban

  • Do not spam poke - up to a 45 min ban

  • No photoshopping people within the community without the consent of the person- 15 Minute to a day ban

  • No nudity in one's avatar- up to a 10-30 minute ban along with the deletion of the avatar.

  • No offensive avatars, names (Includes Racial/Religion Related) - 1-hour to one day ban

  • No threatening of DDoS against others or our servers - perm ban

  • No advertising other communities - permanent ban

  • No recording in a channel without everyone's consent -up to a 15 min ban
    (Unless recording in the event of rule breaking)

  • The reading of fanfiction is prohibited without the express consent of all parties within a channel -Warning or up to a 15-minute- 30-minute ban

  • Don't go around asking for money - up to a 3-hour ban

  • Ear Killing/Speaker blowing soundboards/music is not allowed unless everyone in the channel consents (Putting your mic in your mouth/putting in really close to your mouth while talking is counted as ear killing). - Kick or up to a 1-day ban

  • Do not leak anyone's personal info to anyone unless the person explicitly expresses their consent (ex. Phone Number, Social Media Accounts(Snapchat, Instagram), Identity). -week ban up to a permanent ban

  • Unwanted sexual advances and harassment is greatly frowned upon and will result in punishment. -2 week or Permeant ban

  • Moving quickly through channels with the general intent of spamming the server console and/or to disrupt channels by repeatedly joining a channel and then quickly leaving is prohibited, punishable by a maximum of a 1-day ban from the TeamSpeak. -Kick/3 day ban for Repeat offenses

  • Note - If your avatar is deemed inappropriate based on the opinion of TeamSpeak staff and upper management it will be removed.

  • Note - Immediately rejoining channels that one was kicked from is a warn able/punishable offense (up to a kick from the server).

  • Note - TeamSpeak rules override channel rules in ALL circumstances.

  • Note - If you wish to play music In someone else channel, you MUST obtain permission from them first

  • Note - Channel owners can kick you from their channel within their channel rules.
  • Sub note: Abuse of one's channel owner will result in punishment in IC channels

  • Note - Players will be kicked/banned even if they are in a private channel.

  • Note - Members of the Board of Directors may join any channel to moderate.

General Server and TeamSpeak Staff Rules

  • All staff are required to have the SAME NAME on the TeamSpeak and forums.

  • Do not trash talk each other - 1-hour ban or demotion

  • Do not use one's own power to modify others' channels without consent

  • Do not give out ranks to friends

  • Do not ignore a player's request for help

  • Do not add yourself to a group/rank that you do not deserve

  • Do not abuse your move powers

  • Do not abuse your kick powers

  • Don't moderate channels if you don't have a channel rank in it such as Channel Moderator. Exceptions are made when in a meeting room. - Warning

  • Do not type in Global Chat without the Networking Director's or TeamSpeak Manager, or higher, permission

  • No advertising in global chat without a Networking Director’s or TeamSpeak Manager’s permission. (1-hour ban)

  • Keep global chat messages related to something that will affect/benefit everyone on the TeamSpeak

  • If you have a problem with someone in a channel that isn't your own or one you don't have a rank in, then report them to a TeamSpeak staff member. Alternatively, you can make a report on the forums.

  • All staff that abuse their rank’s power, including, but not limited to, move, ban, kick, message, and are able to be removed from their permissions to do so.

  • Note - The abuse of one's powers will most likely result in a demotion.

General Channel Rules

  • TS rules override channel rules
  • Note: IC channels are not above moderation.

  • Below Head Admin: Max ban time for channel violations (12 hours)

  • Managers: Max ban time for channel violations (1 day)

  • Director: Max ban time for Channel Violations (7 days)

  • C.E.O.+: Max ban time for Channel Violations (What they see as fit)
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