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    New setup-ish

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    James Bond’s One Year Anniversary

    @James Bond not ND anymore lmao
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    James Bond’s One Year Anniversary

    Thanks for Noticing me.....
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    Forum Staff Game Night

    Cards Against Humanity
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    Meridian’s Graphics App

    ACCEPTED Welcome to the graphics team!!!
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    Instakills Developer Application / 4/12/18

    -1 I do not Think you can come back as any part of staff again.
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    Tobys TS app

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    Appology to William

    i dont think you are going to get another chance.
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    Instakill - Developer Application - 4/5/18

    -1 you were banned from the teamspeak twice, you do not know how to control yourself and you do not meet the age requirement.
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    Places you have traveled?

    Go to Las Vegas
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    Head General's Developer Application

    +1 Very Mature, Loyal and can work his ass off for the server and Development Team.
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    ima eat yo ass

    ima eat yo ass
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    To the community.