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Alleged's Graphic Team Application

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Mod for MRP-Forum Mod-Video CoOrdinator
Jan 29, 2018
From Iraq, Live in qatar.
Name(Forums): AllegedMist3744

Name(TeamSpeak): AllegedMist3744

Team-speak is highly recommended as this is our primary communication method: I have TS.

Do you have Kik?(recommended):

What’s your Kik name?: AllegedMist3744

Age (Irrelevant but nice to know): 17

How long have you been with us (Also doesn't affect anything): Since 6 months I've played VietnamRP, But recently I started playing a LOT.Mostly am seen on the forums Since MRP isn't out and am in an interview for it, Same with the forums, Applying for forum staff but not in an interview yet.

Most-played server: None, But am really active on forums, But after MRP comes out, I'll be playing that Non-stop.

What can you do, and what do you want to do?(Be detailed): I Can be a video Co-ordinator, of course, if am not in the skill of it you can just kick me out of the team and I practice it. But Mostly I can record Trailers for MRP Revival Servers And record the events that happen and include it in a big project I might do if I do become In the Graphics team. *psst* I'll be making the biggest trailer of every server and place it into one video if the Supervisor lets me.

Do you have any work you can show off?: I Don't, But when MRP Comes out, You can expect good things. If you don't like my work, You can, of course, Kick me out of the team and let me re-apply later.

Kind Regards,


That Greek Letter Boi
Dec 10, 2017
United States of America
But Mostly I can record Trailers for MRP Revival Servers
We have 3 servers right now and we're expecting 2 more soon. Although I love your ethusiasm for the new MRP (And I cant wait to see your work) I must bring up one thing. You would be our only Video Coordinator and I know there are multiple needs for video coordinators all across our servers. So if I may ask from you, can you please try to help Sockster with his Youtube Series for SCP, Terminator with a trailer, and Vietnam with recorded events and such like that.

Keep in mind however that you must be active on TS, and on the forums and I expect you to have an active project.

Do remember you will be working with Sockster, our video editor. You two should help each other out with videos considering thats what your job is, video editor and video coordinator. Till then Ill mark this as Accepted but Im going to provide a summary below.

  • Dont just stick to one server, instead do various work for our many servers as a whole.
  • Work with your editor, this job isnt meant to be done alone, its meant to be comprised of both you and your editor.
  • Post all projects in the Projects Catagory
  • Be active on teamspeak I will need to talk to you time to time.
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