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Alliance Medical/Psych Evaluation: Neveris Wolfgang


Undersea Abomination
Nov 30, 2017
The Great white North
Loading Personnel File.

Severin Wolfgang: Raging Survivor
Unit Identification Information.

Unit Identification Image:

Unit Name: Neveris Hanz Wolfgang
Unit Gender: Male
Unit Species: Human
Unit Ranking: Private (Recently Demoted)

Physical Appearance:
Hair: Bald with slight brown stubble
Eyes: Bright Blue, Missing his left eye, no cybernetics have replaced it.
Face: slight Grizzle, Coarse features
Scars: A scar along the neck from a close call with a Banshee
Several Gunshots in his chest region
Cybernetics: Left arm is entirely cybernetic

Personnel General Information.

Unit training: Heavy Weapons Training, Alliance Marine Training Program
Unit Assignment:
The Aegis
Operational Status: Active
Unit Casualty Status: Alive
Previous Post: Earth
Unit MOS: Provide Fire support and pres-"I just Shoot people"

Psych profile
Only life by Sword shall reign

Mental Afflictions:
Prone to spouts of Rage and extreme aggression.
Prone to Night Terrors.
Disregard for his own safety

Known Rage triggers:

Reapers, Civilian Casualties, Unarmed Combat, Being struck in Unarmed combat

Mental trauma:
Homicidal Obsession with his brother for deserting.


Outward hatred towards batarians. Outward humanist


Reaper Husks "They were humans once. I cannot imagine a worse fate."


See humanity's Destiny come to fruition
Become an Alliance N7

One liners

Threat against Violence: I'll Smack you so hard it'll feel like you kissed a god damn freight train.
Threat against insults: Watch your tongue wretch! I'll have it cut from your head!
Blowing something up: I'll scream and I'll rage! and I'll Blow your house up!
Melee: Just when I was getting bored!
Inspire: Don't let up! Victory is near!

Major Hanz Wolfgang (Father)
Service status: Retired
Affiliation: Alliance Marines

Age: 81
Service Record: First contact war, Batarian Blitz, Reaper influenced Geth uprisings. Reaper Invasion of earth.

Master Corporal Severin Hanz Wolfgang (Brother)
Service status: Deserter (suspected to have joined the Blue suns)
Age: 34
Affiliation: Suspected Blue suns mercenary
Service record: 62 Batarian pirate skirmishes, Geth uprisings, Human colony defense(last known deployment)

Lt. Sofia Wolfgang (Mother)
Service status: K.I.A
Affiliation: Alliance Marines
Age: 52 (At time of death)
service record: Geth uprisings, Human colony Defense,

Litany against fear
I will not fear
Fear is the mind killer
Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration
I will face my fear
I will allow my fear to pass over me and through me
then I will turn the inner eye to see its path
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing

"My eyes are steel. My Gaze is long."

"Eat with the beast, run with the wolf, live for the kill."

"What is the joy of life? To die knowing our task is done."

"There is no God on the battlefield, which makes it the fairest place in the galaxy. You must kill or be killed, those are the only options. Everyone makes a choice, whether they are aware of it or not."


Unit Faction Relationships.

Faction Allegiance: Earth Systems Alliance
Listed Liked Factions:
Listed Disliked Factions: Batarians (All of them)
Listed Neutral Factions: Cerberus
Hostile Factions: Batarian Pirates, Reapers

Unit Personnel Relationships.


Sylas "Tin man": I was wrong about Sylas. Dead wrong. He's screwed up in the past but I see now, that makes him just as human as myself.

Urdont "Ugly" Malax: I once saw him get his arm blow off and his chest blown open, 3 days later I saw him with enough cybernetics to mistake him for a Geth prime. A loyal friend


Jeanne Heathers: I tried to make myself hate you, part of me does,


Nirisa Loor: Loor is the first asari I've ever met, a lot of unknowns with her. However I learned a long time ago; never slap your quartermasters hand.

Romm'Heesal vas Haeji: I think Romm is in a little over his head, he cant command peoples respect the way he leads, despite that i don't hate him. But i have no intention of sitting down and having a drink with him either. (note: still haven't)

Audlies Decanus: Just another Turian, Big, Ugly. Mostly big. But there is a fire in his eyes i havent seen in other turians


Fennavi Decanus: Who the fuck let this child on the ship? there's too many things that can go wrong. she's going to get herself killed. Or maybe that's just wishful thinking.

Elizabeth Cross: Too many unknowns, I hate unknowns.

Captain Veldantis saw him slap eli once, fucking hilarious.

Shela'Ri Vas'Icarus: If you told me when I first got on the Prometheus that I would Admire a Quarian as a warrior, I would have laughed in your face, now I'm just glad she's on our side.
Update 1: She demoted me, I'll make myself stronger for it.

Feared: "Fear is the mind killer"

Sivus Ruftion: In another life, we were great friends. In this one, not so much.

Deius "Princess" Victonis: "I hate your rank, I hate your son, I hate the way you speak like you know me, I hate the way you act like you're always right. I hate you beyond the point of words."


Born Into a Military Family Neveris Never needed to question what he wanted in life. He and his brother would become soldiers like their father, and his father before him and so on. His fathers Rank as a Major made it possible to put Neveris and his brother in their fathers Company; The 45th Alliance Wolf pack, Who were often Sent after Pirate nests and ships, Boarding them and commandeering their ill gotten goods and Relentlessly Executing Pirates.

Major Hanz Wolfgang soon realized his two sons had developed a Talent for violence. Fighting in almost perfect unison with each other. The brothers were aware of their talent and stayed close during battles, watching each others backs. During battle they were often spotted Leading charges and engaging their foes in close combat, leaving bloody and beaten corpses in their wake.

Septimus III was where everything went wrong, A human colony who was reported to become the next target of a batarian Pirate raid, Entrenched and ready for the fight; the wolfpack found themselves Surprised by enemy bombardment, The colony shields weren't on when they were supposed to be. Someone must've turned them off. Neveris Rushed to the shield generator to investigate, only to find his brother at the controls....

Severin turned to Neveris. "You aren't supposed to be here..." Neveris Threw caution to the wind, Outraged by his brother betrayal, He charged and tackled his brother, but not before Receiving a Defensive Punch to his helmet, Neveris held his brother by the waist, lifting him up and slamming him into the ground, He Ripped off his brothers helmet and began wailing on his face, left, right, left ,right.
Laying into the man he once considered his greatest ally. Severis slipped in between Nevs punches and now had a reversal on him, He grabbed Neveris by the head and slammed it into the ground repeatedly, Both brothers went on in a Futile Fist fight for what seemed like an eternity. before their fight was interrupted by several Batarians in Blue armor, Blue suns to be exact. "Severis, stop playing around. We got what we came for." Severis Threw Nev a few feet then ran to Retreat with his Batarian Comrades. Neveris chased him, following him to the Landing pad where the Batarians Shuttle was waiting, Neveris was helpless to stop The shuttle taking off, But shot at it with his revenent regardless out of Rage. Rage at his brother, Rage at himself, and Rage at the Batarians.
Once the rage had subsided he remembered that he left his squad in the capable command of his mother, who he rushed back into the colony to find.

He wasn't quick enough however, He came to find only their destroyed fortification. Neveris Rushed to check for survivors, Turning over corpses and lifting wreckage until he found his mother, Bloody and dying, with a Metal rod through her stomach. Neveris took off his helmet as well as his mothers, Tears welling up in his eyes as he held her, Life fading way. "Don't cry for me Neveris" his mother said "Severis did this! He turned off the shields!" Neveris shouted in anger. "You will see him again.... and you will come to forgive him in time. Don't let this tear you apart Nev..." were her last words before she bled out. "MOM! MOM!" Neveris held her lifeless body close as if doing so would revive her. Neveris Screamed for hours, Cursing his brother and his betrayal, Swearing vengeance on him.

3 years later, Neveris was stationed on earth, under his fathers command again. The 45th were told they were there for "colony defense" which was ominous, for earth was certainly not a colony. The company were on patrol in the streets when a thick layer of silence blanketed the air, only to be immediately interrupted by a Red laser slicing through the building next to him, the ground shook, Neveris Looked up at the collapsing building, his adrenaline flowing through his blood, driving him to get out of the way as quickly as he could "FUCKING RUN" was all he could shout, Gunning it with his squad out the splash zone of the building, all but one escaping the Violent impact, the rest suffered the shock wave, burying them in the debris and rubble.

Note: this part is a better read with this background music. Replay if neccacary.

After 30 min of rummaging through rubble Rationing his oxygen an d climbing to the surface. He surfaced covered in soot, rubble and blood. He looked up to See a Large Red monolith Making planet fall, He watched in Awe as it fired it's massive laser, cutting another distant building in half. People falling from the building to their death could be seen from leap to splat. Wolfgang looked forward to see 3 Mutated forms of batarians heading his way, firing inaccurately. In a fit of Rage he Charged towards them, armed with nothing but his knife and his phalanx. Neveris Screamed a Blood curdling scream as his drove his knife into the face of The first Mutant (Cannibal) Pulling it out, to drive it in several more times before the creature fell like a sack of potatoes. Wolfgang's shield flared as it deflected a shot from the 2nd creature. Using the creature he was holding as a shield, he fired a shot through it's cranium, blowing its mechanical substitute for brains out the back of its head. Dropping the creature to the ground he charged the final one as a shot broke through his shield grazing his helmet, leaving a dent. He tackled the creature to the ground and began pummeling it till its Head was nothing but a soft red mush. Neveris stood and took a moment to collect himself before pulling his living squad mates out of the rubble.

4 weeks later the fighting had escalated dramatically, Massive civilian casualties had been reported. The end of days had arrived. Pacifists broke their vows of non-violence. Priests had taken up rifles and Places of learning had become fortifications against the reaper onslaught. Neveris had fought through the past month.
Gazing up at the Reaper Ships to fill himself with the rage he needed to fight. He had seen Civilians ripped in half, Alliance ships Cut out of the sky as if they were made of paper. Nuclear detonations wipe cities off the map, damning their inhabitants to a fiery death, along with any Reaper forces. He Had counted each day with Spite, Losing himself to his Anger and rage in battle. Tearing reapers limb from limb.
It was all he could do.
It was all he wanted to do.

1 full year of fighting, but Neveris had stopped counting the days. some days he didn't eat, he simply waited for the next fight. He hadn't said a word in weeks, only screamed and Raged. It was a fairly calm morning when he heard the shriek. "BANSHEE" were the last words of the man beside him as he was sliced in half by a large blue claw. Neveris stared at the creature in awe for a moment before drawing his weapon and firing into it. It raised its claw and with a swift motion Neveris felt a coldness in the front part of his neck, followed by a pain and warmth. By what could only be pure luck, the banshee missed his throat and jugular, slicing the skin open widely. he kept firing the remainder of his clip at the banshee, eventually the hideous creature fell. a mass of twisted machinery and Horrible Mutation.

Another year passed, The united fleets of the galaxy could be seen in orbit, hushed whispers of a council Specter named shepherd had begun spreading among the ranks of alliance marines. The flower of hope had blossomed and the Tide of the war was about to change. One last assault in london. one last battle to end it all. Neveris was charging towards the Space elevator Not far behind the fabled commander shepherd. Victory was so close. Respite within arms reach.

Neveris Has now applied for the N7 program, Hoping to further advance his training. Neveris's Prowess during the reaper invasion did not go un-noticed. The most notable being during the Battle of Viena where Wolfgang Managed to hold off an entire Cannibal Cohort for 30 minutes while his comrades retreated, Wolfgang following shortly afterwards. The N7 has scouted Wolfgang for his Skills on the battlefield, and as a equalizer against Pirates and Rebels as well as reapers should they make an unlikely return. Neveris has kept himself in peak physical condition for this process. Training everyday to keep his edge sharp.

Neveris's Past mental instability have been a large hurdle for him to cross, as he is required to for the N7 program. but he has slowly been getting over it. managing to pull himself out of his rage once the battle ends. sometimes successfully, sometimes... less so. Regardless; N7 has high hopes for Neveris with the intention to add a powerful ally to their arsenal. Wolfgang is eager to join them, gaining access to the resources the Program offers is every soldiers dream.

The following are the memories of past missions that i feel were significant enough to contribute to my characters Backstory:
Recollections of the Siege of Munich
I have a reoccurring dream... less a dream i guess, more a memory. back on earth, in Munich, a lot of the local populace had met their end to dragons teeth. We were sent in to deal with the husks that became of them. there were thousands... One day they tried to siege our encampment. I was stationed at the wall on watch at the time, I was manning a stationary turret when they came. I opened fire into the horde for what felt like hours, as they kept coming the turret shook me with every one of its high caliber shots, each bullet was enough to tear a husk in half, some would still keep crawling after that.

I still hear the roar of that turret in my mind. I can feel my body shake and my teeth chatter against each other with every shot. I know that if i stopped shooting for even a moment that the husks would have overrun our position in moments. At the end of it all we suffered around 30 casualties, not bad considering being incredibly outnumbered. But there were so many corpses, Gore and gib scattered the roads and fortifications, we had to have a grizzly with a dozer blade on it just to clear our advance of the mountain of corpses.

The sounds of that battle haunt me in my dreams, I sometimes still shudder when i hear a the winding up a turret, I pray I never see another husk again
The Assault on Alexandra Prime
Touching down was the easiest part of the mission, the planet was beautiful... except for the massive reaper corpses. I wanted to say something when i put into Deius's squad but I figured it would only get me in trouble, besides I don't think he liked it either. we pushed up the hill until we came across a lighthouse that gazed out into the sea. we were too late though, any hostages on the lighthouse were killed by the gas that our target was deploying, the reason we were there in the first place.

we were advancing on a bridge when it came at us, a fucking gunship. none of us had the means to deal with it so our only option was to push across the bridge into the highway tunnel on the other side, we met with resistance and my shields barely held themselves together when a large round that could've split me in half was deflected by them, It just made me run faster as I could hear its bullets making impact with the ground around us, i would be lying if I said I wasn't terrified.

Once we got into the facility things fell apart, we were swamped with targets at every corner, my Revenent was starting to run hot when one of them got too close for comfort. I acted in the moment and lifted the but of my rifle and rammed it into his face, I heard his eye pieces shatter on contact as he fell to the ground, i followed him down, pummeling him to death with my Rifle, it was covered in blood, and so was he. I quickly ejected the magazine, loaded another one and got back to the fight as quickly as i could, trying to ignore the corpse i had to step over to do so.

Shela'Ri called me to come plant some charges on the Gas canisters, which was as easy as it sounds, Vito and Shepherd seemed to have the situation under control at the moment so i could do it without difficulty. but seconds afterwards we were up to our eyes once again, its like they were coming out of the walls, but we kept it together as we cut a path of thermal clips and corpses through their ranks, up the elevator, and to extraction, I looked back at the facility with the detonator in my hand. "Do it" was all I heard from behind me. With a satisfying click followed by an explosion that shook the Kodiak. We returned back to the ship, to lick our wounds and celebrate our victory
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Dec 15, 2017
Who the fuck let this child on the ship? there's too many things that can go wrong. she's going to get herself killed. Or maybe that's just wishful thinking