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Anthony "Tony" Swafford


"The Epitome of A Meme"
May 21, 2017
> Anthony George Swafford:: Anthony G. Swafford Selected.

Loading Personnel File.

Unit Identification Information.

Unit Identification Image:

Unit Name: Anthony George Swafford
Unit Gender: Male
Unit Species: Human
Unit Ranking: SR3

Physical Appearance: 6" || 203 pounds || Muscular build || Caucasian || Blue eyes || Brown hair shaved in a high and tight "Jarhead" marine cut || Looks to be in his late 20's

Unit Vocals:


Personnel General Information.

Unit training: Rifleman on ship. Former alliance sniper, within the 10th frontier division.
Unit Assignment: The Lexington.
Operational Status: Active
Unit Casualty Status: Alive
Previous Post: N/A
Unit MOS: Rifleman


Unit Faction Relationships.

Faction Allegiance: Lexington
Listed Liked Factions: Alliance, Council.
Listed Disliked Factions: Mercenary groups, with the exception of the Lexington.
Listed Neutral Factions: N/A
Hostile Factions: Batarians.

Unit Personnel Relationships.

Affectionate: Cino’Rafin Nar Kosoma "An absolutely great lay. Also has a sensitive side, I guess."

Liked: Nirisa Loor "Shrinky Dink makes a great drink. Tripped balls."

Charles Fielding "Seems like the type of soldier that spends most of his day with a stick up his ass about war. Yet, he watched me get shitfaced, so I mean, that evens things out."
Cal'Seris "Scoooooooter booooooy!"
Luma'Ri "A solid 9/10 ass."
Asher Abrams "Average ass."
Sloan Harken "Below average ass."
William Brayton "Sir-Explodes-A-Lot you mean."

Disliked: Anatasia Branvoskayia "Fucking Skank. I could kill her if I wanted to."

Respected: N/A

Feared: N/A

Hated: N/A


Unit History:

Anthony Swafford was born in 2156 inside of Browning, Montana, to Lilliann (Lilly-Ann) Swafford, whom was 19 at the time and married to David Swafford, who was an Alliance soldier at that time, stationed on Shanxii. Ergo his father was also part of the First Contact War, one of the few survivors of Shanxii. Which left his father a stern, humorless shadow of his once cheery self.

Instead, when his father's service was complete he was a soldier through and through. His parenting was harsh, and so were his surroundings, Browning being one of the worse towns in Montana. He was one of the few Caucasian children around the area, most being descendants of Native Americans. The area as well had a serious crime problem, mostly involving drugs and petty gang violence.

His father was prone to corporal punishments regarding almost anything he did wrong, however, the beating was never incredibly unjustified, nor did it ever cross the line to blatant abuse. His father made sure to back any punishments with an argument for why it was done. What he needed to avoid doing in the future. This prepped Anthony from a young age to become a perfect soldier.

In Elementary School, like many kids, Anthony was diagnosed with ADHD. This causing a noticeable slump in his performance and self-esteem. His lack of performance was met with his father's corporal punishment, which helped slightly but more taught him how to cope instead of actually learning. Furthermore it caused him to lose interest in school altogether.

This began a predictable string of events. Anthony never performed better than just below average in school, much to his father's displeasure. His life lacked direction so, in High School, he got mixed in with an odd bunch of kids. This leading to Anthony developing a drinking problem early on in his life, causing his expulsion from school at the age of 16 when he was caught selling liquor to other students.

His father's reaction was to send Anthony to military school for the remainder of his adolescent life. Once reaching the age of 18, lacking any direction in his life to any other path, he joined the Alliance Marine Core. He rose through some early promotions due to his military training during his adolescent life. Once he reached Lance Corporal he was selected to under-go sniper training. Which he excelled at. His shot being the best within his group.

At 19 he was on shore leave in Elysium, which naturally made him part of the Skyllian Blitz. He racked a total of 52 confirmed kills during the Batarian offensive when he posted upon a bird's nest and steadily picked them off. His 'heroics' earned him a Bronze Star, and Purple Heart for a minor injury regarding a shot to the gut. However, he'd stated during multiple psyche evals that he'd "Never felt like much of a hero, just a tool."

Due to his service in the Skyllian Blitz, Anthony like most Alliance Soldiers developed a hatred of Batarians. Which led to him requesting to take part in the Raid on Torfan. He was granted the transfer and lead a small squadron of Designated Marksmen. 8 people split into teams of 2. His division racked up a total kill count of 165 during the operation, however one team being KIA'd during the offensive by enemy sniper fire.

His valor in during the operation earned him another Bronze Star, a Navy Distinguished Service Medal, and his entire unit a NUC (Navy Unit Commendation). These strings of commendations saw Anthony promoted to the rank of Sergeant.

After Torfan, Anthony was re-assigned to the 10th Frontier Division. Leading a similar Squadron of Designated Marksmen and Snipers. His Squadron was tasked with an unfortunately grim task. This being the fact they were assigned to the liberation of Slaves from Batarian Pirates, the unspoken rule being, by any means necessary. Which included mercy killing as an option.

Anthony's squadron consisted of 10 people. With teams of 2. 1 person being the sniper, the other the spotter. His structure being this.
Shooters: Jonathan I. Harrell (1) Charlie C. Bridges (2) Tazwell Z. Pierce (3) Jeffery D. Boomhauer (4) Anthony G. Swafford (5)
Spotters: Furnell J. Webster (1) Dameon O. Holt (2) Micheal I. Peterson (3) Ismael B. Hunt (4) Lionel R. O'Connor (5)

His unit performed far above average within the 10th Frontier Division, however, the task took a significant mental toll on those inside of it, including Anthony. They all earned plenty of commendations, however, his unit soon faced a slew of Honorable Discharged over a year-long period, beginning with Jeffery D. Boomhauer. Ending with Anthony Swafford himself, all of his unit diagnosed with either Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and like Swafford and Boomhauer; Unspecified-Trauma-and-Stressor-Related-Disorder.

Swafford after his discharge took time off in the citadel, indulging his alcohol problem, as well as partaking in fairly regular loose sex. Using his military commendations and experience to get laid. He had a brief stint with an Asari, during which he was loyal, but it ended on an undisclosed sour note.

After a few months of the Citadel, Anthony decided to enlist in the New Eden PMC, partly as a way to make money, partly because it gave him an idea of the direction in his life, and finally because he didn't know what else to do.
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