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Application: Sara Keen


Aug 17, 2017
Steam Name: Dragonborn63
Play Time: 1 and a Half Months
Character Name: Sara Keen
Character Race: Human
Ship Position: Infantry Rifleman
Gear: M-8 Avenger, M-9 Predator, Alliance Standard Issue Combat Hardsuit with Kinetic Barriers, Omni-Tool With Blade Attachment, 2 One Foot Combat Knives
Character Alignment: Lawful Good with a Lean to Chaotic Good
Character Backstory: See Bottom
Goal: Help Maintain Peace in the Galaxy outside of the alliance
Why I was brought on: Part of the alliance branch of the joint crew transferred by request

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Data Requested

Service Record for Corporal Keen Sara

Retrieving Files... Files Located

Name: Sara Keen
Sex: Female
Eye Color: Light Blue
Height: 165.4 cm
Weight: 155.2 lbs
D.O.B: Feb 4th 2153
D.O.E: Feb 6th 2171

Branch of Enlistment:
Alliance Marine Corp
Assigned Sub Branch: Marine Force Recon


Marine Basic
Force Recon Basic
Basic CQC
Advanced CQC
Basic Survivial
Advanced Survivial
Map and Compass Navagation
Recruit Instruction

Notable Pre Active Duty Data:
Keen Came out in the top five of her boot camp class and was flagged be her Instructors possible N7 material. After basic she was given the offer to go on to any other advanced training she wished in place of becoming a standard infantryman, she moved on to Force Recon and was one of Ten to pass Force Recon Basic. Instructors note that she has an exceptional will to survive and keep pushing forward as well as a constent need to protect her comrades, they flagged her as potential officer material.

Beginning of Active Service, 2172
Placed With the 1st Regiment, 2nd Battalion, 4th Company, 2nd Platoon, Flying Wolves
Date of Placement: August 1st, 2172
Company Assigned to Terra Nova, ground base
Primary Activity: Train and Maintain Base

4th Platoon Transfer to Patrol Frigate Kursk, September 5th 2172

SSV Kursk Engagement with Batarian Slavers, September 26th, 2172
2 Alliance Casualties, 1 KIA
6 Prisoners Taken, 21 hostiles killed

SSV Kursk Engagement with Pirates, December 11th 2172
Pirate Ship Destroyed in ship to ship combat, no survivors found.

Active Service, 2173
Assignment: 1st Regiment, 2nd Battalion, 4th Company, 2nd Platoon, Flying Wolves
Platoon Assignment: SSV Kursk

SSV Kursk Responds to Element Zero Refinery SOS, January 28th 2173
Notable Service of Sara Keen, rescued 4 miners and 3 squad mates after a toxic gas leak in their section, Keen was put on medical leave for three months after this event.

May 30th 2173, Sara Keen Returns to Active Duty, Platoon returned to Terra Nova

September 20th, 2173, Batarian Terrorists take control of a shopping center, Flying Wolves respond, all batarian hostiles captured, 3 civilian casualties

November 5th 2173, 2nd Platoon Sent Back on Patrol aboard SSV Kursk

SSV Kursk Engagement with Batarian Slavers, December 21st 2173
Ship Breached, 3 Alliance Casualties, all KIA, Batarian Crew all killed
Keen Promoted to lance Corporal, assistant squad leader

Active Service, 2174
*Data Classified*

Active Service 2175
*Data Classified*

Active Service, 2176

Skyllian Blitz, 1st Regiment Force Recon, 2nd Battalion 4th Company deployed to secure advanced positions for landing zones in pirate controlled Elysium, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th Platoons land at or near target, 1st, 4th, and 6th shot down on approach, 4 survivors found across all three platoons, 5th Platoon wiped out with in 24 hours of hitting dirt, 3rd Platoon lands at half strength and makes an FOB at a hospital near their designated position, they are unable to reach alliance brass to give word of secure location, 2nd Platoon lands with a squad and a half, after taking a hard hit from pirate forces they pull back and make contact with 3rd Platoon, after more fighting they link with 3rd platoon and help them secure their position, at this point there are 26 force recon soldiers left in fighting shape, 6 more wounded, current point is 32 hours into operation. 4 hours later pirates start launching attacks on the FOB, attacks come every hour and usually last 15 to 20 minutes, by 48 hours into operation, Force Recon Forces cut down to 14 in fighting shape, 4 wounded, attacks still consistent. 56 hours into operation, Alliance forces push Pirates back and reach what is left of the force recon marines, only 7 survived. Sara Keen, Logan Miles, Alban Miller, Yuri Morozov, Yuna Yakaumina, Gavin Brooks, and Jessica Kathan are all awarded the Star of Terra and a Distinguished Service Metal, All are placed on medical leave for the next 6 months then transferred to be instructors

Active Service 2177 to 2181

Sara Keen is placed as an instructor for Force Recon Basic while receiving regular psyc evaluations and being treated for PTSD, Keen Refuses Medical Leave.

Active Service 2182 to 2184
Keen Placed on required medical leave, upon return she requests transfer to joint species operations

Active Service 2185
Placed on roster for possible recruitment to the crew of the Prometheus

Sara Keen Psychological Evaluation and Assessment Report
Sara Keen has clear signs of PTSD, Her medical leave did help, using the basic methods of helping with coping, as well as regular sessions with me she has over come most of the issues, she adopted a dog which helped her greatly, though she still has become fairly distant and anti-social outside of an official setting, in her personal time she dose drink a fair amount though not to dangerous levels , she has also picked up smoking to help calm her nerves, in my opinion she is clear for reinstatement to light duty for evaluation of duty performance, if she performs well I recommend her complete reinstatement, if not, I recommend a medical honorable discharge.

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