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Arkfall's Ban Appeal.

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Mar 16, 2019
Name: Arkfall.

Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:212747950

Reason for ban: Disrespect, bad-mouthing, discussing staff matters, faction disrespect, promoting toxicity.

Disrespect. Promoting toxicity. Discussing staff matters. Breach of protocol.

Followed up by a Perma Ban for: Toxicity, disrespect, advertising a discord.

Let me break this down; inside of a friends-only discord Text Role-Play server, where we can create our own characters, or use ones from previous existing servers, and even from our times in Revival, this private server, that only has ties to Revival being former and current members, and our characters we use, we all talk about the shit that we’ve seen, heard, and have gone through in Revival. This, of course, has led to insults of people in Revival, still being an outside server.

Such reasons for banning me, like disrespect, bad-mouthing, promoting toxicity, and being toxic, shouldn’t have any effect here in Revival. These are the thoughts and words of people who have the freedom of speech, outside of Revival rules. As myself being one of the more potent voices, talking about my own experiences, and things I have seen happen to others.

Now, as for “Discussing staff matters”, there are no rules stating, anywhere within Revival’s forums, rule book, mega-doc, or anywhere accessible to myself, and just about any low ranking staff or member, that one cannot discuss staff matters.

Picture of ban: Jesse But Staff banned steamid STEAM_0:0:212747950 for 8 weeks (Disrespect. Promoting toxicity. Discussing staff matters. Breach of protocol.)

JESSE.Today at 9:40 PM

@Senior Admin Arkfall has been permabanned. Reason: Toxicity, disrespect, advertising a discord.

Why you should be unbanned: Now, I understand the whole disrespect, promoting toxicity and being toxic myself is unprofessional and inadequate for a staff member, but when it is brought in from outside the community to use as evidence to ban me, that’s where the bullshit line is crossed. Hell, I myself have seen people shit talk and disrespect others inside the community, on TeamSpeak, on the server, not discord, however. So why is it myself, that after having said such things, outside the community, be banned for such? Everyone has complaints and gossip, and they tell. The only thing I’m seeing here is the fact that because it is someone highly valued, such as Jesse, that when they are insulted, action should occur.

Now, as for the advertising, I myself am not entirely sure what aspect of it I have been banned for. I have sent friends of mine invites to the private server, not trying to drag then away from Revival, but to Role-Play and have fun with them. If the sending of invites to people still in Revival is the reason why then next time I do such, consent will be asked first.

To tackle faction disrespect, I mean, I won’t as that’ll lead to controversy and slander. But I will say this. Every faction has its flaws. Some more than others. But speaking about said flaws shouldn’t be punishable. Like, saying that the Spartans are simps and jackasses. Well, from what I have seen, from what the community has seen, it’s their flaw rather than an insult. Hell, I can point out the flaws within every faction. It is what I see from my own experiences. Using such flaws as petty insults, however, is, well, petty and I will apologize to those I have insulted, but even I have heard other people insult other factions. It is not just myself. But, even if it goes against rules, I haven’t punished people for doing such, haven’t reported it. I believe people are entitled to their opinions and have the freedom to express their opinions as long as they do not start a needless argument, or say pettier things than what I know factions have done.

Now, I do admit that I carelessly insulted people, called certain people names, but that was as public and free speech, as much as it is hate speech. But, I guess rules are rules. If I am unallowed to express my opinions on people, discuss how people act and how they have affected me, then so be it. However, I do owe these people an apology.

So, even if this appeal is denied, I am sorry to those I have offended. I should keep my own opinions to myself or in privacy, which was the whole point of that server. If I happen to come back, I will work on bettering myself and holding back gossip and controversy. I will work to better the server when I can and keep such things, as are my banishment reasons, away from the community, and out of the community, and to never allow them to happen anywhere.


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Jan 25, 2018
THIS IS UNAPPEALABLE. I've been informed so, therefore. DENIED.
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