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Asher Abrams Dossier


Jan 25, 2017

> Asher Valentine Abram Selected

Loading Personnel File.

Unit Identification Information.

Unit Name: Asher Valentine Abram however it recently discovered that "Asher" may be a shorter name for a name such as Banagher or Banashur.
Unit Gender: Male
Unit Species: Human
Unit Ranking: Captain

Personnel General Information.

Unit training: Marksman Training, Explosives Training, CQC Expert Training.
Unit Assignment: The Valkyrie.
Operational Status: MIA.
Unit Casualty Status: MIA.
Previous Post: N/A
Unit MOS: Captain/Ship Commander


Unit Faction Relationships.

Faction Allegiance: Unknown
Listed Liked Factions: N/A
Listed Disliked Factions: N/A
Listed Neutral Factions: Everyone Else
Hostile Factions:N/A

Unit Personnel Relationships.


Zeesa'Yusa Nar Xodin: A tiny misunderstood Quarian researcher on her pilgrimage with no combat experience whom I have had the pleasure of falling in love with during my service on the Prometheus.

Eva Abram: I'm glad you're alive you always did care for me despite my fear..


Sveinung Olesen: A good friend of mine and a fine soldier on my security force on board the ship, He can get shit done and I can always expect results from him.

Tucker Pierce: Another damn fine example of soldiering follows orders as he is given them and helps whenever he can also a pretty fun guy to be around, good at baking shit too.

[DECEASED] Jeff Boomhauer: Rest in peace Foxtrot brother I wish I could have done more to help you that night on the Reaper attack but no miracles happened for me that day.

[DECEASED] Drain Nox: Rest in peace Foxtrot brother I wish I could have been there to stop you from pulling the trigger on yourself and to stop the guys from stressing you about the whole situation but no miracles happened then either.

[MIA] Chris Byte: I don't know where you are right now but you were a damn good friend and medic when we both served in the same squad, perhaps our paths shall cross again.

Anatasia Baranovskaya: A feisty woman who is a bit of a troublemaker and makes the most complaints but you can clearly tell she cares about the lives onboard this ship, she also is a damn fine leader and soldier.

Weyrloc Iron: Great personality and a hit with the ladies this guy also gets shit down and follows orders.

Junk: I knew it was a damn fine decision to save you, your a fine soldier and fine caretaker I don't agree with sentient robotic things but I am willing to give you a chance.

William Brayton: Pretty cool guy and shows the potential to become a great leader and soldier one of these days.

[DECEASED]Jameson "Deadshot" Harris: You were a pretty solid guy the constant stress of this crew changed you, which I wish I could have stopped at the time hopefully we cross paths again.

Kelly LaCroix: She seems cool enough, gets the job done I don't have any issue with her.

Lolo Gurtler: I've changed my opinion on Lolo in general, She actually does quite well perhaps she just wasn't feeling well that day.


Luma'Valla vas Prometheus: Haven't interacted with her very much but she does a good job with flying the ship, not sure why she holds a CO rank but eh I don't care.

Lai Viska: This soldier shows a fine ability to lead and I hope she continues to show her leadership skills and intiative.

Captain Cross: Never really ever talked to you at all so really don't feel anything towards you besides the fact my motto for you being "I'll think about it" describing how much suggestions you actually listen to.

Sarah Harris: I guess I used to like her a bit I don't really know her at all so she'll remain as neutral for now.

Damien McCarthy: He's pretty fun to be around in general until he becomes a retarded drunk irish fuck who can go fuck himself, but either way I don't hold grudges..

Nirisa Loor: I don't feel like explaining this.. but eh.. Maybe if she wasn't such a bitch..


Velponia Rivan: Reverse Pedophile, I thought my parents were fucking retarded.

Jakius Rivan: Don't even want to explain this.. Worst Parent.. He can lead and follow shit I tell him.. but the fact he shot me in the knee with a stun round.. Not fucking cool.


Grayson Raccio: The best leader I have ever served under possibly a hardass at best but always kept me and my buds at tip top shape, it is no suprise we all fell apart when he left us I hope we meet again on the field. Hey! He came back.. Colonel Grayson it'll be nice fighting with him.

[MIA] Davey Foster: The tension between me and this man was unreal but he was a funny fuck and an amazing leader who gave no fucks about whoever thought what about him he was also a damn fine fighter.

[DECEASED]Shela'Ri Vas Icarus: An amazing leader this woman has earned my respect time and time again as an amazing NCO and squad lead. It was very sad that you died the way you did.. I'll miss you and so will Zeesa..


Eduard Abram: I'm not going to be an edgy fuck who fears nobody, My father who drank a lot and well I ain't gon sugercoat this shit but he beat the hell outta me only person who protected me was my big sister and it seems my mother never cared.

[DECLASSIFIED]Eva Abram:She was always willing to protect me... no matter what I told her...


Gavius Varnion: Not going to explain this one but I can imagine how much ya hate me too.


Unit History

Asher Valentine Abram was born twenty years ago to Eduard Abram and Katharina Abram, his father being a first contact war veteran often expressed his xenophobic views along with his mother who seemed to both have the same opinion on turians. His sister often took care of him as his parents often seemed to care little about this both of them however his sister left as soon as she had became 18 being unable to take Asher with her she continued to find ways to stay in touch with Asher. Asher continued to grow up 4 years behind his sister and eventually when he became 18 he was able to leave, joining up with the Crew of the Icarus viewing it as a very easy way to escape his home.
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Feb 11, 2017
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