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Audiles 'Praetor' Decanus; [POST SERVER CHANGE]


That Fallen GM
Aug 12, 2017

Physical Profile:

Picture of Audi during shoreleave.

Basic Information:

Full Name: Audiles Decanus
Nicknames/Titles: 'Praetor'- [Commandant]
Gender: Male

Alignment: Turian Hierarchy
Age: Twenty-Three Earth Years, Actual 123 Earth Years
Race: Turian
Class: Heavy Trooper
Rank: Mercenary

Character Appearance:
Carapiece Color: Tan; with small dark lines.
Skin: Bronze with a small amount of Green Tinge
Eyes: Yellow, with a hint of orange
Height: Around 7'1 to 8'2
Weight: 303 Lbs
Markings (Scars, Tattoo's etc): Small Tri-Scar on the back of his skull [Once Held a Control Chip], [ON SPECIAL OCCASIONS] Orange Facial Paint starting at the chin, looping up in a curving motion towards the eyes and ending in a horn-like shape at the temple.] Located on his right Shoulder Blade is a Tattoo of a Turian Pin-Up. His right arm has been replaced with a well made cybernetic, made of titanium and gold encrusted. His eyes appear to be grey, with black highlights indicating high amounts of stress and pain. His fringe is slightly taller, and the crest sticks out about a foot rearwards, which can prove awkward when lying down. On the rear of his head above his scar, is his Chip itself, a highly experimental piece of tech which reduced incoming pain by 50% and allows for much much faster reflexes. Augmented straight into his brain.
Physical Features: Large and Muscled Frame, Slight slouch

Voice Sample:

General Happiness: Well-Off, Not too high not too low
Social Class: Lower Classification
Optimistic/Pessimistic: Optimistic
Positive Personality Traits: Generative and Peaceful
Negative Personality Traits: Sarcastic
Pet Peeves: Keeping things Sanitary
Religion/Philosophy: Some form of Buddhism
Likes: Outward-Oriented People, Conversations, Professionalism
Favorite Foods: Turian Burgers, Dextro Mac N' Cheese
Favorite Drinks: Dextro Tequila/Water
Favorite Colors: Orange, Grey
Dislikes: Narcissists
Hobbies: Running around the ship, deadlifts. Maybe some Extranet browsing as well.
Catch Phrase: Salutations.

General Character Info:
Relationship with Self: (See Relationships)
Place of residence: Palaven
Place of Birth: Omega
Occupation: Hierarchy Grand Admiral in War Time, Private First Class in Mercenary Company
Wealth Status: Obserdly Rich.

Overall Theme(s):
Field of Battle:

Character Abilities and Proficiency:
Favored Weapon: MKXIX Rotary Cannon
Weapon skill: Proficient to perform Three Inch Groupings at 100 Meters

Mother: Nya Valrisus [INFO] Omega Whore
Father: Frcisus Decanus [INFO] Former Legatus

Approximately 30 years before the Relay 314 Incident, Decanus was conceived to an OMEGA whore, Nya Valrisus, and a retired Legate in the nearby policing forces. Fortunately, where most whores would just simply abort the child; Nya decided to raise the now infant Decanus. But due to her working hours, Nya had almost zero contact with Decanus. Only the occasional letter and maybe the face-to-face contact was Decanus exposed to. Unfortunately, Decanus, growing up in the absolute worse place in the galaxy at the time; Decanus had to adapt, becoming a local drug runner didn't really help his case to make a side hustle to get off the station. At Age 14, Decanus received the only message from his Unknown father. "Son, I know you're out there, and I do ever so hope this letter finds you. I want you to get off Omega, and join me on Palaven. So I could finally meet my son... I know living life and Omega was difficult, and that you barely know who I am. But I want you to join me with C-Sec. Your loving father, Frcisus." But, unfortunately, the transport ship to take Decanus to Palaven never arrived. It was destroyed in Geth Space. Only then, at 17 did Decanus finally amount a fortune to get off Omega and find his father. Calling up a C-Sec transport ship did Decanus finally get the recognition he deserved, only at first did the crew treat him as Criminal Scum with no morals and only looking to make a dollar. But only when Decanus showed the Captain the letter did the crew change their attitude. The voyage through space was rather uneventful, only the occasional asteroid seemed to cause problems. Upon arrival on Palaven, did Decanus begin his military career with C-Sec with a control chip installed; His task? Patrol the outer solar systems and near dark space. Decanus did this boring assignment for almost five years, achieving the rank of 'Praetor' meaning 'Commandant'. This event in his life paved the way for his finding with the crew of the Prometheus. On a counter-terrorism incursion on a small Pirate Controlled C-Sec Corvette. In his Heavy Cruiser, Decanus had nothing to fear, till they ordered boarding parties to be formed. Decanus forming the spear point of one of them. The boarding operation went without a hitch, contact was made on the hull, and the Marines entered, killed everyone on board and left it be. That is, till they found the Captain. The Captain, who came out of nowhere, fired a singular Mass-Accelerator shell directly into unsuspecting Decanus. Causing paralysis from the waist down. Upon transport to Medivac, Decanus was promptly treated for his injuries; including an installment of a cybernetic back brace to allow him to stand once more, and was placed in Cryogenics for transport to Palaven which was several light years away. The only problem is.. that the ship never made it to Palaven. It entered Geth Space, where the crew lost all contact with home and began emergency procedures to place remaining personnel into Cryo Pods. So, now trapped in a Decaying vessel on the outskirts of Geth Space did Decanus stay. For Eighty Years. The ship didn't react kindly to being without maintenance for Eighty Years and began shutting off non-essential personnel's pods and shielding and eventually the auxiliary core itself. As the sole survivor, Decanus was finally rescued by the Crew of the Prometheus and began his new life as a brand new soldier in the New Eden PMC. As the months passed Audi and the New Eden Corporation by, Audiles eventually became disillusioned with wrongdoings of New Eden in the field. Where he tasted for the first time in his life. Grief at the untimely passing of his Fiance' on the field of battle. Unfortunately, Audi from that point forward was a changed man. No longer did he toil in the fields of suffering, blind to everything around him. No, he became something less than himself. His Fiance''s death dealt a heavy blow to his humor and personality, forcing Audi to adopt a Zenophobic... and flawed sort of "The Needs of the Many, outweigh the needs of the few." Being discharged from New Eden, Audiles began to contact the higher ranked members of the Hierarchy, some even knowing about his life long before the Relay Incident. With "Friends in High Places" so to speak, Audiles has granted a Fleet and a Flagship in the Turian Hierarchy based in Terminus. Following a pirate/Hierarchy war. Audiles as any other Admiral Joined the fray. The War itself firmly implanted in Audi a sense of duty and patriotism to the Hierarchy, a feeling he hasn't felt in at least a Hundred Years. Following his Victory on Terminus Prime, Audi was granted the Rank of Grand Admiral.. but to no avail due to the war ending shortly after in a totally one-sided "Treaty of Versailles" sort of deal. Placed on De-activated, Audiles was granted an ability to leave on a call. Which he took up faster than a high Volus. Finding the JTF of the Council races, Audiles signed himself in. Finally joining the crew of the vessel Centurion.

Years have passed, and now Audi is free once more from the grasps of the Task Force, now. Finally settling down with Eli, Now Elizabeth Decanus. On planet Earth, she and Audi adopted and Gene Modded Eight Children. Four Human, and Four Turian. The pair lived both long and happy Lives, growing old together and seeing their children become grandchildren, before eventually greatgrand children... Leaving this world as one, they pass into the heavens... dutifully satisfied of their past experiences.


(Fiance')Elizabeth Cross: Well. Let us just say I bloody well hope I don't end up fucking up like I constantly did.
@Update “We have lived long and well, I dreamt of the day when we would have children of our own. But now? I agree one hundred percent that we lived for a purpose... If I could do so again, I would choose you over anything else... to this day, on my deathbed. We remain inseparable lovers until the end. (END)

[DECEASED](Niece)Fenaavi Decanus: This.. bloody... girl. Spirits and I thought I was incessantly annoying. Hells no. Fen is at least eighty times how annoying I am. But alas, shes my Niece and I love her as if she were my Daughter.
@Update: "My long since dead Great Great niece.... I miss her a lot. But soon, we will be reunited in the flowers and daises of the afterlife.” (END)

Isabella ‘Izzy’ Ri’Campbell: “I think she is good. Friends with Eli. Mannered like Fen, and possibly an in law. Hopefully, Eli picks her as a brides Maid.

@Update: "She continually sought my favor throughout my life... and yet I feel terrible for pushing her away. If only I could come back and become actual friends with you. I would do so without question.” (END)

[DEAD] Veranna Boninianus: You're gone... but I will move on like you wanted me to. Goodbye and may we meet again
Alas, we met again. You told me that you loved me for the first time since you were alive. Iam so happy to see you again... to have you at my side once more. I wish that we can comexist despite Eli and I.. after all, I loved you too. (END)

Unsure of/Liked:

Jeanne Heathers: There's no much to say. She basically sent my niece to die. At least now, she has to deal with the trauma of the said event. Losing a friend. On another note, she is a friend. Not a really good one, but one that I could perhaps have a conversation with.

Update: She has consoled me constantly, tryig to get me to forgive her for killing Fen, she was there when I slipped away from this life. And I respect her utmost for it... And if you wanted closure, I forgive you. (END)

Pretty much the only Krogan who has a brain. Good on you my friend.
@ Update: No one knows what happened to this cybernetic monstrosity. Sad, would have been a best man.

Deuis Epidicscus: My best pal. Stuck like glue. A man who will be my pal until the end of days. Once a Superior Officer with no feelings. Now the man I remember back in New Eden. You are the truest brother I’ve ever had and a worthy buddy. I’m happy that you accepted the offer to be best man, and Septius the flower boy. May you live long my best friend.
@Update: My Best Friend. I am so lucky to have someone like you with me. When I left you kept close tabs on me till my final days alive... You were the bestest.. best pal I could ever have. I will remember you always. My first, and final best friend. (END)

Shela'Re Vas Icarus: Well. Aint she a ray of sunshine staring at me as if I were the first meal she had in months. Oh well. It's good that she's still around... I guess.
@Update: When I left the task force, I never heard from you again.. till my final days you showed up as a wonderful old woman to comfort me in my last hours. I will never forget you, and the high regard I held you in.(END)

Tidus: An oddly Turian sounding name for a Drell. From first impressions, he’s very polite and quite knowledgeable in the field of Medicine. The crew tells me he’s a good man and trustworthy.
@Update: Sent to a mental hospital.

Damien McCarthy: Where to start. He and I go way back way before I was made SR1 in New Edens Security branch. Pretty much, we were inseparable and had each other backs like jam and toast.
@ Guy vanished... Why do I keep loosing my friends?

Nyra Surrinous: Nothing came to. Ran away with Gavius.

Avina Kaldonis: Well, she's been trafficking drugs... Ten Points Lass.

@Update: She's the same old Turian I met back on the Prometheus. I only talked with her briefly during her brief stay on the ship.

Caelea: I’ve never talked to her in a full conversational type of way. Reason: I thought She and Romm Haesel were courting.
@Update: Something is weird. Fen keeps telling me that she is alive. But I don’t believe one word of it. Frankly, I’ll believe it when I see it, lass.

Mum: I know now that you have now passed. For everything you gave me I ultimately owe you my life. Hopefully, you prance peacefully amongst the Lilies and Daisies of the afterlife.

Me: Myself you say? Well, I think I’m great and happy inside. I have been engaged to the love of my life, I have finally put Veras memory to rest. I have now regained Deius' friendship. I met my Niece. Life is good... and I won’t ever give it in exchange for something else.
Update: As I lie here on my deathbed, I look past on the memories I held from my hay day as a young man... New Eden, The Task Force. And yet, I look back and I smile upon these experiences... And everyone I met liked, hated. It didn’t matter. They made my life satisfactory. And I thank everyone for it.(END)

Romm: I'm unsure. I never really chatted with him aside from the Incident a clone.

@Update: I never really knew what happened to him, when I left. It seems as if he flickered away on the morning breeze... I thank him for what his limited actions did. And I appreciate it. (END)

Veltius Indantis: We’ve made up, and now we’re on neutral grounds. All I have to say really.

@Update: He passed long before I did.. never really got to see the old bastard go. But, we ended on good terms. That’s all that matters. (END)


Anatasia: I've about had enough of your lies.
@Update: Vodka drinking bitch has finally left. Good riddance cunt.

(DECEASED) Dad: I never loved him. I didn’t even think he was my Father. I wanted him dead. And he killed himself by mating every single fucking object in Tonis. Be it plant animal or Turian. If it had a hole he went for it. Heh, burned by an Acid secreting plant. Hah, serves this old bastard a bullet of mine.
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Jul 3, 2017
Sveinung olesen, the guy that calls you ancient one ( also your fellow security man.... Who doesn't hate you)


Jan 25, 2017
we all know its time to add the one the weigh a ton Ensign Asher Abrams amirite xd


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Feb 11, 2017
Damien McCarthy <3