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Barbedpilot's Graphics Team Application!

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Apr 6, 2018
TeamSpeak Name: Joe Smitherson / O5-7 "The Contractor"
Discord Name: Barbedpilot#8046
KIK Name: Kik is gay. I'm not using kik. Get up to date nerds.
Age (Minimum 12): 15

Time with Revival: I've been with revival for about 7-8 months now I think.
Most Played Server: SCP-RP

What position in Graphics Team are you applying for?
Roughly In-between
[Cheif] [Designer]^[Artist] [Scene Designer] [Video/Sound Editor] [Voice Actor]

Background Info
Ummm, My background looks pretty nice, I mean its like an animated pepe wearing a santa hat with hot coca and..
Okay so I'm just a boi thats been with Revival for a long ass time, and yknow fuck it why not join the graphics team?
I really enjoy doing video editing and Photoshop, and I've gotten quite far with Photoshop in my opinion.
I'm learning more and more everyday with Photoshop, and I think I could use it to help assist the server!
On the other hand, my video editing skills are starter, but I know a few good things, only issue is that I used to use Avid which I no longer have access to and I must switch to premier, which I don't really understand fully yet, I'm still in the process of learning its quirks.

Have you ever been banned from the TeamSpeak a Revival Server, a Revival Discord or a Revival Kik? If yes, what for?

Have you ever been warned on the TeamSpeak a Revival Server, a Revival Discord or a Revival Kik? If yes, what for?

Have you ever been a member of Graphics Team before? If so, why did you leave?

Why do you want to join Graphics Team?
I just feel like I could use some of my current skills to help out the server more, and this way it's something that I have more access too unlike my current server accessibility.

What do you have to offer to Graphics Team?
Good photoshop skills and some help with video editing... yay?

Finally, please link at least three examples of your artwork. (Exclude for Voice Actors)
Note: Other than the first, shitty LONG AGO old project, the other ones are school work. I don't really do projects on my own time because I'm just not a creative person, but I work well with orders and tasks!
These were some banners I made for people, I've improved from this point.

^ Thats pretty bad too

Miscellaneous Agreements
I, Barbedpilot, agree to behave myself properly and formally, according to and upholding the standards of Revival Servers and it's players/community.

I, Barbedpilot, promise to never use my artwork, platform or voice to harass, belittle or bully any member of this community, whether past, present or future.

I, Barbedpilot, understand that I may be removed from my position at any time, with or without warning. I agree to not take out my frustrations on the name of Revival Servers or its community, past, present or future.

I, Barbedpilot, agree to follow the rules regulations set forth by my Graphics Team Manager, my supervisors, and my President without fail or complaint, as long as I am to volunteer my time to this community.
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Halo RP
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Graphic's Team Manager
Jul 4, 2018
Hey Barbedpilot , Kai here.

Your art is nice and i like your style , however , your application could be a bit more formal.
Nevertheless , it's a minor yet semi-important detail , but +1 from me , welcome to the team!

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