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Celstus Canndreus Character Application

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Nov 14, 2017
Steam Name / Steam ID : Vakarian

How long have you played on the server?:A few Months

Characters name/nicknames:Celstus ‘Sharkface’ Canndreus

Characters Race((Be aware Quarian, and Turian are application only and must have a detailed backstory in order for the character to be accepted. http://revivalservers.com/index.php?threads/the-species-list.5992/) : Turian

Requested position aboard the ship((http://revivalservers.com/index.php?threads/available-positions.5978/)):Turian Shock Trooper, (Havoc, or whatever)

Specific equipment, weaponry, gear, and/or abilities:

M-96 Mattock-

M-4 Shuriken-

Turian Havoc armor-

Characters alignments (Select one, or make one.): Lawful Evil

Characters Backstory:

Not much is known about Celstus, Due to his service in a now disbanded, Elite, Turian Task Force, which many have called evil, and unnecessarily ruthless, or unethical. What is known, is that he has an extremely successful service career, and that he has seen combat most of his life. He never knew his parents, raising himself on the street, until later entering a Service Academy at the early age of 11, where he spent all of his, time, excelling in training, though he didn’t perform the greatest in Academics, for obvious reasons.

He officially began his Service among Turian Ground Forces at 16, after 5 years training, and practice for Combat scenarios. Beginning Service, he saw action in several, not too notable battles, before he was moved to an Elite Task Force by his CO’s due to his Prowess in combat, which may be attributed to his having grown up on the streets, fending for himself (Which involved many fights with others.) Only after he was moved to his Task Force, would his Career become quite notable.

On his first Mission with the Task force, He was assigned to an undesignated planet, to remove a Turian Insurgency that had attempted to seize a Turian Colony before failing, and fleeing to said planet. Fearing they may try a second attempt, the Hierarchy dispatched The task force to eliminate the threat of the Insurgents. It was on this mission, that Celstus got his nickname, ‘Sharkface’.

The Mission was going smoothly, and he, along with two Squadmates had entered the Enemy compound through a southern entrance, when an Insurgent wielding a Flamethrower ambushed his Squad, Melting Celstus’ Helmet to his face, beginning to suffocate him. Celstus charged the enemy, beating him to death with his rifle, before pulling what he could of his helmet off, exposing a now completely Scorched, and disfigured looking Turian. The Right side of his face received minimal damage, though the Left was unrecognizable, and it had a Similar appearance to that of a shark, mainly around the mouth area.

After that day, Celstus talked less, and became much more of a cold being, showing no emotion, and speaking little to never, even if a friend tried to start up a conversation. He’d also be seen with his helmet off less and less, as the times passed. In combat, his Squadmates began to notice things such as he wouldn’t hold back in the slightest, even if told to. His hatred for an enemy was unstoppable, and he would tend to have anger fueled outbursts, post missions. He took on an almost evil look among his Friend’s eyes, and that appearance was justified.

Through his many years of service, he slowly became more and more feared among his squadmates, some of which began to fear him. It wasn’t until a mission later in his career, that he became cemented in the books of their history as the toughest, most resilient soldier any of them had fought alongside. Him and his Squadmates were pinned by several snipers, through a bottleneck. Celstus commanded two squadmates to push up, once a smoke had been thrown. As they pushed up, the firing stopped, and they began to push up, before both soldiers sent ahead, were torn up by sniper fire. Attempting to rescue, the single breathing squadmate, Celstus made an extremely bold, yet stupid move by rushing out to drag him back into cover, just as another smoke had been tossed. As he pulled him back, the enemy opened fire again, hitting him several times, before both soldiers were back in cover. As Celstus got back into cover, a shot hit him square in the neck, forcing a third, most likely fatal casualty onto the team, forcing a withdrawal.

After several intensive Surgeries, and a lot of blood loss, added to the many days of recovery, Celstus was returned to service, With almost no voice left in him. His words became much raspier, and scratchy, along with his now much more audible, somewhat ambient breathing. His voice was practically never heard now, even in combat mission, though his ruthlessness became amplified, and his techniques much harsher, and emotionless.

Two months before the reaper war, his Task force was disbanded, and he returned to Infantry service, specializing in shock tactics. Here, he saw extensive fighting against the Reapers, where his tactics were no less unethical, and harsh. After the Reaper war, he continued service, before disappearing for several months, finally resurfacing, and being allowed to leave the Military on his own terms, Rather than discharged, due to his prior service. He was later picked up by PTFC.

What is your character's goal aboard the ship?: Celstus’ goal is to get the Job done.

Why were they hired by PTFC? : For his Service record, fighting prowess, and ability to get a job done, whatever the cost may be.


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Feb 11, 2017
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