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ClassicGeno's GM Application

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Classic Geno <3

"̶.̶ ̴.̸ ̷T̸h̵e̵y̷ ̶h̶a̸t̸e̵ ̸m̵e̸.̶"̸
Jan 1, 2018
Michigan, United States of America
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:166087221

What are the current names you have in game?: UNSCAV MED ASL SSGT Echo , Epsilon AI Corvo, Naval jOSS Cyde, Naval LC CR Geno

Do you have any bans/warnings?: N/A

Have you been on the server for one month or longer?[Post join date]: May 24th , 2022 , however. I've been apart of the Revival Community for almost 5 years now. I was around during the SCP RP Era.

What is your age? [Minimum 15]: Just turned 19!

Do you have a microphone? [Required]: Yessir, I do!

Do you have TeamSpeak? [Required]: Affirmative.
-What is your name in TeamSpeak?: Summit

Do you have Discord? [Required]: Affirmative.
-What is your discord ID?: [FENIK]AfterHours#6653

Are you currently staff on a different server? Are you willing to leave that staff position for the one you are applying for?: I am not a staff member in another GMod server, let alone any server, for that matter. This will be a new beginning for me in terms of staff-bringing legacy for Revival.


Experience with staffing [ULX, other servers, etc.]:
-Previous Owner of a 1k+ member of a Minecraft RP Server
-Previous DeepGaming SuperAdmin
-(SERVER CLOSED) CorrosiveRP SCP Moderator

How active are you on the server?:
Oh dear god, I am- VERY active. I am literally on every day doing my job as a SSGT of the Airborne platoon. I enjoy being on this server so much, despite some of the flaws that I may see here and there.

When are you usually available? [Days of Week/Time/Time zone]:
2:00 PM EST - 4:00 AM EST
Eastern Time Zone

What do you believe to be your best qualities that can contribute to being a Gamemaker?:
1. My mind is always spazzing out and bringing new ideas of events that I have been fantasizing over for the last month now. Every time an event is fired up, I think of all the different ways it can fit to everybody's liking, and how it could be 10x more interesting. I am a mystery kind of guy , so I normally like bringing

What do you plan to do as a Gamemaker?: [50+ Words]
I want to make interesting events that are filled with mystery and surrounded by ominous feelings. Take the flood , for example. ANYTHING revolving around the flood is filled with a gut wrenching feeling that you can't quite pick out what's gonna happen. I write stories for a living, so I enjoy that mystery feeling. I want that kind of feeling, minus the flood. I want that feeling so people don't understand what's happening, so they have to use RP to FORCE themselves to dive deeper. I also want the events to feel like something's wrong, but you never know what it is until you SEE what it is. I always hated events that are so straight forward ,like, oh, covenant forces have invaded this area, or URF have invaded this area. We need to kill them. No, I like events that don't tell us what is going on, we just need to figure OUT what is going on. THAT'S what I want to do.

What 10 Commands do you know about that are in SAM and what exactly do they do?:
!god - This command makes you invisible.
!noclip- This command allows you to phase through objects and the world while hovering.
!setmodel - this changes your appearance; model based.
!kick - Kicks a player from the server
!ban - Bans a player from the server.
!unban - Unbans a player from the server
!cloak - Makes you or someone else invisible
!uncloak - Makes yourself visible.
!map - Sets the map.
!cleardecals - Clears all decals / paint jobs present on the map.

What is In character and what is Out of character?:

IC (In character) - This refers to the idea that you are currently IN ROLEPLAY. Any OOC (out of character) chat will be questioned and not applied, because IC is strictly referring that any OORP stuff is not valid. It doesn't exist IC.

OOC (Out of Character) - This term refers to the ideology that any IRP events are not effecting your speech. You are speaking out of line AND out of term, in other words, referring to the world OUTSIDE of roleplay.

"Dude, I swear to god, the price of Tier 3 is abhorrent." (OOC) - Out of Character

"What is . . 'Tier 3' . . ? Are you okay, Private?" (IC) - In Character

Do you believe you are able to work with a myriad of different people, some of which may have different opinions than yours?: As someone who once lived with a crazy family based around politics, hell yes I do. I have such a clean mindset in terms of fitting things in terms of what people would accept overall, and I think I can bring that to the table NOW.

What do you believe the job of a Gamemaker entails?: I think being a gamemaker takes three things;

Creativity - If you want to have a good event going, you need to be EXTRA creative. From start to finish , you have to plan this entire event out , flesh it out, make sure EVERYTHING goes as planned, and be as mindful as you can with said creativity. EVERYTHING has to make sense, but it has to make "UNSC Sense" as I call it. It has to abide by the rules within the UNSC universe.

Consideration- Consider what EVERYONE enjoys in an event, and apply it to the best of your ability, WHILE making it how YOU want it to be. Consider it said and done if the event has a great rating.

Mindfulness- Be mindful of how you treat the server. Don't send everyone into oblivion with lagging the f*ck out of the server.

Give us a full event idea that you have. [3+ Paragraphs]:

CENTCOM Walker calls everyone to the briefing room, with clear disturbance in his voice. He is on the edge of his seat right now. Once everyone is gathered, he clears his throat, and announces. "Good evening, Resurrection Detachment. At (insert time here), We have received a distress signal from a UNSC FOB somewhere in (insert system here.) Upon contact, we tried to respond, but the line went silent. It is our job now to figure out what happened to those UNSC personnel , and who attacked them , or *what* attacked them."

The Voice recording: "This is Colonel Platola, reporting in! The UNSC FOB at (system here) , (planet here) , is under attack. We have yet to identify the enemy, and we require immediate assistance to counter. There are no survivors other then myself and I am currently in hiding. Over and out."

He takes PTS's all around, and each of them ask what is authorized or what issues are.



Once the UNSC arrive at the FOB, they find corpses all around them. ONI, Marines, Chimera, all alike, dead on the floor. They are all riddled with bullet wounds, and no other force corpses are found. Of course, it could just be some outside entity attacking. During this point, multiple half-way empty firearms are discovered. Whatever had attacked, had given little to no time to react, as everyone's guns, except for a few, are found close to being fully loaded. After some digging around, (insert platoon here) will find a terminal. A corpse will have their brains blown out with a voice recording. The voice recording goes as follows;

"Anyone who can hear me, PLEASE Listen! My name is SGT Crane, and I'm sending this message from INSIDE the UNSC FOB at Coorresant city! Colonel Platola has LIED to you! He is not named Platola at all, he is a URF Commander who goes by SPECTRE! There are still survivors inside of these walls! They plan to carpet bomb Cooresant when ANYONE responds to the SoS they have sent out! I am going to be hiding out with three other marines, inside of a nearby safety vault! If you can't get us , RUN WHILE YOU CAN!"

The line falls silent. The recording ends.

Suddenly, the mission directive changes to a Rescue mission. CENTCOM announces to locate the vault and extract the survivors. Once someone manages to locate the vault, the only possible way to open it is by a code. The code can be found in a nearby office building, by the name of "Jacks' Safe Place". The paperwork in one of the areas located in said building will read off a code of "6-5-9-1". Once opening the vault is completed, The mission is now to extract the marines!

A URF Frigate will slipspace into the field, and URF forces will begin deploying. Everyone will need to Fight their way out ,to extraction. Once everyone is extracted, while the main ship begins to charge up slipspace, and right before the ship slipspaces out, someones' voice will turn on over OPEN communications . . .

"Run, UNSC Pigs. Run while you can. We will find you again."

_End Deployment_

Did any current Gamemaker refer you to apply?: N/A

I , Summit, Agree and understand that I am not staff, and it is not my job to do staff duties, unless there is 0 staff on I will not use my commands unless needed. I also agree that I will not noclip/abuse my powers.

I, Summit , acknowledge that this application is to be filled out with complete honesty. Being accepted will hold me at a higher standard in behavior and demeanor. Not doing my job or abusing will result in a warning or a demotion.

I, Summit, Swear to uphold the server rules, and enforce them. I will make sure to stay within the limits and rights given to me by my assigned rank within GM's, as well as keep a calm head and clear judgement when dealing with staff and or players, in order to ensure fairness to all who join the server.

I, Summit, acknowledge that if I am caught advertising my application then my application will be automatically denied.

And that if I , Summit , am found in violation of the rules I swore to uphold, and of this contract that I can and will be removed from GM's and or staff and forever barred from Re-Applying, along with any other Consequences that are deemed Necessary.
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Halo RP
Head Game Maker
Aug 21, 2021
+1 for great formatting, funny guy
-1 for no drop pods :(
+1 for experience and idea

Total +1


Apr 30, 2022
+1 I have worked with this individual personally (I said to add my name but no). Great with rp, great guy, and has a good and vast knowledge of the game. I would love to see him in the gm team.


Jul 26, 2021

Awesome Dood

+ Good Event Character

+ Actually RP's?!??! (rare on this server :eek: )


Your dad
Halo RP
Aug 5, 2019
Congratulations! Your application has been accepted! Please contact a SGM+ for your training!
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