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Cullen Ivring, The Newsboy's Dossier


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Feb 11, 2017

Full Name: Cullen Ivring

Pronunciation: k UH - l uh n
EY - v ih ng

Nickname/Alias: "Newsboy"


Origin: Named after his grandfather.

Rank: Private

Pet Name: Kid

ID Number: 1Z 31Y 517 63 8216 036


Gender: Male

Gender Role: Masculine

Orientation: Heterosexual

Real Age: Thirty

Age Appearance: Younger, no wrinkles

Birthday: April 28

Birthplace: Caribbean Isles

Astrological Sign: Tarrus

Zodiac Sign: Oxen

Immediate Family: Caeliana's

Parenting: Fun-loving mother with a strict hard-on father

Upbringing: "Fight for what you believe in, stay close to your loved ones before they go."

Species: Human

Ethnicity: Carribean, Caucasian

Blood Type: O-

Preferred Hand: Ambidextrous

Facial Type: Diamond-ish Square

Eye Color: Carribean Sea Blue

Hair Color: Black

Hairstyle: Spiky Quiff with slightly faded sides

Skin Tone: Swarthy

Complexion: Slightly Tanned

Body Type: Between Ectomorph and Mesomorph

Build: Slightly long legs, muscular arms

Height: 6' 4

Weight: 184 lbs

Facial Hair: 5 O'Clock Shadow


BPM: 75

Birthmarks/scars: On his left knuckle between the pointer and middle knuckle

Health: Perfectly Healthy

Energy: Most of it

Memory: Vivid of all

Senses: Neutral

Allergies: Pollen

Medication: None so far

Phobias: Atelophobia

Addictions: None

Mental Disorders:Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Style: Preppy

Mode of Dress: Slightly loose, but kept uptightly

Grooming: Well-kept

Posture: Suggestive

Gait and Coordination: Slowly reflexes physically, but quickly adapts mentally

Habits and Mannerisms: Twirls hair, crosses arms

Scent: Sweetened Shortbread Cookie like smell

Mood: Calm

Attitude: Respectful

Stability: Tries to keep himself alright

Expressiveness: Hide it

When Happy: Keeps a smile, and snaps his fingers occasionally

When Depressed: Hysterically breaks

When Angry: Breaks things around him

Current Residence: Watson

Occupation: Peacekeeping task force

Rank: Private

MOS: Electronic Warfare Specialist

Wealth Status: Slight upper

Experience: Alliance

Organizations/Affiliations: Council

IQ: 121

Social Stereotype: Nerdy prep

Intelligence: Logical

Religion: None

Morals: "The exclusion of one's innocence off of evil is wrong."

Crime Record: Clean

Motivation: Family love

Priorities: Family first, occupation second, and money third

Favorite Colors: Orange and blue

Quotes: "This is my rally cry, I know it's hard, we have to try, this is a battle I must win, to want my share is not a sin."

"You beat me, betray me, you're losing, we're winning, my spirit above me, you cannot deny me, my freedom is burning, this broken world keeps turning, I'll never surrender, there's nothing, but a victory!"

"I will have to die for this I fear, there are rage and terror and there's sickness here!"

Signature Quote: "There is not enough rope to tie me down, I fight because I have to, I fight for us to know the truth, there is not enough tape to shut this mouth, these stones you throw can make me bleed, but I won't stop until we are free, wild hearts can't be broken."

Face Identity

Casual Clothing

Specific equipment, weaponry, gear, and/or abilities:

M-11 Suppressor

Personal Armor
"Coldened" Heavily Modified (In Appearance) Standard Alliance Armor

Gene Therapy
"All Alliance soldiers receive gene therapy -- provided by MarsGene -- upon enrolling, though most genetic therapies take years to come to their full effect."

Knowledge and Progressive Skills in..

Characters Backstory:

On the first page of a story of which tells the life of Cullen Irving a now thirty-year-old tough chap who hasn't been so much of himself until recently there are various trees in each Forrest fire that stand untouched but there is always that one that is half burned and has many stories to tell within its ashes that is blinded by the good sife of the tree a fake happiness indeed, the birds flutter to the good branches but only the colorful birds ever dare to go on the dark side, Cullen's efforts to keep up in his skills, standards, weaponaries, paychecks, handiwork, his own looks as charismatic as he was this wasn't always his description of him self. Cullen Ivring born in Earth where an invasion quickly sought out by a rebellion of anarchists in the southern islands of the Carribean where extremists traversed into the hospital where the newborn Cullen lays in his crib along the side, gunshots would be heard as all Cullen can do is try over them while the mother tries to quiet him telling him "It's alright, you don't have to worry no more.." She was scared, her name was Anne Irving don't get use to it because as soon as she said her final words to Cullen a male with a knife came in to the room the doctor and nurse laying dead outside the room, the father no where to be seen as the male marched his way over to the mother as she screamed she tried throwing medical equipmemt from off the drawers, the cabinets, and the bed before she slid Cullen to the side almost under her blanket and putting a hand on the chest of the male but she was no match, the male had taken the knife and slit her throat quickly with no other words not paying any attention to the infant he would walk out back into the hall way that echoed with gunfire.

It would take hours until a series of marching and yellings would be heard storming down the hallway as if a stampede were to happen, it was then a soldier in alliance uniform came into the room and in the sight of the dead mother bleeding dead over the crying infant cradled halfway under the blanket kept warm and safe but alone. The soldier would wrap his arms around the infant keeping it under a comforting sheet as he held him close he would look to the child's foot which had the tag of his name "Cullen Irving" keeping it on there, Cullen would stop crying but be comforted and a bit joyful as he would be playing with the small patches on the soldier, one of the tags he picked on too much would be the soldier's name tag as it would rip off and Cullen would hide the tag under his sheet, the name would be listed as "Sveinung Olesen". The soldier couldn't do much but to hand him to medical aid which he then received the required implants and needs, which they then processed him through an adoption phase waiting for someone to take him which didn't take long for a very old male that accepted the child for taking him in an old colony outside of the original planet where he had almost everything at just birth.

This old man had owned a run down tailor shop that looked like a metal dirty shack with no cleaning in ages it was unsanitary no wonder it never mad profit, all of the formal wears were collecting dust it was rare for a customer to come in at least every three days best thing is the old man disregarded Cullen as he is nothing but a worker, he had bought him a low-grade poor bicycle to deliver clothing, the only thing he had learned here at thr age of eight was responsibilities, how to ride a bike and how to sew which he had a black newsboy hat which he sews bottle caps and the name tag he had taken from the alliance soldier on to the hat which others made fun of him for, he strolled around the city on his bike looking for things to do while he delivered clothing, he would sometimes force himself to go house to house just for some food to spare that his old man couldn't give. There is nothing but echoing sense of poverty that laid heavily down on Cullen's needs for anything, he decided to go for thievery as he would take foods from markets quickly and dashed off he quickly became the troublemaker of the small community, the jokester that everyone loves to hate, doing immature graffiti on the walls of the city. He had no friends really at all, well at least human like friends he had company where he slept in an alley nehind the tailor store with a street cat and some mice that would have to come him at separate times or else it becomes a war zone and the cat would demolish those mice but it was nice to have these friends as the grey cat with two different color eyes, yellow and green would follow him as he rode his bike every morning he would lift himself as his bike accelerates like as If he is saying "I'm king of the world!".

There was an ill little girl sitting on the bottom of a staircase down a dusty avenue. Cullen would always come to share some of his food with her and talk to her. Her name was Rose, Rose always had a small crush on Cullen for how tawny, tall and his whitened teeth that surprisingly stay clean, then his daughtering baby blue eyes. Cullen didn't have these same feelings for her, but every time he had to leave and go home she would stand up and kiss him on the lips as a goodbye. Cullen did not know what it meant but he went along with it and waved goodbye each day, Rose was there when he needed support and he was there when she needed support but a few months passed and she stopped showing up but a rose would be on the stairs with a name engraved "Rose McDerling" symboling her memorial.

One day, it all comes back he hadn't heard from the old man in days as he would try to open the door to the tailor shop but it wouldn't budge so he would put his weight on it and it would burst open with two thrusts as his old man would remain lifeless on the floor with a hand on his chest... a stroke. He couldn't have this feeling again, he would disperse into tears as he would run out the shop grabbing the bike, putting his feet on the pedals, his cat isn't following this time the mice he had met before are dead on the road as the cat feasts on them he would be frustrated and emotional as he skits off the alley he sent his foot out then kicking the cat in the rear sending it flying to somewhere, some place it doesn't he needs to go, he would stroll downtown where he then made a turn on a sharp end of a street as an automobile was flying impacting the front wheel of the bike as it flies off sending Cullen foward into midair he would brace for impact as himself would land hard and he would slide he would extend his hand for the grip of the ground only shredding his left thumb badly as it would grind the flesh agaisnt the teeth of the cement and bruise his right knee badly, his bike surprisingly is.. no, it's not it's pretty messed up he would cry, wiping his eyes and lowering his injured hand until a soft female voice would come from in front of him. "Are you alright dear?" She would kneel over having brought the broken bike over as her other hand would be on the hand of a smaller child that had a volus like a costume but was obviously human.

Cullen would look to her with a disrupted loss off innocence, this notion of kindness he hasn't received before should be thanked with a smile he would the give brightly as the blood dripping from his hand, she would sway her hair to the side kneeling down as he grips the hand examining the wound as she looks up to him "Come I will get you patched up, do you like chicken, Alfredo?" She would pay his hand looking up to him in concern, he would be silent he doesn't know the languages he doesn't know much of anything, his old man taught nothing he received no education yet at the age of ten but he nodded to what he was hearing in a positive manner. She dropped the bike as it was no use, taking the hand of Cullen they went down the streets to the small metallic much nicer cottage than the shack he use to live by, it was clearly visible that this is what the "suburban" side of the city, a much more pleasant place, and there they sit in the restroom as she pulled the medigel dispensers from out the cabinet and started treating his finger.

"So what's your name fella?" She'd ask softly. He wouldn't respond to her, he couldn't.

"My name is Alice Caeliana, say it to me.." She'd say slowly for him to understand, and he caught up quickly.

"Alice Caeliana!" He'd exclaim.

"Good job!" They would hug at that moment thus began a new chapter for Cullen.

After these years of mass homeschooling, feeding, exercising went into this kid until he had reached fourteen when the high schools had allowed him in with open arms, he got to know a lot about his new mother and his little brother Drake who they both spend time with each other, telling stories, playing with toys and drawing imaginations to life together it was the first true friend he ever had and he had the first true caretaker. Cullen is finally capable of many things, his life with these two was enjoyable there was so much to live for, there is one thing he asked himself though, "Who is the father?".

They would learn this when he was fifteen, not the relative to Alice but the original father his birth father. Cullen and Drake were playing in the local park on a game of tag that usually Cullen wins his endurance and knowing his ways around things pretty quickly, he has learned that in the days of the old man where he had to do thievery in lrder to just get food or run away from authorities after doing graffiti along the walls of the city, Alice was at a salon getting the nails of her right nails done, the salonist with a short straight blonde bob, grey skin and a freckled collection that adjust to her puckered small lips as a compliment to her anointed nose that was pinned up like a scottish would look to her other hand after painting the others a obsidian hue, she had a soft smile strolling her sight of the carbon black cybernetic arm as she would then ask where she had gotten her arm apart from her body, she would tell her the story of an attack on her cottage from a crazy drunk turian terrorizing a neighborhood which led to a pipeline explosion by her work area disintegrating her right arm and injuring her body as twenty-nine others died, the salonist twitched in fear but oddly enough started applying prosthetic nails on to the hand of the cybernetic arm and chuckled, she would laugh as well until Alice turned her head to out the window only to be horrified on the sights of a man grabbing Cullen by the collar and a gun on the other hand as screams came from the park, Alice quickly pushed the salonist off and ran out the door towards the park only to hear the yelling of the man.

"You shouldn't be alive, you should've died with your mother!" The man yelled, who had Cullen's short black hair and blue eyes of an Earth's sky.

"Enough!" Alice screams.

Alice had punched the man from off of Cullen's grasp, and the man would roll her over and be on top of her beating her with his fists as Drake would sit and cry to the sight of his mother being violently beat and feared citizens that were overwhelmed by the sight of this couldn't help but just stand there, just the sound of her being punched one after the other until a gunshot fired off the crowd into screams, the sounds of a body thudding, the man would lay to the side of Alice with the side of his head obliterated and blood all over her. She would look up in curiosity to see a shaking Cullen with his hands on the gun, that he had used to kill the man, this is the first time Cullen had ever taken a life as the crowd of people ran on hearing of the gunshot. Drake would hug his mother that had bruises all over her facial structure and she would put her hand on top of the gun Cullen had lifted in the air, lowering before he dropped it on the ground she would hug him as all three of them cried, that man was his father and now he is dead.

Cullen loved his new mother Alice, he would do anything to defend her and be with her he was clinging on forever no matter how far apart they are together. Cullen always bought roses with his earnings at a lemonade stand that he worked very hard on making called "Sunny Side Downs" that he would have a bottle cap even made for it and it would be sewed on his hat, but he brought those roses to his mother every time he had left school, those roses meant so much more than his love for his mother but the same love for that ill little girl down that dusty avenue, strutting her heels, puckering her lips and had a breath of illness but a kiss of listless feelings. His old man, his birth mother, wasn't able to take care of him as their lives were cut off from him or his old man just didn't care for him at all but Alice is different, she could take everything he has, she can break everything he is, as if he is made of glass, she can go on and try tearing him down but he would still be rising from the ground to love her, showing his commitment and loyalty.

When Cullen was sixteen he had a heavy interest in bio-electronics and electricity he took extra curriculum classes to fill these interests as he was ahead of time in his classes learning to manufacture and invent new ideas into real things such as a radio transmitter amplification muti-transporter which he began a simple pension for these pieces of equipment. High school was doing a lot for him, enjoyed it but he had a burning passion that usually comes to him when he strolls his finger along that name tag of the Alliance soldier on his old hat, he had wanted to join them, his interest in weaponry and electronics should help him in experience he had wanted to speak to his mother, he ran into the cottage with a happy expression with the applications in his hand, he opened the door, his eyes drove upon the sights of a still tall man in alliance officer uniform that had the name tag "John Caeliana", this had to be the father, Cullen extended his hand out to wave at him but the tall man slapped his wrist and yelled at him.

"Do you fucking call that a salute, put your boots strapped together, hips locked, one arm boned to your waist and the other out at a fourth-five degree angle tapping your hand against your forehead!" He demanded w with intimidation, he obviously meant serious business I mean he had a very thick goatee, muscular embodiment, and a strong posture.

Cullen would do exactly that, this is his chance to show he can be capable of joining the alliance he had kept that same posture, as still as a rock he wouldn't let go he knows what two words he would have to say in order for him to do so.

"At ease, son." He'd say softly, as he wraps his arms around him and Drake would soon jump in the middle to hug them both as Alice smiles with her arms crossed, then Cullen brought up the application and they all brightened even more, this would be the last time he would see these lovely people, well at least them together.

Like said before he has a commitment to his mother, she was happy before about the application but is she happy that it was accepted? Cullen went into the living room only to see her sobbing on her knees with a photo of Cullen and Drake together, this only broke Cullen into tears as he ran over to hug Alice they sat there together going through a photo album of theirs and Drake's times together, going through page after page full of bittersweet memories that cascaded the fondest parts of existing which were happy and it was great.

"You remember that when you hit your brother with an ice cone to the forehead and it slid to his nose like a snowman?" She'd giggle shakingly with tears.

"Yeah I remember that and it fell on his foot, he'd slid down the sidewalk!" He'd burst out laughing, she would as well before it died out into silence, she would give him a final hug.

"I'm going to miss you, Cullen, I love you, you're my baby so is Drake but you're leaving us so quickly and I just want you to keep this photo of you and him." She would place the photo which was the drawing that Drake drew them on Cullen's hands which brought more tears to his eyes as he looked at the photo.

"Now go to bed, you have to get ready tomorrow is the big day." She would say with a soft smile.

"I love you mom, goodnight." He'd shakingly say before leaving up the stairs, entering the room as he looked at his sound asleep brother he softly smiles as he mouthed a thank you, then rested on his bed, it was hard to sleep, he kept the photo and said a prayer then fell asleep.

Before he had to go into the enlistment process which took a long amount of time before he was sent out of enrollment as he was taken to thr corporation of MarsGene for the Gene Therapy process which was long regretful years until he was twenty he was finally enlisted and taken into a battalion full of electronic specialists fit for his skills and standards he would be helping in engineering and building the proper materials needed in battles for engineers he helped code the communication transmissions for the alliance connections which led him to the proper knowledge of QEC or Quantum Entanglement Communications which he would keep saving in his OMNI for this information could always be useful in the future which it does, he has built a fragmentation distablizer jammer grenade that shocks units into their ON HIs beinf disabled and they would be disorientated, and the help of making cannons for battlefields in locations Alliance was trying to defend his favorite building would be the Musin' 13 the allaince would enplace him as an Electronic Warfare Specialist.

One of his missions were a client-side job from an outside operator that only required him only to do a task beyond anything he has done before he is a military indulged personnel, not a hired mercenary this was just insured to be weird and that was to neutralize two humans aiming to disguise as security members that would go right into the general assumption of a plan that contains going into the building of the ambassador, going level to level until they got to the ambassador's estate and brutally murder him. Cullen would go to the location of the building and wait outside the building, using the equipment he specializes in he uses a lasered energizing disabler that would jam weapons, communications and OMNIs the two humans would be heard laughing as their boots stomped upon the dark streets closing in on Cullen as he hid behind the barricade.

He'd then jump from out the barricade amd threw the grenade between the two hit man as the lazer became unstable and trigger the two electronics to fire a large shockwave on the two jamming all weaponry and gears putting them into disorientation before he quickly went behind the two and cuffed them, stripping them of their gear as the crowd watched, he then place two IFF tags on the two before calling for an escort as a Kodiak would dive right into the street before being fired upon by a mercenary ship that was supisingly going for the same person as Cullen would fire back on to the mercenary group there would be an on going assault as Cullen would then establish a larger layered energizing disabler that wluld be thrown to the group and do the same effect the Kodiak crew would cuff and escort all of them as prisoners, the ambassador was safe and the job was done

Though times were alright for Cullen they would soon get worse as the reaper war still strikes hard, the fight for Earth did not lat long at all not knowing the tactics of these readers would be going relay by relay by the minute it was untraceable, until word has gone out the first fleet of Allaince has fallen, the fourth fleet that he was a part of had the active warning Cullen described how inmeasurable it is of a chance for them to stand against forces like that it was impossible, the fleet continued before an aircraft from one of the vessels had taken off on it's own and that would be Cullen escaping from pure doom and the fleet had to time to report in before under seige of reaper attacks and Cullen just flew out and left all of them behind, he had no point in dying there is no hope in that place they were goinf to die if they stayed so leave.

Cullen had flown himself over to the human colonies of Watson, where he would stay before giving messages to the Alliance of the situation on Earth they had already received. He lost his family on Earth or did he, last he heard Alice took Drake to Tyr but that's all he was told. He would go back to finding new ways for electricity to be used in tactics of taking things to his advantage, but he would then hold on to his small newsboy hat that had the same worn out name tag "Sveinung Olsen" he would figure out what he was up to after the reaper war maybe still Alliance? He had found out about the JPTF as he would be interested and find out an out a transfer into the peace task force as the other ships looked much nicer he did find the lower grade ship but it seemed it needed a lot of equipment and classifications like electronics that he could support this ship called the "Centurion", as soon he got the reply he would get ready and even repainted and added some junk to his armor, grabbed his Mattock and looked at the QEC information he had stored in his OMNI. Cullen was ready to start a new life and a collector that would store his moments there, he was strong like he always was.

But there was a missing part of his heart that was in The that he felt like hasn't seen in years, Alice and Drake! He went right into the shuttle and flew to Tut, where a small colony was at the small cottage still there he went in and the keys still worked meaning they didn't leave maybe, and there she was helping Drake with his homework as she threw her head up only to be in tears of joy and Drake would be amazed, she ran to him and hugged Cullen very tightly, her hair was greying and shorter than before but the same damn love was there as he wrapped his arms around her and cried as well, it has been years but that same forcw that I remind you can't be damaged no matter how far apart. They say, talked, played in the park, went over memories, and everything like the old times. He had missed this, but he would be leaving it soon again but this time he had promised to always stay in contact and like that he got ready for his new enlistment into the task force, again he was ready and stronger than he was before.

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|-| Angel |-| - |-| Loved |-| - |-| Family Loved |-| - |-| Love Interest |-| - |-| Great Friend |-| - |-| Friend |-| - |-| Liked |-| - |-| Acquaintance |-| - |-| Unsure |-| - |-| Neutral |-| - |-| Slight Dislike |-| - |-| Dislike |-| - |-| Hate |-| - |-| Despise |-| - |-| Death Wish |-| - |-| Demon |-|

|-| Sveinung Olsen |-|
You saved my life at infancy, you practically brought me to who I am today and now you stand before me as a fellow brother in combat, I will do my best to repay you and show what I'm able to do now because of you, I thank you.

|-| Brett Simmons |-|
Although you up right said deserters make no place here you show to be a promising leader and a fair one too, you are one of the firsts I formally met.

|-| Shela'Ri Vas Icarus |-|
Called me an asshole and had problems with me on the Citadel but I did come across like an assay so eh nothing to distaste about her and Svein does like her very much and a good friend of Svein's is a good friend of mine...maybe.
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Feb 11, 2017
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Too Many Years
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