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Denmark's 2 Week notice


May 10, 2020
It's with a heavy heart I say this I am resigning from GM's. Its been a good few months after creating good and bad events. I have been getting busy with IRL things. I wish I could keep going but being Gm isn't as fun as it was. The drive to make events I had when I first joined GM's several months back is no longer there. I thank everyone in the GM team for the experience and creating a source of entertainment for the community. I wish I could have started a campaign but again IRL issues have been taking my time. For my GM's on the team right now keep making events and make them good quality over quantity alright. Leaving the team feels like cringe but I need to move on and focus on different thing in my life. Being in this team was a good experience. I should have left in late September but after talking with some friends I realized that I am not enjoying making events anymore maybe one day I will return but for right now other things have taken priority. its been good to work with yall. Denmark signing off