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[DOSSIER] Brett Simmons


Oct 25, 2017
Maryland, United States of America
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S.A. Military Records - 103rd MARSOC - Delta Company
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Birthplace: Scott, Terra Nova.

Gender: Male

Age: 33

Alias: None Given

Disposition: Placid

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Mental State: Mild-Depressive State. Steadying.

Preferred Musical Genre(s): Twenty First Century Alternative. Classical. Hip Hop.

Known Languages: English, ASL (Self-Taught), French (Second-most spoken language in Scott)

Criminal Record: 1x Count of Assault/Battery. Cleared of Charges.

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Current Unit: Unknown

Relationship Status: Single

Preferred Fighting Style: Mixture between Taekwondo and Mixed Martial Arts

Religious Views: Siari (Asari Religion).


Height: 5'11

Weight: 161.59 lbs/ 73.29 kgs

Build: Muscular/Athletic Build. Mesomorphic.

Eye Color: Light Blue.

Hair Color: Light Brown.

Hair Style: Short Spiked. Trimmed on Sides.

Facial Features/Hair: Short Goatee. Scar curving upwards on left side of jaw.

Distinguishable Markings: Lion Tattoo on left shoulder, moving down to his elbow and covering his left Breast. 103rd MARSOC Tattoo on right shoulder. 'Velle Est Posse' Tattoo above the waist, front side.


Subject Name: Brett R. Simmons
Age: 33 Years Old
Civil Status: Single/Unmarried
Educational Attainment: Upper School. Immediate Transfer to Marine Boot Camp.
Referred By: Dr. Shiana S'viari Phd.
Reason for Referral: Personal Recommendation. Post-Reaper War.
Date Referred: January 18th, 2187
Test Administered: House-Tree-Person-Test (HTPT)
Date Given: December 4th, 2186

Subject was welcomed into the room in a warm manner upon his arrival, returning the same manner of courtesy to myself. He wore a well fashioned suit, solid dark blue in color with a white dress shirt and a red tie. His shoes were a high glossy chloroform texture with not a single scratch to be seen on the surface. His pants had a crease down the middle, the fold noticeable from a few yards away. He had a ring on his right index finger, silver in color and shined to near perfection. The subject was at a height of five foot eleven and weighed approximately one hundred and sixty(?) pounds. He had a delicate smell to his body, but his skin was starting to have a moist texture, almost as if he was sweating. Nervousness, perhaps. After sitting down, his thumbs began to fidget with one another, his gaze setting down on the soft rug he walked in on. It was entirely noticeable, at least to the examiners perspective, that much was on his mind at the time.

After speaking for a short time, the examiner quickly realized that he had a humorous personality, matched only by his sarcastic tendencies. He was fully aware of the reason for his presence at the office, and seemed to relax into a more comfortable state as time went on. Nonetheless, he is active, acquainted and graceful towards his examiner. When he speaks, he seems to talk freely in a friendly manner, although is noticeably hesitant when giving too personal information such as past relationships and military service. He made note of a certain Asari he associated himself with, mentioning her rough stature and authoritative attitude. It was a Love-lost story, and one he didn't seem to mind speaking about. The examiner made note that this conversation about said Asari took up most of his time during the evaluation, surprisingly... or unsurprisingly, not going into much detail about the Reaper Conflict he was involved in. There are multiple times where his voice stutters as the conversation moves into deeper recesses of his memory. The subject's voice quality is somewhat low, at a baritone level, with a noticeable English accent and average volume.

The subject, along with the psychologist, trade seating positions for a moment of time. The subject doesn't seem disturbed by extraneous stimuli and seems to strive to complete his task. Motivated mostly to receive a proper and positive evaluation. Exercises doubts. When faced with failure, subject appears to continue with task until correctly done. Stress levels continue to rise as time goes on.

Personality Evaluation:

Doubtful, but modest in some manner of speaking.
Easy to connect with others.
Strains himself to reveal deeper emotions and similar information.


Current Rank: Serviceman 3rd Class

Branches Served In: Systems Alliance Marine Corps.

Previous Units:
  1. Charlie Company - 4th Battalion - 3rd Mountain Division
  2. Alpha Company - 5th Forward Recon Group
  3. 1st Platoon - Delta Company - 2nd Special Forces Group - 103rd Marine Division

Demotions: None

Age of Enlistment: 18

Total Deployments: 73

Combat Deployments: 67

Wounds Received in Action: 3rd Degree Burns to Torso Area, Multiple gunshot wounds to various parts of body.

Awards Received: Multitude of Commendations, 4x Purple Hearts. Bronze Star.

Promotion Record:

SR3 -> SR2 -> SR1 -> SvC (During Military Service)
SR3 -> (Luna Corporation)

Brett Ramon Simmons was born and raised in the heart of Scott, Terra Nova on January 15th, 2154. Both of his parents were scientific frontiersman who had volunteered to venture beyond the Charon Mass Relay with the first wave of Surveyors towards Terra Nova. Being that it was four years after the first settlements were set up, Brett had to make due with the limited resources that were available to him and his family. Upon reaching the age of four, Brett was immediately put to work with helping the settlement continue to thrive, mostly assigned to domestic tasks within the home by completing house cleaning chores so that his parents didn't have to worry as much about dealing with said tasks and giving them more time to help with building the settlement, having been assigned to the Agricultural division.

It was also at this time at the age of 4 that Brett began schooling. As his father was assigned to be the head of Agricultural Engineering department, the family was put into a much better position than that which they had started out. His mother had more time to teach him from home, providing him the fundamentals necessary to get a good education when Scott's first school was erected. When that time came, Brett was at the age of 7. Being that his mother had a Ph.D. in Mathematics and his father had an MD in astronomy with a minor in biology, these were obviously some of the subjects he had lots of promise in passing. And pass he did. Brett was in the very first class to graduate from Robert Scott Upper School, an achievement both historically and statistically, as the class of 2172 had a 98% graduation rate. During his time at Robert Scott, he was a member of the Alliance Navy Reserve Officers Training Corps (AMROTC), something that his parents weren't very fond of. Upon graduating, and after having spoken to his commanding officer, Brett set in motion the life of an Alliance Marine. Due to his choice, his father cut off all connections to Brett, leaving him in the dark as to the progress of Terra Nova and his family.

Brett was returned to Earth to begin training with his class at Alliance Marine Corps Boot Camp at Parris Island, South Carolina. This boot camp was reserved for the more prestigious of the Marines that had enlisted and were more likely to exceed in their field. During his time, it was noted that his accuracy with a rifle was in the top five percentile of the whole class, something that seemingly came naturally to him despite almost no training except for what he learned within the first few weeks. Unfortunately, in spite of his accomplishments, he was known to have a rather cocky and cavalier attitude. This ended up getting him into more shit with the DIs and actually being on the receiving end of a blanket party by his fellow classmates. The morning after, he was questioned by his DIs as to the source of his plethora of bruises. Having learned his lesson, he withheld the names of those responsible and immediately began to correct his attitude. By the time Boot Camp was over, Simmons came to be one of the most liked Marines to have graduated. With his rank of Serviceman Third Class, he was also awarded the Marksmanship Expert Badge, having received a total score of 230/250 points during WQC.

After having served two years active duty with the Alliance Marines, Brett applied to become a Marine Scout Sniper. The Scout Sniper was a deadly tool on the battlefield, highly skilled in its field craft and marksmanship, and one whom can deliver death to the enemy's doorstep from extreme ranges with expert precision. As challenging as the Scout Sniper Basic Course was, Brett was able to pass through the gauntlet of tests by the sliver of his hair. This became a major milestone for him, having passed one of the hardest tests in the Alliance Marines. Just one year after having passed sniper school and having been involved with an estimated twelve combat missions, the human colony of Elysium is attacked by Batarian-funded pirates. Brett, now serving with the 5th Recon Battalion, and a multitude of other Marine divisions are called upon to fight back against the invasion. 5th Recon's priority was to harass and neutralize key figureheads of the pirate invasion before the full force came down from the Alliance vessels above. With the overwhelming support from the Alliance reinforcements to the defenders of Elysium, the pirate invaders were forced into a full retreat.

After the victory on Elysium, Brett volunteered himself with the rebuilding of the war-torn cities during what would become known as the Skyllian Blitz. He assisted the people of Elysium for a number of months, giving up his vacation leave that he had accumulated from the years past along with the time he could've spent on shore leave. Brett was eventually called back into service, having been transferred over to the One Hundred and Third Marine Division, Earth's largest collection of Special Forces soldiers. Two years after the Skyllian Blitz, the 103rd would be called into action to assist with the elimination of key pirate bases and high-value targets on the moon Torfan. The resulting operation utterly decimates the pirate activity on that moon, resulting in a complete victory for the Alliance.

Between the years of 2183 and 2184, Brett is involved with a numerous amount of missions to combat Geth activity in council space. This lasted for a number of months, the range of the individual operations varying in sizes. It wasn't until word of Saren's attempt to take the Citadel reached Alliance command that Brett and a number of the 103rd Division Marines were pulled back to assist with retaliation efforts. Brett and contingent of other Special Forces soldiers were placed aboard the 63rd Scout Flotilla, 5th Fleet, to assist with taking the Citadel back. During the ensuing battle against Sovereign and the remnants of the Alliance and Council fleet, Brett and the soldiers aboard the 63rd Scout Flotilla were launched by Kodiak drop ships in large quantities to retake the station from the enemy ground forces. Street by street, block by block and ward by ward, the ground forces of the Alliance Marines pushed through the Citadel in their slow effort to retake the station. Not all was in vain, as the flagship Sovereign was eventually destroyed by the combined might of the naval forces overhead. With the much-needed reinforcements, the Citadel was eventually quelled of the Geth threat.

Come late September in the year 2186, the galaxy is now at war with the Reaper threat that was so far forgotten and put down as a myth. During this time, Brett was back on the planet of Terra Nova, has rekindled his relationship with his ailing parents during shore leave. Unfortunately, news of the attacks was sporadic and confusing due to the destruction of comms buoys around the galaxy. In light of these events, all shore leave was canceled and every Marine on leave on Terra Nova was re-activated and assigned to a contingent aboard the Sixth Fleet. Brett was placed within a squad of soldiers who were within the 103rd Division during leave and then placed into a larger company with veterans and capable marines. As weeks went on, there were scattered reports of Reaper activity on the surface of Terra Nova, but nothing confirmed. Brett was sent down with another platoon to secure civilian evacuation centers in case a Reaper fleet did manage to appear, but mid-way through the operation, the Sixth Fleet became engaged with a large Reaper Fleet. Realizing their chances were slim and none in terms of survival, the fleet was ultimately ordered to FTL away from the planet to be used in reserves, per Admiral Hackett orders. This left Brett and the two platoons stranded with limited supplies and almost no way of communicating to any type of Alliance command structure.

It was months. Months of search and rescue. Months of hit and run tactics. Months of HVT eliminations. Many lives were lost in the ensuing battles that occurred on the planet's surface as an unholy war raged across the stars. A war that would dictate if humanity and its neighboring races in the galaxy would stand a chance for survival. The only thing that ran through Simmon's mind was that he was abandoned, and the only thing that was important to him was the Marine to his left and right. A brotherhood was formed during these months of survival, and Brett and his band of brothers continued to resist the Reaper occupation. To the Reapers, these Marines were nothing more than a small pocket of pests. Very annoying pests. And what do you do with pests? You exterminate them.

Nearing the end of the war, the Reapers on Terra Nova became smarter and bolder, employing indoctrinated civilians and even Marines as pawns in their game. The Terra Nova Marines were lured into a slaughter, a full platoon cut down within an hour. Confusion ran rampant and morale crumbled, only leading to more deaths. By the end of the engagement, out of the 120 Marines that were deployed on the first day, only 17 remained. Brett was one of those ones fortunate enough to get out with his body fully intact, save for a few lacerations. A full two months went by after the Crucible was fired before Sixth Fleet returned to get their men back. What they got were a handful of civilians and six marines, the other eleven having succumbed to mortal injuries. Brett continued to serve for one more year before retiring at the rank of Service Chief. He lived a short life of peace, well, a little bit more than peace. He made his home in the darker parts of the Citadel, enjoying the glitz, glamour, and sex offered by the little-known underworld that inhabited beneath the clean white streets and walkways of the Citadel. It was here that he got his first connection with the Luna Corporation. With an Asari laying on his lap in a dark apartment, he began to upload his whole service record in hopes of getting a fish to bite.


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[AUDIO LOG: 001]
"To be honest, I didn't expect such a warm welcoming from a Cerberus Guardian. Actually, I didn't really expect a Guardian to even speak to me, being that I was dressed head to toe in Alliance attire. But I guess she was used to that sorta thing aboard this tin can, so I really wasn't all that much of a threat. Shit, I wonder why I was so nice. Is it my personality? Well, I've learned to not really give a fuck anymore about most things but... I surprised myself. In any case, we've gotten to know each other pretty well. Actually, I know her more than anyone else on the ship, I'd like to think. We'll uh-... we'll see where this goes. Heh.."
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