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Elizabeth Cross [Dossier/Relations] WIP


Feb 11, 2017
> EliCross :: Elizabeth Cross Selected.

Loading Personnel File.

Unit Identification Information.

Unit Identification Image:
Elizabeth's appearance usually changes as she dyes and cuts her hair and she puts on lenses on her eyes or uses piercings or not, she's even gone to the extreme of adding/removing tattoos from her body or changing her facial features, always coming back to her 'original' features.

-Left picture, most recent picture of Elizabeth.
-Right picture, her first change after gaining her new identity.

Full Name: Elizabeth Cross
Nickname/Alias: Many fake names, but the most important one is Maxwell Johnson
Meaning: Oath of God / God is satisfaction.
Title: None
ID Number:
  • Cellmate #578B
    • Crime Record: Eli holds an extensive record of crimes commited, going from smuggling to extortion, drug trafficking, selling organs from various species and mass murder.
  • Alliance Navy #9451-CA-5519
Signature: Her handwriting is sloppy, not really used to writing things, due to her being extra careful about having a low profile, she usually never signs anything. When answered to write her signature she just said "I aint got one." before scribbiling an "E.C." in a very improvised handwriting.

Gender: Female
Gender Role: Tomboy
Orientation: Bisexual
Real Age: 19
Age Appearance: 17-19 Depending on her actual style.
Birthday: September 13
Deathday: "Everyones going to die someday. Me? I'll wait a hundred years or so for it."
Birthplace: Citadel.
Astrological Sign: Virgo
Zodiac Sign: Virgo


Immediate Family: Grandparents.
Distant Family: Aunts.
Parenting: Extremele harsh and abusive.
Upbringing: Rebelliousness, anger issues, independence.
Infancy: Her infancy was normal, but instead of her mother, she was cared by various babysitters.
Childhood: When her biotics started to show she was put under an extreme training under her caretaker who would beat her daily.
Adolescence: After escaping she turned to crime, bringing more problems than she was able to deal with.
Adulthood: She was captured by Alliance forces after she destroyed an alliance frigate with most of its crew in it and then thrown off into the Centurion.
Evolution: She's experienced and survived the worst life could throw at her, this has changed the way she acts more than once. Aboard the Centurion she's seemed to have had a change in her personality, but it is unknown if she's done this to avoid trouble that would end up in her discharge.

Species: Human
Ethnicity: Mixed between caucasian and latin.
Blood Type: 0+
Preferred Hand: Left Handed
Facial Type: Oval
Eye Color: Bright blue.
Hair Color: Original: Chestnut / Current: Black
Hairstyle: Cut at neck height.
Skin Tone: Fair
Makeup: Eye shadows and dark lipsticks.
Body Type: Mesomorph
Build: Very thin body, slightly signs of malnourishment and a bad diet, slightly wide hips.
Height: 5'5 Inches
Weight: 110 Lbs
Cup Size: A (small breasts)
Birthmarks/scars: Freckles on her face, various cut and shot scars on her body and arms.
Distinguishing Features: It's strange to see her with the same hairstyle or the same eye colour for extended periods of time.

Health: As healthy as she can be.
Energy: Usually packed with lots of energy to fulfill her duties.
Memory: As long as she's not high/drunk on something her memory is quite alright.
Senses: Her senses are above average, as she has a very good reaction time.
Allergies: Lactose intolerant, allergies to certain animals and polen.
Medication: Antidepressants and Eximo (Stress supresser)
Phobias: Extremely scared of spiders. Needles. Closed spaces and not being able to move puts her on edge.
Addictions: Mild addiction to red sand, Minagen X3, Creeper and Hallex.
Mental Disorders: Mild case of depression. Intermittent explosive disorder.

Style: Punk.
Grooming: Messy hair and clothing, but never dirty.
Posture: "Look, there's two Eli's. First is 'normal and casual Eli' which is everyday me, then there's 'business Eli', which is professional and intelligent."
Gait: Her moves are smooth and calculated when she's not stressed or being dumb.
Coordination: Great coordination and flexibility, she's able to fully stretch her body to its limits.
Habits and Mannerisms: She crosses her arms when she listens and pays attention, her constant change of style is also a bad habbit she's inherited.
Scent: She smells like hair products, shampoo.

Mood: Usually in a cool and casual mood but it doesnt take much to annoy her.
Attitude: "Look, it depends, its not easy to answer that. Some people are alright, those who are alright they get good Eli, those who are idiots get to know my bad side, simple as that."
Stability: "Depends on the day. If I have a good day then I can deal with anything, if its a bad day well..."
Expressiveness: "Fuck hiding your feels. If you need to say something you gotta say it...unless you're in a job and are trying to fool someone."
When Happy: Hums and hops around.
When Depressed: Prefers to stay alone.
When Angry: Prefers to stay the FUCK away from everyone.

Current Residence: "The ship, moron"
  • John Cross Junior: Father (Deceased)
  • Jade McAllen: Mother (Deceased) - "Yeah, she's not my family. Just biological mother."
  • John Cross Senior: Grand Father.
  • Diana Cross: Grand Mother
  • Jennifer Cross: Aunt
  • Charlie Cross: Aunt
Neutral / Likes / Friendship / Best-Friendship / Love Interest / Crush / Respects / Dislikes / Hates / Pure hate / Annoying / Dissapointment / Fears

Pvt. Fenaavi' Decanus: "Fen is my best friend and no one can replace her. I trust her fully and I would die for her."
Cpl. Audiles Praetor Decanus: "I love him, alot. He's been a great companion and I enjoy every moment we are together...and I dont plan on leaving him. Things with him are excellent, and I wouldnt have it any other way."
#Update: We've argued a bit recently, but all couples do, things will get better.

Cpl. Isabella Izzy Ri'Campbel: "Izz is my friend, even if I was an asshole to her at the start, we both turned out to be nice friends who tease each others. ALTHOUTH SHE WAS BANGING MY FUCKING STEP-MOTHER."

Sgt. Brett Simmons: "He's a cool sarge that has to deal with too many idiots."
#Update: "He's going to put the crew in shape, I really hope he manages it...I'll help him out as much as I can."
Dr. Tidus Zrosis: "He's started a relationship with Deius, which doesnt seem to be going too great. / He hasnt been around much though, I hope we're still friends"
#Update: "The doc has dissapointed me. I still like him, but...recent events have made me be really dissapointed and sad."
Cpl. Romm'Heesal vas Haeji: "He's pretty alright in my book, I like him and he's a nice and kind hearted guy."
Weyrloc Iron: "He's a fucking pornstar! I uh...I also might've...encountered him when I first got to Omega...it didnt go that well. I really hope he doesnt recognize me."

Junk/Sylas: "He's cool for a robo-uncle. Hope he's not programmed to make me stop my addictions or I'll have to reprogram him."

Sgt. Deius Victonius: "I've taken his position as CO after what he did with Fen, but since that he's actually stopped treating us bad. I've realized he's a very hurt man, and I hope he can overcome his problems, for him and his son."
#Update: "He seems to have some sort of crush on Audiles now...why didnt he do it fuckigng before? God dammit...hope he goes through with it."​

Zeus: "I dont trust him still...I dont trust the fact that he's back and that no one cares to question how is he still alive."
#Update: "I heard he left. Shame, was trying to fix things up with him."

Athena: "Athena has turned into a kind AI, she seems different than what I thought of her first too, in a good way I mean...still, it's a shame she left that Geth platform, she looked cool in it."

Captain Veltius Indentus: "We've come to terms with him and we're starting over...and...he's been much more open. I...THINK a VERY tiny piece of him cares about me...plus...he defended me once...that was cool."
#Update: "What the old man trying to actually get in my pants?"​

Shela'Ri Vas Icarus: "She's a great NCO, she knows when to actually ."

Pvt. Jennifer Cross: "Aunt Jen is a good woman, she's trying the best for me, but the execution doesnt fall too great, sometimes I feel like she wants to control me."
#Update: She's not around much, but at least she was there when I needed her...not like someone else...​

Luma'Valla vas Prometheus: "She's my step mother...ish...she's never around when I need her. "
#Update: She never checks around...does she even care?

Jade McAllen (Mother): "Im not proud of it, but thank god you're dead."
Caretaker Josina: "Asari whore."

John Cross Senior (Grand father): "The old man is like 80 or something and he was still badass enough to intimidate a few people to get me outta jail. I owe him my life."

Wardrobe: Her off-duty clothing consists of an old black hoodie with red stripes on the arms along with skinny jeans and boots. Alternatively she has a few different attires, some being too revealing, while others hold a lower profile. Her usual underwear consists of black sports bra and panties as she's usually moving around too much.
#Update: She's been starting to wear more her uniform than other clothing as she seems to be getting used to the ship and its military customs.​
Accessories: "I change those things way too much to really count them. But im usually sporting a piercing or two."
Collections: "I collect druuugss and porn...okay, bad joke...hmm...do videogames count? No? Alright..."

Occupation: "Let's leave it at 'businesswoman'"
Work Ethnic: "I fucking hate it, but its the only thing I know."
Organizations/Affiliations: "Cant talk about them."

IQ: 115
Education: "Got more beat up than taught. But life is a great teacher."
Intelligence: Great knowledge in computers and systems. Good shuttle flying skills. Great linguistic skills.
Religion: "I dunno...agnostic I guess."
Morals: "I know im fucked up and I've done things im not proud of. But I cant stand watching someone bully someone defenseless, always gets me fucking pissed."
Motivation: Freedom and survival.
Priorities: "First comes my best friends, then comes my own skin, then my COs, then the rest of the crew."
Philosophy: "Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one and they all stink."
Etiquette: "To be in the business like I am you gotta have some good manners, no one likes some mongoloid that doesnt know how to speak properly or to eat with their mouths closed."
#Update: "I said I know those things, it doesnt mean I do them when im my everyday mood!."​
Influences: "Granddad."

Main Goal: Survive.
Minor Goals/Ambitions: Get rich.
#Update: "Wish I could get promoted so I can have a better bed, a bigger wallet and people could stop thinking im useless."​
Career: "Anything that doesnt involve something illegal and that doesnt pay like shit."
Wishlist: "A new gun and better armor."
Accomplishments: "I guess you could say I beat an asari matriarch in biotics when I was 16. Althought she had a grave case of the stabs. Buut...minor details..."
Greatest Achievement: "Live through the hellhole that was my teen years."
Biggest Failure: "Everything I've done in life since I discovered my biotics till today."
Secrets: "I uh...might...use the observation port to get my fix of...'needs'..."
Regrets: "I wish I could've met my dad."
Worries: "Will the ship succeed or will I lose my sanity in here?"
Best Dream: "Wake up one day to a loving family and forget this ever happened."
Worst Nightmare: "This is going to sound edgy but, im already living my worst nightmare."
Best Memories: "One time that I scored BIG and I was rich enough to buy half the station...lasted like five minutes."
Worst Memories: "Can like %80 of my life be my worst memory?"

Hobbies/Interests: Weed, videogames, listen to music, sleep, sing(even tho I suck).
Skills/Talents: "Im good at...uhh...Oh! Im great at FPS games!"
Sense of Humor: Dry and dirty.
Pet Peeves: "Cant stand edgy assholes who believe they do any good by arguing over who suffered the most."
Superstitions/Beliefs: Reapers ("I fucking called it!")
Dreams/Nightmares: "Good dreams are usually about family and friends...bad dreams are the ones where I see myself again in that cursed appartment...or back in Omega..."
Quirks: "I usually say 'uhh' in mid sentences. I dunno, its my way of talkin'."
Savvy: Bullshitting stories.
Can't understand: Starship engineering.
Guilty Pleasure: Drugs, sex, chaos.

Strengths: "Why of course my beauty and my great personali- what do you mean those dont count? Fine...uhhh...Good sense of humor...happy?"
Flaws: Quick to anger, drug addict, also doesnt know how to cook.
Perception: "Time to let my inner poet out: The world is reigned by shades of gray, no one is trully evil, and everyone suffers, yet at the same time, there is beauty in the simplest of things."
Conflicts: "I wont deny it. I want to get clean...but the way the world turns around when im...'tripping'...just...I cant get enough of it."
Instincts: "Helping other people."
Lures: "My fucking freedom..."
Soft Spot: "I have way too many soft spots to count them...my biggest one is gettin my hair brushed or touched."
Cruel Streak: "When im extremely pissed or when I hate someone enough, I dont feel gulty about harming them."

Favorite Colors: "All of them."
Favorite Animals: Varrens
Favorite Mythological Creatures: Centaur
Favorite Places: Earth
Favorite Flavors: Chocolate
Favorite Foods: Beef, pasta, pizza, sushi.
Favorite Drinks: Vodka, grapefruit, soda, ryncol.
Favorite Characters: "Blasto, fuck yeah."
Favorite Genre: "...I like romance novels..."
Favorite Music: "DEATH MEETAAALLL"

Favorite Movies: Blasto movies.
Favorite Websites: Fornax...

Languages: English.
Accent: She has a slightly 'southern' accent.
Voice: Slightly low pitched.
Greetings and Farewells: "Yoo.../Cya"
Compliment: "You're alright."
Insult: Her insults usually try to be hurtful and not just empty words.
Laughter: Her laugh usually includes alot of snorts in it.
Signature Quote: "God dammit."

Reputation: "That im a teen whose parents dont care abour her and so turned to meth or something."
First Impressions: "I know everyone thinks 'Man...she's a real hottie.' the moment they know me...pfftt hahaha! "
Stranger Impressions: "Some are scared by the way I dress or look, some are outraged by the way I act, and some enjoy who I am, depends on the person, dude."
Friendly Impressions: "They would most likely think that Im funny, beautiful, smart, and that im full of myself...heh..."
Familiar Impressions: "Im sure they know about my uh...'problems'...but yeah...cant really talk it with them."
Compliments: "One time a krogan complimented my eyes...that was cute..."
Insults: "I've been called a whore, druggie, cunt, bitch, whatever comes to your mind I'm sure I've been called that already."
Self-Impression: "I hate myself for the life I've had...but I've learned to live with who I am...I think...sometimes those thoughts are completely different."

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Feb 11, 2017


Feb 11, 2017
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Feb 11, 2017